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    19 Things To Add To Your Home If You'd Like More Greenery

    Ready to put a lil' spin on going green? Let's do it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Pothos plant that's a favorite amongst vet plant parents but will also make great starter greenery for newbies.

    The plant sitting in a pot on the corner of a dresser. It's prob about a foot tall including the pot.

    2. Miracle-Gro indoor plant food sticks that'll turn you into the green thumb-holding plant whisperer. This way, all the live greenery you add to your space will actually ~stick~ around.

    3. AND! Sticky stake insect traps to catch every single gnat and fruit fly aiming to make a meal out of your beloved houseplants. Your green babies are here to stay, I tell you!

    A plant with the sticky stuck in its soil and with lots of gnats caught on the sticky

    4. A snake plant that'll be even cooler for beginner plant owners or people who just lead busy lives. Got commitment issues? Or are you just generally forgetful? It's cool. Snake plants accept you as you are. It'll grow in any light condition AND you only have to water it every two to three weeks or so.

    5. A soil-free AeroGarden Harvest so you'll have fresh herbs and veggies at your fingertips without having to get your hands dirty.

    The Aerogarden harvest is about a foot long and about 2 inches wide. It has 3 buttons and green leaves sprouting from the top with an LED lamp sticking up from the bottom and towering over the leaves.

    6. Wall garland for inviting the great outdoors into your room (without all the bugs, dirt, and other disgusting outside things).

    7. An expandable wall gardening system to give yourself a makeshift indoor or outdoor garden, even if you don't have a yard or a ton of space.

    Two lines of about 15 plant pots on one long rectangle that's attached to a rail on an outdoor porch

    8. A hanging fern terrarium made of real dried and pressed fern leaves. All you'll need is a nail for this beauty. No soil. No watering. No sunlight requirements. Just beauty.

    The hanging terrarium looks like a square piece of glass with a metal frame around it. There are three green fern leaves inside of it.

    9. Or a stationary glass pentagon terrarium to fill up with your real or faux plants and set it on a desk, coffee, table, dresser, or any other surface.

    10. Unique air plants and planters that'll look like actual factual fine art in your home.

    A planter shaped like a old Roman column with an air plant sprouting from it and an air plant inside of a buttress shaped like the head of the historical Michaelangelo sculpture, "David"

    11. Super convincing rubber succulents to keep on your desk or really any surface in your home that could stand to go greener.

    12. A DIY succulents kit – it'll give you (or the kiddo in your life) a creative outlet and more faux plant decor.

    A model's hands holding green felt pieces that look like succulent leaves. More completed felt succulents are sitting near on a table near the hand.

    13. Eucalyptus leaves to hang up in your shower for a lil' aromatherapy when the steam and water hits OR to just sit in a pretty vase anywhere around your space to catch their scent at random moments.

    14. Plant furniture decals that'll definitely help any room in your house blossom into a beautiful living space. If you like plants for their look and nothing more, then these'll work for you.

    15. A pretty plant sticker to place in a window, on your fridge, or on a desk in your home. You could also stick it on your actual planter because that'll always be cute. Plant power goes wherever you say it goes, doggone-it!

    A sticker that shows a woman sitting at a laptop with a plant sticker decal on it and other green plants of different sizes surrounding her.

    16. A mountable bubble fishbowl and planter that'll literally bring new life to your walls.

    A mini aquarium shaped like a half-sphere. It's about the size of an average basketball and has a fish and water plant inside with seashells.

    17. A self-watering pot and reservoir for plants to take even more work out of the growth process. Just fill the white reservoir and set the black planter inside. The plant will do the rest and take in only the water it needs so it isn't over- or underwater and boom, your plants will live their best life.

    The reservoir planter with a plant that looks like individual green sticks rising from the rocks. It's a bit over a foot tall.

    18. A leafy greens gardening kit that'll def be a triple threat for ya since it'll 1) give you a new hobby or feed your current one, 2) feed your actual belly since they're edible, and 3) give your home the greenery it needs — ya know, before it makes its way to your table. 🍽️🌿🥬

    All of the kit pieces laid across a surface along with the greens that the seeds will eventually grow into

    19. A palm plant so you can bring a slight tropical vibe to your place no matter what season it is. It'll also occasionally grow clusters of flowers that'll bring even more cheer to your home.

    The palm plant looks like green branches that stick straight up out of the soil. It's about two feet tall and sitting inside of a planter on top of a plant stand.

    Look at you! Being a plant person in whatever way's most comfortable for you!

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