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    19 Things To Add To Your Home If You'd Like More Greenery

    Ready to put a lil' spin on going green? Let's do it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Pothos plant that's a favorite amongst vet plant parents but will also make great starter greenery for newbies.

    The plant sitting in a pot on the corner of a dresser. It's prob about a foot tall including the pot.

    These beauties start off small but their vines with heart-shaped leaves can grow long enough to wrap so gracefully around the legs of a plant stand or to be stretched across any surface you put it on. You want greenery? You'll def get it with the Pothos. It thrives in medium to low light and only needs to be watered once weekly.

    Promising review: "These are actually my fourth or fifth order of plants from Costa Farms and the video says/shows it all. They send gorgeous plants that you can tell are grown with love and sent with care. I’ve never received a plant on its last leg or that I feared wouldn’t survive. I love the care guides they send with the babies and overall I love how every last plant I’ve purchased from them is thriving. I will continue to purchase from them and I recommend everyone purchase plants from them because you won’t regret it." —Ms. West

    Get it from Amazon for $17.59+.

    2. Miracle-Gro indoor plant food sticks that'll turn you into the green thumb-holding plant whisperer. This way, all the live greenery you add to your space will actually ~stick~ around.


    Just pop these sticks into the soil of your hungry plants and watch their beautiful green leaves flourish. The spikes will feed each plant for up to two months.

    Promising review: "I have several houseplants that had stopped flowering so I put a few of these spikes in the pot. There are directions on the back of package for quantity and approximately a month after using these spikes, my peace lily had three flowers on it! My African violets plants all got several blooms on them! This worked wonders for my plants that don't flower also. I noticed that my ivy and cactus plants started growing faster and they became more green and healthy-looking. I am very happy with this product and I will buy it again." —Elizabeth

    Get them from Amazon for $2.24 (available in a pack of 48).

    3. AND! Sticky stake insect traps to catch every single gnat and fruit fly aiming to make a meal out of your beloved houseplants. Your green babies are here to stay, I tell you!

    A plant with the sticky stuck in its soil and with lots of gnats caught on the sticky

    Promising review: "When I started seeing annoying flying guys around my houseplants, I assumed they were fungus gnats. I was wrong and these nasty things flourished and spread from plant to plant. I've had a lot of success with Safer antifungal sprays so I thought I'd give their traps a try. The package includes plastic stakes with clips that hold the trap and seven traps. DO NOT remove the white paper covering the sticky bits before you fix the trap to the stake unless you want to get the glue on every appendage. I recommend sticking the stake in the dirt first, tucking in the trap with the paper still on, and then removing the paper. Put the trap as close to the soil as possible. You'll know how great these work in a couple of hours when you take a look and see a dozen of those little buggers living out their last moments on yellow glue. In another week this insect problem will be over but I'm keeping these in stock for maintenance." —Amanda Sleds

    Get it from Amazon for $5.04.

    4. A snake plant that'll be even cooler for beginner plant owners or people who just lead busy lives. Got commitment issues? Or are you just generally forgetful? It's cool. Snake plants accept you as you are. It'll grow in any light condition AND you only have to water it every two to three weeks or so.,

    The snake plant only needs watering every two to three weeks in the summer months and every three to four weeks for the winter. Also, it'll definitely become a live statement piece for your home or office since it can grow to be pretty tall.

    Promising review: "Wow. This plant has far exceeded my expectations. It is gorgeous and exactly the color I was looking to add. A dark green with a whitish green. I'm thoroughly impressed. It came shipped well — in a box within another box. From the base of the pot to the top of the highest leaf, it is well over 2 feet high (at about 27 inches)! I can't say enough how much I ended up loving the look of this plant." —Dirtstick

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in six snake plant styles).

    5. A soil-free AeroGarden Harvest so you'll have fresh herbs and veggies at your fingertips without having to get your hands dirty.

    The Aerogarden harvest is about a foot long and about 2 inches wide. It has 3 buttons and green leaves sprouting from the top with an LED lamp sticking up from the bottom and towering over the leaves.

    The hydroponic system will alert you when it's time for watering and feeding your plants. Plus, it'll automatically turn on and shut off the LED plant-growing lights.

