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    19 Things To Help You Throw The Most Epic Water Fight In Your Yard

    It ain't summer 'til a giant water balloon launcher comes out. Just sayin'. 💦🤪☀️🎈

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    1. Water guns to blast out the H2O at record speed. Better know how to duck and spray simultaneously though! 🤪

    reviewer's hand holding the water gun

    The gun has a shooting range up to 35 feet (woot!) and a clear tank so you can see when water is getting low. 

    Promising review: "Great squirt gun. Easy to use. Good water capacity. I bought them for a family cabin vacation and all the kids there loved them!" —Kindle Customer

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $24.99.

    2. OR a set of foam water blasters if you've got a no-toy-gun house or just prefer something of lighter weight for smaller kids.,

    Promising review: "The best. I got this for my son's birthday party. All the kids had a blast. These were a perfect size for them and safe to run and play with. They're built pretty sturdily. These kids are hard on toys so I was very impressed with this product and the distance it shoots is way better then almost every squirt gun I have gotten. This was a great buy at the best price." —Some guy that buys stuff

    Get them from Amazon for $12.99.

    3. A reusable water fight kit — YEA, REUSABLE — with a water bucket (somebody's gonna get straight-up DUMPED on) and crocheted water "balloons" that you and the squad can enjoy more than once.

    six crocheted water balloons and a red plastic bucket with a white handle
    Sun Creations Empowerium / Etsy

    The best part is that these crocheted water balloons don't have to be refilled on repeat, pausing all the fun. Just soak these babies in the bucket filled with water and you're ready for the fight of your life. You'll get 12 crocheted balloons in a variety of colors. This cool kit is from a small Canada-based business called Sun Creations Emporium. It was started by a master crafter who really loves to crochet a variety of accessories and home goods.

    Promising review: "Great alternative to picking up tiny shards of plastic balloons all summer! Also so much quicker/easier to fill a bucket with these in than to fuss around inflating water balloons." —Julie Wildman

    Get it from Sun Creations Emporium on Etsy for $37.68.

    4. Shark water squirters that'll have everyone in a "frenzy" as they pull and push the tails to release the water shots.

    Promising review: "Super fun water squirters for kids! The hot weather has hit and my kids can’t wait to be out and enjoy it. These cute shark squirters are a fun way for them to stay cool. They provide hours of entertainment for them outside! They are easy to fill up and easy to hold. The 'fin' is the handle in which you pull to fill them and push it to exert the streams of water. They can really shoot a good distance — nearly 30 feet! It is a great size for my 5-year-old's small hands. While it is compact it also has a large water capacity so she isn’t spending the majority of the time filling it. It is leakproof so you won’t lose any water in that manner either. It is also durable. Great pastel summer colors!" —Momma

    Get them from Amazon for $15.99.

    5. Water shoes that'll mold to your feet like socks yet have great grip on the bottom like sneakers so everyone can move and groove in the wet grass with ease.,

    Y'all! I own these, have traveled to the beach with them, and worn them while swimming in the pool. These shoes are truly so comfortable to wear. They mold to my feet like socks but have a sturdy sole to protect my feet from the ground. They dry super quickly if you wear them in the water too, btw. That snug fit around the ankle is also dope because sand doesn't get into your shoes like with other swim shoes I've tried in the past (and I've owned many). These are the first swim shoes that have kept 100% of the sand out of the inside. I also like how flat they are because when I'm not using them, I can just tuck them into my closet organizer with no problem.

    Promising review: "I got a pair of those four years ago, used them at the ocean, lakes, and [for] sports. Never failed me. The sand gets in way less in comparison to anything I've tried in the past. Just bought two more pairs, even though my old ones are still in good shape." —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $8.68+ (available in 4–3 in women's and 3–2 in men; comes in 44 color options; free shipping).

    6. A blow-up water playground to bring an obstacle course element to the water fight. Ever seen a kid spew water shots sliding from a shark's mouth? You're about to. Trust me, this thing'll have all the kids' JAWS🦈 dropped as soon as you get it blown up.

    the blow-up slide with has a shark mouth at the top of the slide and a climbing slide on the side with foot rungs for climbing. Both slides have a small sitting area. The two slides are also connected by an open tunnel to crawl through.

    Can you imagine the look on the kids' faces when you surprise them with a day at the water park that literally only requires them to suit up and step into their yard? The neighborhood is about to be jellyyyyy. Also, you'll be happy to know SEVERAL parents noted that it turned out to be worth its price tag since it's built to last. Parents also shared that this was the cure to the kids feeling bummed out about having to stay home more this summer.

    Promising review: "This product arrived pretty fast and met our expectations. It’s brought my little boy so much happiness during these crazy times. He wants to use it every day! It comes with a blower (score!) and a storage bag. I told myself there was no way I’d get the slide into the bag BUT IT FITS! Thankful for a good product." —K. Hugh

    Get it from Amazon for $429.99 (free shipping and returns).

