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    33 Wardrobe Pieces To Help Upgrade Your Style For 2020

    I promise you need every 👏🏿 single 👏🏿 piece 👏🏿.

    1. Buckled loafers with green and red details to give Gucci looks without spending that Gucci price. The shoes have cushioned leather insoles and a super low square heel to keep your feet feeling as good as they look.

    2. A hi-lo ruffled blouse that'll do it for anyone who doesn't mind being extra just for the love of it. *Raises hand.* *Raise yours too.* *You know it's true.*

    3. A bright striped knit sweater so you can splash your collection of knits with some fun, vibrant colors.

    4. A puffy, ruffled off-the-shoulder blouse for anyone who's down for a "go big or go home" kinda style moment — even when the dress code is casual. (I promise, you'll def get away with it in this cutie and a pair of jeans!)

    5. A silky satin midi skirt with an elastic waistband that'll look good and be convenient for anyone who likes looking great with little effort. Dress 'er up or dress 'er down!

    6. Ankle boots that'll bring something fun, metallic, and kinda retro to your looks.

    7. Badgley Mischka embellished heels so you can step up your collection of regular-degular pointed-toe pumps with just a touch of bling.

    8. A faux fur headband that'll look incredibly fancy and feel super warm. It's perfect for bad hair days, snow days, and any days when you just want to look more bougie than normal.

    9. A thick turtleneck sweater dress for the days when you want to go with the "less is more" mantra and still look like money.

    10. A pair of fleece-lined faux leather leggings that'll up your winter leggings-as-pants game by about 500%.

    11. A long, sleek maxi dress that'll be an easy-slip-on look and kill 'em dead every single time you wear it.

    12. A velvet crossbody bag that'll turn plenty of heads — primarily because it's a sure-fire dupe for the version by Prada. Go ahead and be ~prada~ yourself for not blowing rent money on a bag and getting this gorgeous dupe for under $60. You're welcome!

    13. A pleated A-line skirt with a metallic finish that'll be your go-to whenever you want to look elegant and chic. You're going to look so cute stepping through your city with ankle boots and this pretty statement skirt.

    14. Thigh-high boots that are so friggin' sexy, you might just make a pass at yourself in these gorgeous things. The heel is only 3.5 inches which means — yasss — you get the thigh-high looks without the high-heel pain. Whew! I ain't judgin' if you bought these things before reaching this sentence. Your shoe collection deserves this glow-up!

    15. An embroidered dickey so you can throw a cute collar on any top, anytime you want. This is a statement piece that literally everyone will be chirping about.

    16. A faux fur stole that'll bring a lil' old Hollywood glamour into your new year wardrobe. Whether you're glamming up for a wedding, a roaring '20s party (which'll def be all the rage in 2020), or just want to add some faux fur fun to a going-out look — this stole is ~the~ accessory you need, dahling!

    17. Satin wide-legged pants with a single super deep pleat on each pant leg that will DEF take your whole style to the next level. You can wear them with a tucked plain white tee or a festive sweater and it'll slay both ways. This is gonna be the pair of pants you'll want to dip into over and over again.

    18. A stylish belt that'll give you the designer look without you having to spend designer duckets.

    19. Jason Wu houndstooth front slit pants for anyone who a) wants a lil' designer fashion in their wardrobe and/or b) wants to wear bottoms other than jeans. These pants are so fly and investing in them is an instant closet upgrade.

    20. A fedora hat to bring a lil' vintage fun to your ensemble — and to take care of a few messy hair days when you don't feel like being bothered but you ~do~ still wanna be fabulous.

    21. A teddy coat so you can walk around wearing a bear hug that also looks bomb.

    22. Heart-shaped sunglasses that'll definitely have you wearing them multiple times a week in the name of drama and style. Btw, these are also a near-perfect dupe for the Saint Laurent Lou Lou Sunglasses which retailed originally for $420.

    23. A dino stretch belt so you can add a lil' sophisticated "rawr" to an outfit.

    24. Dazzling star-embellished leggings by the d.bleu.dazzled brand because making a sparkly statement with hosiery is just the level of extra you should aspire to this year. These glitzy stockings are available in black *and* nude tones.

    25. Woven satin boots, because why stick to just open-toe boots to avoid foot sweat when you can keep your feet ventilated with this crazy-cute caged design? Depending on how you wear 'em, these are winter, spring, summer, and fall boots. Consider it a year-long investment.

    26. Calf-high boots to help you finally test out the western trend without actually looking like you're next up in a rodeo. I own these and I promise you they're going to be PERFECT. They feel comfortable (whew!) and have a lil' height to 'em without feeling like stilts. Get 'emmmm.

    27. A layered tulle blouse that's absolutely extra fancy for no reason at all. A perfect mood.

    28. A fuzzy top with a super dropped-armhole design that'll be perf for anyone whose resolution is to pull off more sexy-but-not-trying looks in 2020. And honestly, that should be a goal for all of us.

    29. A backless bodysuit because YES HONEY, we're bringing sexy back (literally...) for 2020 and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    30. A faux suede coat with a faux fur collar because at this point, it's time for us all to admit that fur immediately elevates any garment. You'll be throwing this coat on top of all your outfits for an instantly put-together look.

    31. A faux leather moto jacket that ACTUALLY has a hood that is ACTUALLY removable that you will ACTUALLY enjoy wearing just a wee bit more than the leather jacket you already have.

    32. A simple lace dress to give anyone who wants to dress up more in 2020 a stylish, classic start.

    33. Charles By Charles David boots with an asymmetrical flap secured by a bejeweled button so you can upgrade your boot game with an unexpected style.

    And here's a visual representation of your 2020 mood after racking up on all those closet upgrades.

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