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    23 Things To Help Make Your Bedroom A Great Place To Run Away To

    Your personal lil' sanctuary, coming right up. ☮️

    1. An incense burner statue that'll transform the smoke from your incense into a visual that looks like water falling onto hands holding lotus flowers.

    2. A "P.S. You got this" sticker to put on your bedroom mirror or wall so your room will remind you just how much of a boss you are!

    3. A floral sage wand that'll assist anyone big on using them for spreading good vibes and energy around their bedroom. If there's any place that could use the positivity, it's the room you lay your head in most, no?

    4. Room spray to keep your favorite staycation spot smelling like magic.

    5. A cool tapestry that represents two of the most essential things in your life right now: peace and coffee (or tea!).

    6. A stunning oil diffuser to treat yourself to some sweet aromatherapy while you vibe out in your bedroom.

    7. A string picture-hanger with clips so you can keep your loved ones close to you even when you're enjoying solitude in your room.

    8. A relaxing light projector to transform your room into a starry, starry night — no Van Gogh skills required.

    9. A crystal set that'll satisfy anyone who believes they bring peace, balance, joy, love, luck, and allll the other good things. Just tuck these away all over your room!

    10. Moon cycle garland to give that awkward empty wall space in your room a lil' lunar love.

    11. A stunning lamp that'll make anyone who adores the female anatomy smile every single time they look at it on their dresser or nightstand.

    12. A beautiful Tibetan singing bowl to create a soothing sound whenever you need to relax. It'll be perfect for anyone who meditates, does yoga, or does both in their bedroom BUT if you simply like music, then you'll enjoy it, too.

    13. A hanging sloth planter so you can welcome yourself back to your bedroom with something adorable and leafy. Plants add color *and* are great for making a room more breathable, btw. 🌿🍃

    14. A comfy swing chair that'll make you want to head straight to your room to curl up on while digging into a good book (or whatever app on your phone you're currently obsessed with).

    15. A fun Central Perk neon sign for anyone who'll be spending time in their bedroom consuming copious amounts of coffee and Friends episodes.

    16. 3D butterfly decals that you could use for adorning your bedroom walls and honestly, whatever surface in your house you want to.

    17. A super cute trash can because even the container you dump your bedroom throwaways in could still offer you some visually pleasing comfort.

    18. Handmade cloud-shaped LED pendant lights to transform a room into one gorgeous evening sky. They're specifically designed to bring a soft glow to a nursery or toddler's room but will add a little sky-inspired fun to any room you want.

    19. A rainbow iridescent headboard for anyone who's down to splurge and would love to swing their bedroom door open and be greeted by simple yet vibrant decor. BTW, it'll also double as a full-length or vanity mirror!

    20. OR a circular wall mirror that's a lil' smaller, more affordable, and will still give you that iridescent touch you love.

    21. A bamboo bedside tray that'll make you feel like there's an invisible butler in your room making sure you barely have to stretch your arm to get everything you need while hanging out in bed.

    22. A "Create Hustle Repeat" soy candle so you can fill your room up with the smell of fresh-squeezed lemons. The cute quote will also be sweet motivation for anyone who does a ton of work in their bedroom.

    23. A long-distance lamp set that'll bring a smile to your face when you enter your room and see the "Hi! Love ya'" light from someone you care about that you can't physically be with right now. This'll be super special as you both practice social distancing but still find ways to remain close to each other.

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