    7. A water balloon set so you can fill up a TON at a time. This way, you'll have no excuses for not staying loaded and ready to go during that water fight you're due for., Amazon

    The balloons are designed in a single bunch, as in 100 of them are connected by a single secure attachment that you pull over a water hose. You can fill 100 at the same time! 🎈💦

    Promising review: "This is SO much fun for kids and adults too! I love the fact that it fills up so many balloons at once. It is fantastic not having to bother with tying the balloons! Great invention! The best part is seeing the smiles on my kids' faces and watching them play outside with these!" —HappilyEverAfter

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99 (available in three packs of 100 balloons each).

    8. And! A massive water balloon slingshot for anyone planning to go ALL OUT with the splash launches. Whew! The Q is not "are you ready for the water fight?" but is the water fight ready for YOU?!


    This baby can launch water balloons up to 200 feet away so your opponents can run but they'll never be able to hide from its long reach. Of course, the farther you pull it back, the farther the water balloon will go so if you're working with a smaller yard, then just be sure not to snatch it allll the way back so the water balloons will go where you want 'em to go. This cool thing is also dope for year-round activities like snowball fights in the winter and pumpkin tossing in the fall.

    Promising review: "My 14- and 9-year-old invited friends over on a lazy summer afternoon and had a ball launching balloons 200 feet in the air over the crepe myrtles from our deck. I have bought these kinds of launchers before and this one is at least as well made, if not better. When we have only two people, we have used the tailgate of the truck to serve as that third-person anchor. I think if you have some really strong folks as the anchors you could get some real distance, but with these little guys, 200 feet was our max. We have also launched black walnut husks and other things trees drop at cardboard cutouts and bales of hay for fun results. We use these frequently at church functions, including contests and now for balloon wars. We take them camping and it’s always a big hit." —Informed Citizen

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99 (comes with a pack of 150 water balloons and a carrying case).

    9. A customizable water fight invitation! And yes, this is me nudging you to make a whole party out of this thing. Whether it's for birthdays or just because, it'll 1,000% be the coolest one you've ever experienced.

    an invitation with pink, purple, and turquoise letters. It says "Water War Bash as we celebrate Emmie's seventh birthday" with cute graphics of water guns
    SouthernGirlGraphics / Etsy

    Please note: This is a downloadable file that you would print yourself. You will receive two files for printing: PDF and JPG. This cool design was made by a cool shop based in Tampa, Florida that specializes in event invitations made with digital and handpainted designs. The owner also takes custom orders so don't be afraid to slide in her DMs to get your vision brought to life.

    Promising review: "Absolutely love how the invites turned out. You can't find anything in store this unique. I love them!" —Augusta7

    Get this printable download from SouthernGirlGraphics for $10.80 OR check out all of the shop's cool water-themed party invitations here.

    10. Or! A complete printable water party decor pack that'll include every single thing you need to throw a REAL splash of a water fight party.

    JustAddConfetti / Etsy

    Please note: This is a downloadable file that you would print yourself. The decor pack will come with party invitations, thank you tags, a backdrop sign, decor signs, and bottle labels so you can just print and don't have to think about piecing stuff together from party store to party store. This cool idea comes to you by way of a small shop based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Just Add Confetti that specializes in party invitations and other decorations.

    Get it from Just Add Confetti on Etsy for $22.

    11. A mini sprinkler pool that'll be easy to set up in the yard so the kids — or dogs, per the reviews — can run through it during the water war. This'll also be great if you'd like to separate the smaller kids from the bigger ones while still making them feel included.

    A small inflatable pool with water shooting up from the squirters all around the rim of it. It's sitting in a yard, attached to a hose.

    Several reviewers shared that this little pool kept their kids engaged for hours.

    Promising review: "My kids love this. It is soo easy to plug the hose into and turn the water on and the kids can have hours of fun. Once the kids are done playing, I disconnect the hose let the water drain, and hang it over the porch." —Austin

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    12. A water play table for smaller kids who wanna do more than run around the playpad while the big kids have their fun. This'll appeal to their sensory development since they get to use the dumping buckets, toy boats, and water pouring cups.

    three kids playing on the water table

    The discovery wall starts a chain reaction once water spouts from the garden hose attached to the different slide tiers, triggering all the other movable pieces as it falls down. It's also long enough so more than one kid can play at a time and on either side. The water table will come with nine accessory pieces including two dumping buckets, four toy boats, two water pouring cups, and one hose attachment. It's designed for kids who are ages 1 or older and adult supervision is required.

    Promising review: "Best toy ever. The grandbabies love it. It was super easy to put together (about five minutes) and easy/light to move around. We are taking this on vacation with us as this is perfect to use at camp to keep the kiddos occupied." —Kathleen Williams

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (free shipping).

    13. The Dunk Hat game! It's a hat designed with a small tub of water at the top and TWO targets so players can take turns hitting them with foam balls to see who can dunk the water. Basically, it'll be like a mini version of an amusement park dunking booth and a fun way to get the games started!


    The game will come with goggles, two targets, three foam balls, and instructions.

    Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised by how well this worked! It was easy to put together and adjust for different head sizes. Six of us took a turn and it worked perfectly every time. Balls are so light that it's painless for even a young child to be hit in the face by them, yet if they hit the target, the water spills! Great fun for all!!!" —Lorrie Freeman

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    14. Ice pop molds so you'll have cold, sweet treats to power up with in between the water slinging.

    four popsicle containers filled with the fruit mix. Two have the tops on them that will serve as the sticks

    These'll def be a hit in a household with kids but anyone with a sweet tooth will do. The set will come with one ice pop stand, six drip trays that double as the ice pop sticks, a collapsible funnel for getting the mixture into the ice pop holders, and a tiny cleaning brush.

    Promising review: "This is a great purchase for the summer. The molds hold a good amount of Popsicle material and the little handles do a good job of pulling the pop out, with a little defrost help from a quick blast of warmish water on the outside. The handle has a little drip catch which would work great if my 18-month-old didn't just flip it upside down periodically. The little tray does snap the molds in, so the Popsicles don't just tip over in the freezer. It does take up a fair amount of freezer real estate until they're frozen solid but no worse than most. It comes with a sort-of useful brush to scrub around the inside and an EXTREMELY useful funnel to help pour Popsicle material into the mold. Overall, a good purchase." —Steel_muffins

    Get them from Amazon for $10.99 (lifetime warranty; 100% refund guarantee).

    15. A blow-up pool to serve as a quick splash session or water re-up spot. It'll also be where you wind down after all that running around.

    the blow-up pool has a rectangle shape and is sitting in a grassy yard beside a lounging chair and small table with drinks on it

    The pool has three layers with individual air chambers to make it easier to blow up and to minimize the risk of deflating. They're also supposed to help the pool withstand the weight. An air pump is not included but luckily, you can either just use one you may already own for blowing up air mattresses OR get a brand-new air pump one for a decent price.

    Promising review: "The kids love it, and it's actually big enough to get serious about playing and getting wet! We'll see how long it lasts. It seems sturdy enough but every time I've ever tried these inflatable pools by the middle of the summer they start leaking air." —Roseanne Kosel

    Get it from Amazon for $76.98 (free shipping) and the electric air pump for $25.99

    16. Plant-based bug repellent that you'll need while you enjoy water time outside! Per the reviews, it smells so good that you may think it won't actually do its ~real~ job of blocking the bugs but it'll be equal parts effective and nose-friendly.

    bottle of repellant

    Promising review: "Bought this spray hoping to keep mosquitos off during late night dog walks. So great. Not one bite. Bought a second bottle for camp." —CLTMom

    Get it from Target for $4.99.

    17. Waterproof sunscreen — because if you're gonna have some fun in the sun and the water, then you'll still need to protect your skin while you're at it so sunburn doesn't cannonball the party.

    reviewer's hand holding the sunscreen bottle

    The sunscreen has SPF 30, is unscented, and designed to not irritate sensitive skin. It's even designed to be gentle enough to put on babies! Also, you can expect up 80 minutes of sun protection plus water and sweat resistance!

    Promising review: "Just a little background: I get sunburned quickly. I mean, extremely quick. Usually around 10 minutes on a cloudy day. The summer sun is my worst enemy. That being said, I used this sunscreen a couple of minutes before going outside on a bright, sunny, cloudless afternoon. I hung out at the pool and went swimming with the family for around two hours and didn't get burned at all. Even my daughter (who definitely got her sunburn ability from me) came out unscathed! The sunscreen itself has no smell at all which is great because I don't want to smell like bananas or cocoa butter all day. It's also not greasy, unlike most of the sunscreens I've used in the past. It's also thicker than most sunscreens, so you don't need to use as much. Great product! This will definitely be my family's go-to sunscreen!" —Brian Rose

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95.

    18. A waterproof phone pouch because the only water damage you should sustain should be all the bursting balloons and bucket dumps, right? Right!

    a reviewer's samsung Galaxy phone in the waterproof phone pouch

    Promising review: "It works great. I tested it in the sink first with my wife's junk phone, then I brought it to the pool, dropped it in the deep end around 11 feet for about five minutes, then dove down and got it. No water got into the bag." —Greg Peters

    Get it from Amazon for $5.49 (available in 14 colors).

    19. Swimlids so your hair will get some coverage if you're not into the idea of getting it drenched from root to tip when you're waging water war. It's also designed with a quick-drying SPF50 material so you'll get some sun protection too.

    two kids wearing the swim lids while sitting near what looks like a lake
    Swimlids / The Grommet

    Swimlids is a brand created by a mom named Karen Gellis who was looking for the perfect swim caps for kids — so she made some! 

    Promising review: "These were perfect for our vacation in Cabo. I bought two of them for my 6-year-old twin girls and they stayed on their heads on the windy beach and gave great sun protection! Super cute hats too. Why didn't I think of that idea!" —Cher

    Get it from Swimlids on The Grommet for $12.95 (available in sizes medium to extra-large and four colors).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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