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21 Things To Do On The Internet Instead Of Looking At The News

Live stream a farm sanctuary, take a free Ivy League school class, virtually assist a person with visual impairments, and more.

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1. Take a free online class through an Ivy League school and find it via the Class Central search engine. Yup. This is the time to let your nerd flag fly with top schools like Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, and way more.

MGM / Giphy / Via

Did I mention that the courses are $FREE.99?! Just head to Class Central, pick the subject you want to study, and the specific class you want to take.

2. Use the Be My Eyes app and give live video assistance to people who are visually impaired. This'll be especially crucial for anyone who needs to peruse an essential store and wants to get in and out as quickly as possible OR someone who's social distancing and has fewer people around them to ask for help.

Be My Eyes / Instagram / Via, Be My Eyes / Instagram / Via

This app is meant to help people with checking expiration dates, distinguishing colors, reading instructions, navigating new surroundings, double-checking labels, and a slew of other things. Over 200,000 people with visual impairments use the app and there are over 3 million people who volunteer to help them. This is a cool way to give back and help someone who really needs it while you're at home. Btw, it's available for iOS and Androids.

Promising review: "I helped a man determine if he was about to open up a can of peaches or a can of olives. Simple task, but he was very appreciative and myself equally grateful." β€”Instagram user

3. Livestream a yoga and meditation session with Heal Haus.

4. Learn a new language slowly but surely with Memrise!


I really enjoy using this site to learn a language. There are several languages to choose from and you can start at the beginner, intermediate, or expert level. The best part is that it teaches you words using sight and sound. I studied Spanish for eight years and German for about six. Doing so taught me that the most efficient way to pick up a language isn't by learning vocabulary words (which is how I started learning Spanish) but by appealing to multiple senses, often at once. This means learning a language through hearing and sight (e.g. via songs, physical gestures, etc...). This site does so by showing videos of a person saying the vocab word and/or phrase in the kind of environment it would normally be said in or with the body language that would often go along with it. I'm starting from scratch on the website to brush up on my Spanish and I 100% feel like the site is effective in helping you hear another language with understanding.

Memrise is free to use but there are premium packages available also. You can get a month of premium access for $8.99, $3.83 per month for annual access, and $99 to get unlimited access to premium for life.

5. Enjoy virtual community sessions with Everyday People! The company typically hosts amazing parties all over the globe, but is now using the social distancing time to gather people on Instagram for guided meditation, wellness talks, DJ sets, and more live on its Instagram!

Instagram / Everyday People / Via

Social distancing doesn't mean social isolation. Be social with these cool online events taking place from Wednesday, March 25 through Friday, March 27.

6. Complete an online paint-by-numbers art piece to relax and take your mind off of everything else for a bit.

Paint By Number

I use the Paint By Number app and although you aren't spending time creating strokes with a colored pencil or paint, it manages to feel just as relaxing. Some of the tiny numbered spots require you to zoom in and slide the photo over to "hunt" for the blank sliver you missed. Each paint-by-number photo is different and they get more complex as you go.

The Paint By Number app is available for android and iPhone devices for free.

7. Throw a Netflix Party and binge-watch with your friends online.

Netflix Party / Giphy

Netflix Party just changed the game with how we binge-watch shows and have movie nights with the squad. Just add the Netflix Party Google Chrome extension and you get to enjoy shows and films together WITH a cool chat feature so you can talk during the movie without anyone telling you to "shhh."

8. Watch a live animal sanctuary camera on's live camera's page. This'll be especially sweet if it's hurting your soul not to be able to visit or volunteer at one right now (or if you're just curious about animals).

Explore / Giphy / Via

There are SOOO many live animal sanctuary camera feeds to look at on the internet! The one shown here is a farm sanctuary in Wisconsin! On the Explore site, you can watch all kinds of animals including polar bears, lions, pandas, and more! You could also just Google live cameras of any kind of animal scene you'd like to see.

