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    26 Things To Have If You’re Super Clean But Your Family Is Not

    No more ~sweeping~ this household issue under the rug, peeps.

    Ain't nothing like family, right? Eh, except on days when you'd trade all of 'em in for cleaner, neater people who care about the sanctity of a tidy space like you.

    1. A shoe tray to keep near the door so your fam stops tracking mud and other unwanted outside things into the house for you to clean up.

    2. An automatic vacuum cleaner because it'll all be so much better if you just accept that your family may never be consistent with cleaning the floor on their own. It works via remote on carpets, tile, and hardwood floors. Plus, you can set a timer so it'll clean every day.

    3. A toothbrush holder AND sanitizer that'll 1) Give everyone a place to actually store their toothbrushes instead of allowing them to hang out all over the sink and 2) Actually CLEAN the toothbrushes with a sterilizing UV light and a fan that'll dry them.

    4. A heavy-duty car trash bag so your family can stop transforming your car into the trashcan-on-wheels it currently is.

    5. A magnetic chore chart to stick on your fridge and label it with cleaning chores and names of the family members responsible for them on which day. This way, no one can say they "forgot" it was their day because it'll be right 👏🏿 there👏🏿!

    6. A wine-stain remover so even when someone spills wine in the house, everyone will at least have this handy to reverse the damage ASAP.

    7. Adorable superhero bathroom signs that'll encourage the kiddos to actually wash their hands, brush their teeth, put their stuff away in the bathroom, and get excited about bathing. Because all kids know being clean is super cool if their favorite superheroes do it, right? You know it!

    8. An extendable, angular shower scrubber to help EVERYONE reach every square inch of the tub with no problem. It won't take up too much space in your bathroom and will also be super easy for you to clean (or replace) the scrubber part.

    9. A toddler-size storage shelf because YES, you're finally going to beat the challenge of getting your kids' rooms cleaned in record time. This shelf is also a great aid for encouraging your kids to keep toys put away on their own.

    10. Garbage disposal packets that'll clean out the gunk and remove the odor that would otherwise be impossible to reach. This way, the rest of your household can't walk around knowing they smell something putrid down there and throw their hands up on the matter. Cleaning packets to the rescue!

    11. A heat-resistant cover set that'll prevent everyone from causing food explosions in the microwave and boil-overs on the stove. They'll also work as a cover to store leftovers.

    12. AND an "Angry Mama" microwave cleaner so food and juices wipe off smooth and easy when they do happen to splatter everywhere.

    13. Oven cleaner for the person who LOVES cooking in the kitchen but fails miserably on the clean-up part of the process 😬. So many reviewers noted that they didn't even have to scrub hard with this cleaner so it should encourage 'em to leave a spotless oven for the next person coming behind them.

    14. PLUS — a cooktop cleaning kit so everyone in the house who cooks can keep the stove looking like new with ease. No more "I did clean it but that spot wouldn't come up."

    15. A manual food chopper to break up ground meats, mash potatoes, or cut up hard-boiled eggs in the pan on the stove or in a bowl. This will cut out a few prep dishes so there will be less to wash. Uh-huh. PERFECT for the person who's quick to cook but slow to wash the dishes.

    16. Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver so they can stop clogging up the toilets and sinks, then acting like they don't know who did it 🙄. This'll gobble up hair and other gunk taking up space in the drains in minutes so they shouldn't have any delay with fixing the problem they know they created.

    a green bottle with two openings with twist-off caps at the top of it.

    17. A dishwasher magnet to help you take charge of the "Are they clean or are they not?" debate in your household and keep dirty dishes from making their way back into your cabinets. Now, dishwasher duties will run like a well-oiled machine!

    18. Cute critter bag clips — so adorable that everyone in the house will wanna close their snack bags after every use. Ya know, snack bags left open can invite nasty not-so-cute critters in the crib and we can't have that. 🙈

    19. A mail slot that'll help everyone keep mail from piling up all over the counters and tabletops. It'll also provide a mini chalkboard for you to write necessary reminders like, "Wash the dishes!" PLUS, it has hooks for keys.

    20. A touchless trash can with a motion sensor that'll pop open the lid with just hand movement. It'll also come with a lemon-scented fragrance cartridge to hold dirty stinky trash smells in and let a citrusy smell out — which is WAY appropriate for days when everyone else in the house totally ignores that the trash needs to be taken out. This'll keep the smell at bay until you get to it, at least.

    21. Poo-Pourri toilet spray to help you survive the family members who do a horrible job with freshening up the bathroom after they finish doing their business. This'll be a non-confrontational way to tell your loved ones that they're assaulting your nose without actually having to say the words.

    22. A hanger stacker so everyone in the fam can put hands on a hanger without having to untangle it from a vine of other ones. This way, clean laundry will get sorted and put away with NO EXCUSES.

    23. Stove crack covers because your family will probably never be as committed as you are to pulling out the stove to sweep crumbs they saw fall down under. Just prevent the hidden mess before it can even happen.

    24. Color-coded cutting board mats so everyone in the family can make sure they keep foods separated that can contaminate each other (i.e. raw meats away from veggies, please). This way, you can eat the dinner they prepare without feeling paranoid.

    25. A four-bag laundry sorter on wheels so everyone in your household has a spot to put their dirty clothes. The bag is also decently sized which should encourage them to wash it as soon as it fills up without feeling overwhelmed with too many clothes.

    26. Magic Eraser Sponges to remove even the toughest stains with less effort — so no one in the house can say "I tried to get the stain off but it wouldn't go away" as an excuse for not being thorough EVA AGAIN.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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