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    19 Things To Help You Throw The Most Epic Water Fight In Your Yard

    It ain't summer 'til a giant water balloon launcher comes out. Just sayin'. 💦🤪☀️🎈

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    1. Water guns to blast out the H2O at record speed. Better know how to duck and spray simultaneously though! 🤪

    reviewer's hand holding the water gun

    2. OR a set of foam water blasters if you've got a no-toy-gun house or just prefer something of lighter weight for smaller kids.

    3. A reusable water fight kit — YEA, REUSABLE — with a water bucket (somebody's gonna get straight-up DUMPED on) and crocheted water "balloons" that you and the squad can enjoy more than once.

    six crocheted water balloons and a red plastic bucket with a white handle

    4. Shark water squirters that'll have everyone in a "frenzy" as they pull and push the tails to release the water shots.

    5. Water shoes that'll mold to your feet like socks yet have great grip on the bottom like sneakers so everyone can move and groove in the wet grass with ease.

    6. A blow-up water playground to bring an obstacle course element to the water fight. Ever seen a kid spew water shots sliding from a shark's mouth? You're about to. Trust me, this thing'll have all the kids' JAWS🦈 dropped as soon as you get it blown up.

    the blow-up slide with has a shark mouth at the top of the slide and a climbing slide on the side with foot rungs for climbing. Both slides have a small sitting area. The two slides are also connected by an open tunnel to crawl through.

    7. A water balloon set so you can fill up a TON at a time. This way, you'll have no excuses for not staying loaded and ready to go during that water fight you're due for.

    8. And! A massive water balloon slingshot for anyone planning to go ALL OUT with the splash launches. Whew! The Q is not "are you ready for the water fight?" but is the water fight ready for YOU?!

    9. A customizable water fight invitation! And yes, this is me nudging you to make a whole party out of this thing. Whether it's for birthdays or just because, it'll 1,000% be the coolest one you've ever experienced.

    an invitation with pink, purple, and turquoise letters. It says "Water War Bash as we celebrate Emmie's seventh birthday" with cute graphics of water guns

    10. Or! A complete printable water party decor pack that'll include every single thing you need to throw a REAL splash of a water fight party.

    11. A mini sprinkler pool that'll be easy to set up in the yard so the kids — or dogs, per the reviews — can run through it during the water war. This'll also be great if you'd like to separate the smaller kids from the bigger ones while still making them feel included.

    A small inflatable pool with water shooting up from the squirters all around the rim of it. It's sitting in a yard, attached to a hose.

    12. A water play table for smaller kids who wanna do more than run around the playpad while the big kids have their fun. This'll appeal to their sensory development since they get to use the dumping buckets, toy boats, and water pouring cups.

    three kids playing on the water table

    13. The Dunk Hat game! It's a hat designed with a small tub of water at the top and TWO targets so players can take turns hitting them with foam balls to see who can dunk the water. Basically, it'll be like a mini version of an amusement park dunking booth and a fun way to get the games started!

    14. Ice pop molds so you'll have cold, sweet treats to power up with in between the water slinging.

    four popsicle containers filled with the fruit mix. Two have the tops on them that will serve as the sticks

    15. A blow-up pool to serve as a quick splash session or water re-up spot. It'll also be where you wind down after all that running around.

    the blow-up pool has a rectangle shape and is sitting in a grassy yard beside a lounging chair and small table with drinks on it

    16. Plant-based bug repellent that you'll need while you enjoy water time outside! Per the reviews, it smells so good that you may think it won't actually do its ~real~ job of blocking the bugs but it'll be equal parts effective and nose-friendly.

    bottle of repellant

    17. Waterproof sunscreen — because if you're gonna have some fun in the sun and the water, then you'll still need to protect your skin while you're at it so sunburn doesn't cannonball the party.

    reviewer's hand holding the sunscreen bottle

    18. A waterproof phone pouch because the only water damage you should sustain should be all the bursting balloons and bucket dumps, right? Right!

    a reviewer's samsung Galaxy phone in the waterproof phone pouch

    19. Swimlids so your hair will get some coverage if you're not into the idea of getting it drenched from root to tip when you're waging water war. It's also designed with a quick-drying SPF50 material so you'll get some sun protection too.

    two kids wearing the swim lids while sitting near what looks like a lake

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