    Promising review: "This is easy to set up. It's fun to watch the herbs grow in your home. Absolutely no mess. You can keep the plants in the container or transfer them in order to plant additional seeds. It’s nice that what you eat has had no chemical sprays. You can also go to the manufacturer's website and order additional vegetables or flowers or even at Lowe’s. Great if you live in an apartment or condo" —Farmer1

    Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful at Macy's for $99.99 (originally $189.99; free shipping).

    Peep our official AeroGarden Harvest review for more deets!

    6. Wall garland for inviting the great outdoors into your room (without all the bugs, dirt, and other disgusting outside things).,

    Promising review: "I decided to make my room very earthy and zen. My room is covered in succulents and faux plants, and these vines! I’ve bought them three times now and I love them. They are perfect and can be used for anything. The leaves on the vines don’t fall off, unlike other vines I’ve purchased. Perfect for whatever the occasion is, and I’m sure these would be beautiful for wedding decorating or other stuff..." —Amei Ayuel

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available with and without string lights).

    7. An expandable wall gardening system to give yourself a makeshift indoor or outdoor garden, even if you don't have a yard or a ton of space.

    Two lines of about 15 plant pots on one long rectangle that's attached to a rail on an outdoor porch

    It also has a built-in dripper mechanism you can take advantage of as long as you hook up the planters to a hose. This way, you'll never have to worry about forgetting to water 'em.

    Promising review: "Where have these been all my life?! I have always grown herbs and had a garden the traditional way (in pots or in a garden bed). I love these because my husband and I travel a lot, so we're able to hook these babies up to a water source and timer...and voila!!!! Plants are stayin' alive! I bought three panels, but I am going to order more and do a whole wall of the house." —Yee Jensen

    Get an eight-pot section from Amazon for $65.

    8. A hanging fern terrarium made of real dried and pressed fern leaves. All you'll need is a nail for this beauty. No soil. No watering. No sunlight requirements. Just beauty.

    The hanging terrarium looks like a square piece of glass with a metal frame around it. There are three green fern leaves inside of it.
    Etsy / Mariaela

    Your purchase from this Etsy shop will come with a free gift AND the store offers discount codes:

    "LUCKY10" — $10 off when you buy at least three items

    "2ITEMS15OFF" —15% off when you buy at least two items

    "HAPPY19OFF" — 19% off when you spend $159+

    Get it from the Mariaela shop on Etsy for $47.60 (free shipping).

    9. Or a stationary glass pentagon terrarium to fill up with your real or faux plants and set it on a desk, coffee, table, dresser, or any other surface.,

    Several reviewers shared that this Amazon seller also included a sweet miniature owl as a "thank you" so be careful not to throw it away with the packaging! One reviewer also noted that she used it to store her wedding bouquet.

    Promising review: "This is a great little terrarium for succulents. It is water-tight and holds moisture well. This is a really awesome modern design.!" —Vernon

    Get it from Amazon for $23.98+ (available in three colors).

    10. Unique air plants and planters that'll look like actual factual fine art in your home.

    A planter shaped like a old Roman column with an air plant sprouting from it and an air plant inside of a buttress shaped like the head of the historical Michaelangelo sculpture, "David"
    Etsy / Lil' Maisons

    Promising review: "It's so well made and the air plant came carefully packaged. I can’t wait to order more from the shop!" —Anne Marie Amisola

    Get them from lilmaisons on Etsy: column planter on the left for $24 and the planter on the right (yup, Michelangelo's David) for $40+ (free shipping; both also available without the air plant for cheaper)

    11. Super convincing rubber succulents to keep on your desk or really any surface in your home that could stand to go greener.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed,

    Peep what BuzzFeed editor Elizabeth Lilly thinks of these cuties:

    "I own this set and love them. Everyone at my housewarming agreed that they look like the real thing. And they're already potted in faux dirt that won't spill out in case your clumsiest friend falls into the windowsill where you have them perfectly positioned. (I speak from experience.)"

    Get a set of 8 from Amazon for $26 (free shipping).

    12. A DIY succulents kit – it'll give you (or the kiddo in your life) a creative outlet and more faux plant decor.

    A model's hands holding green felt pieces that look like succulent leaves. More completed felt succulents are sitting near on a table near the hand.

    The kit will come with three chalk pastels, 20 felt shapes, 26 rubber bands, one paperboard frame, and 13 pieces of double-sided adhesive.

    Get it from Target for $16.99.

