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    27 Things To Have If You Wanna Look, Smell, And Feel Like A Grownup

    🎶 "Man. I feel like a grownup." —You, remixing Shania Twain after snagging these goodies.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Mink oil to have your leather things look like new again and ya' know, way less scuffed up and playground-tested than they do right now.

    2. Cuticle oil to give your nails and the skin around them a little extra TLC so you keep a sleek, mature-looking manicure at all times.

    3. Classic stud earrings to provide the always-polished look of an adult who mos def has their style together!

    4. A wine-stain remover so no one will ever know that you were drinking wine like a novice and spilled it on your OOTD. It'll reverse the damage without a trace and I won't tell if you don't. 🤷🏿‍♀️

    5. A confidence-boosting welcome mat because you and your guests will need to wipe your feet before entering your grownup abode.

    6. Schick Silk Touch-Up Dermaplaning Tools because now you're old enough (and patient enough) to take a blade to your face ~without~ the outcome being the scene of a horror movie. These will take off peach fuzz, help shape brows, and remove dead skin cells with a simple, careful flick of your wrist.

    7. A compact marble desk with gold-style hardware to refine your home decor with a more refined mid-century-inspired look. It's small enough to fit in a quaint space yet roomy enough for a comfy chair.

    8. Jeffrey Campbell Hurricane Waterproof Boots so when it rains, you can slip into these cuties without having to compromise your fly outfit with those regular rubber clunkers. Yep, this is the grownup way to splash in puddles when it pours.

    9. The NYX Concealer Color Correcting Palette so you can cover up ANY kind of discoloration and work the magic of a makeup artist without having to actually pay one! You're gonna be so proud of yourself for beating your face like an expert all by yourself!

    10. An elegant monokini with ruching, mesh details, and a halter neckline. This is how you do vacay 2020 when you're grown-grown. And yup, this is your reminder that warm weather will be here sooo soon so it's time to plan your lewks.

    11. House slippers because you know you've reached peak grownup when you implement the bougie rule that no one — not even you — can enter your house before taking off their shoes.

    12. Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes that'll turn you into the green thumb-holding plant whisperer. Translation: You'll complete the final phase of actually becoming your mother. Just pop these sticks into the soil of your hungry plants and watch them flourish!

    13. A storage bed that'll help you reach peak adulting levels since you'll be able to sleep comfortably *and* be extra organized thanks to its practical drawers.

    14. Porter bowls that are pretty and minimal so you can take your lunch to work or school in style. Yes, this is your notice that the grade school-style lunch box you've been holding onto isn't going to cut it anymore.

    15. An accent chair to finally give your house the all-growed-up colorful detail it's been missing. It's going to look wayyy better than the lava lamp you used as a colorful statement piece back in the day. No more stressing over finding the ~perfect thing~ to make your spot look amazing.

    16. A Tory Burch perfume mini duo so you can serve up the luxe scent of a very sophisticated individual everywhere you go. The set comes with one floral and one bergamot scent — both of which are sweet selections for the spring season to come.

    17. E.l.f. Cosmetics blush palette that'll help you achieve a soft glam look when you're short on time, need to get to those grownup duties stat, but want to look put together still. I use it on my eyes and cheeks for a subtle yet natural-looking look. This will forever be my go-to blush palette.

    18. A pet hair removal roller so you can continue rolling around the house with your pet pal before work without actually ~looking~ like you did. Carry your pet's love all over your heart and not all over your adult, "I'll pencil you in" work clothes.

    19. A universal nail polish bottle handle to help DIY manicure-lovers handle any nail polish with ease, including their weaker hand that gets a little shakier with the bottle top. You'll certainly feel and look like a grownup now that you can ~actually~ color inside the lines.

    20. A desk pad to pretty up a boring work space so it looks more like an inviting creativity hub instead of a spot for busywork. The mat can also add more color to your desk, protect its surface, be used as a background for taking photos, and double as a mouse pad. Translation: You can def achieve all your grownup goals with this thing.

    21. A hair-finishing stick to slick stray hairs so a look is nice and sleek at all the times. No more flyaways threatening your sleek, sophisticated up-do.

    22. A sparkly two-tone accent chair so you can channel your childhood obsession with sequins into one really great conversation piece.

    23. Plant-based, refillable deodorant so you can upgrade from the same aluminum-filled deo you've been wearing since high school. I use this and trust me, it's NEXT level! My underarms have honestly never been more pleased with me.

    24. Glossier Boy Brow so you transition from the bushy brows of your younger years to an intentional thick brow look that's got some serious pizzazz.

    25. Faux pearl hair clips that'll make any hairstyle look instantly swankier and less juvenile.

    26. A Chi automatic curling iron to give you ooh-worthy curls in minutes. Just insert your hair inside the chamber and the curler will automatically wrap it around the heated rod. Then, wait until it beeps to let you know that the curl has set.

    27. Espadrille platform sandals to give your feet the lift of heels without the pain. Uh-huh, because being grownup means acknowledging your feet can't hang the way they used to with the sky-highs. Treat yourself to some style *and* comfort this spring.

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