9. Watch a beach live feed. You may not be able to hit the sand and catch a wave but you can still enjoy the beauty from afar β€” and you might even see a surfer in action and live vicariously through them. 🌊

Live Beaches / Giphy

This is a GIF showing a live feed I watched from Mission Beach in California but do your googling and you'll find way more.

10. Take a virtual museum tour and leave the house without actually having to leave the house.

Facebook: video.php

11. Have an online lunch or coffee break with your co-workers so you get to still see faces and hear the munching noises you hated hearing in the office but now kinda-sorta miss.

MTV / Giphy / Via

Instead of using your lunch break to bog yourself down with more news, try a de-stress session with your co-workers for a virtual lunch or coffee break. You can obvs use whatever video app works best for your team.

πŸ˜‹ This is also a reminder for you to ACTUALLY take a lunch break.

12. Take a BuzzFeed Quiz! (No, really. They're actually pretty clever and fun.)


BuzzFeed Quizzes. Where the only headlines that matter are about what your mental age is based on which scrumptious food pictures you select OR which Disney princess matches your personality. Get those results and way, way more with BuzzFeed Quizzes. It's a great way to just think about good things and have a lil' lighthearted fun.

ALSO, peep our roundup of 17 Quizzes You Should Take If You Need To Relax Right Now.

13. Get Spreeder β€” an extension that'll help you practice reading faster with better comprehension.


Just paste in whatever text you want to read and it'll replay it back to you in speed mode. The app will also import 46 different file and e-book formats so you can learn to speed read whatever you want. It's meant to help you learn to read three or four times your normal speed and β€” again β€” with actual comprehension! Oh yeah, it's freeeeeee!

14. Watch live social media concerts by your favorite musicians.

15. Type in the name of several classic games on Google and play them on the search engine page without having to visit a suspect site.


Some games that are available this way are Pacman, Google Snake Game, and T-Rex Dash. For T-Rex Dash, just search "T-Rex Dash" and then turn off your Wifi. The "No Internet" dinosaur will pop up and then all you have to do is press the "space" bar to get the dinosaur to start jumping over hurdles in the game. Rawr!

16. Play GeoGuessr! It's a game that'll have you take a virtual voyage around the world (using the cameras of Google Maps) and test your ability to know your surroundings and guess where the game has taken you.


The first game is free and then it's $1.99 a month.

17. Start a blog to document whatever new hobby you take up while you've got more time on your hands at home.

PBS / Giphy / Via

It's your time to shine, babe! And there are so many places to blog these days. Whether you want to use Medium, Wordpress, Squarespace, Tumblr (yes, it still exists), or just blog on a fresh Instagram page!

18. Go through all your *current* paid subscriptions and unsubscribe from anything that you haven't been using enough to justify a monthly charge to your bank account.

NBC / Giphy / Via

You can do this manually if you just want to kill some time but there's also an app for this called TrackMySubs. Uh-huh. You're welcome!

19. AND! Spend some time unsubscribing from email newsletters you haven't read in months.

Bravo / Giphy / Via

De-cluttering your inbox can take up a huge chunk of time and help create peace of mind. Google actually has a feature that does this! It'll prompt you every once in a while to ask if you'd like to unsubscribe from a newsletter you haven't read in a while.

20. Lose yourself in the magical world of Disney+.

Pixar / Walt Disney Studios / Giphy / Via

There's SO MUCH to watch on therrrre! You'll get classics like Snow White and Cinderella, oldies like Lilo & Stitch, plus plenty of the newer releases.

Get it for $6.99/month (plus a free seven-day trial) OR get the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN package for $12.99/month.

21. Try MeetUp and join a group of people with your interests so you can enjoy things together virtually until you all get to meet up in person.

Tidal / Columbia Records / Giphy / Via

MeetUp has VIRTUAL book clubs, writing prompt groups, yoga gatherings, and more. Find your people and connect with them online!

BREAKING: You're about to have some good ole fun on the internet with NO NEWS INVOLVED. Woosah!

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