    13. Eucalyptus leaves to hang up in your shower for a lil' aromatherapy when the steam and water hits OR to just sit in a pretty vase anywhere around your space to catch their scent at random moments.

    Etsy / Pandora Blossoms / Via, Etsy / Pandora Blossoms

    Heads up: Getting those leaves on your showerhead will be much easier than you prob think. I used a rubber band and twisted it to my liking. It took me only like a minute or two and it's held up for months.

    Promising review: "Shipping was a little delayed, but due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, I understand. Also, the seller reached out and kept me updated with my order...that meant a lot. When the product finally arrived, the bunch was healthy and well hydrated. I am totally satisfied with the product and I’d definitely order again!" —Mrs. Bates

    Get them from Pandora's Blossoms on Etsy for $13.99+ (originally $19.99+; available in bunch sizes ranging from mini to extra large).

    14. Plant furniture decals that'll definitely help any room in your house blossom into a beautiful living space. If you like plants for their look and nothing more, then these'll work for you.

    Etsy / Maika Daughters LLC

    Get them from Maika Daughters LLC on Etsy for $28.99 (available in a 30" x 20" page).

    15. A pretty plant sticker to place in a window, on your fridge, or on a desk in your home. You could also stick it on your actual planter because that'll always be cute. Plant power goes wherever you say it goes, doggone-it!

    A sticker that shows a woman sitting at a laptop with a plant sticker decal on it and other green plants of different sizes surrounding her.
    The TriniGee / Etsy

    Promising review: "Looks great on my laptop! Very well made, lovely design, shipped quickly, helpful communication with shop— couldn't have asked for more!" —Jai

    Get it from The TriniGee on Etsy for $10+ (available in four sizes; free shipping).

    16. A mountable bubble fishbowl and planter that'll literally bring new life to your walls.

    A mini aquarium shaped like a half-sphere. It's about the size of an average basketball and has a fish and water plant inside with seashells.

    One Amazon reviewer noted that this was the perfect solution to keep her curious cat away from the fishbowl.

    Promising review: "My wife went through a huge thing with plants and they really livened up my house. This wall planter is one of my favorites because we have a hanging plant in it and a smaller beta fish living in the water. I love that it takes up literally no space and is cool to look at. Also, it is super easy to put up and is very sturdy." —M*A

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in three styles).

    17. A self-watering pot and reservoir for plants to take even more work out of the growth process. Just fill the white reservoir and set the black planter inside. The plant will do the rest and take in only the water it needs so it isn't over- or underwater and boom, your plants will live their best life.

    The reservoir planter with a plant that looks like individual green sticks rising from the rocks. It's a bit over a foot tall.

    The planter can hold indoor Golden Devil's Ivy, African violets, Ocean Spider plants, orchids, and more. It's also designed to keep insects from attacking the plants too.

    Promising review: "I ordered six of these pots originally for my African violet babies and they worked out very well! They're plain which is what I want, clean-looking, and easy to use. Other reviews said they are cheap. They are not. I would rather pay $16-ish for six pots than spend over $80 for pots at my local high-priced garden center (in colors I don't even like). These are also perfect for giving as gifts. I have so many babies now that all of my friends are getting one for the holidays! They also give you a free pair of gardening gloves with your order which is cool!" —Karen Bailey

    Get it from Amazon for $12.55+ (available in two sizes).

    18. A leafy greens gardening kit that'll def be a triple threat for ya since it'll 1) give you a new hobby or feed your current one, 2) feed your actual belly since they're edible, and 3) give your home the greenery it needs — ya know, before it makes its way to your table. 🍽️🌿🥬

    All of the kit pieces laid across a surface along with the greens that the seeds will eventually grow into
    Etsy / Hortiki Plants

    The kit will come with three seed sachets with organic seeds (for kale, lettuce mix, and spinach), three pots, three water catchment trays, three bamboo plant markers, two bags of organic potting soil, one glass mister bottle for gently watering new sprouts, and growing instructions (with recipes, fun facts, and more). Everything?! Everything! BTW, everything in this kit is biodegradable! Woot! Also, if you don't want these plants this Etsy shop has a ton of other gardening kits to suit your specific tastes. There's even a children's kit with gardening stuff, science games, art, and puzzles!

    Promising review: "This kit is beautifully packaged and has high-quality contents and wonderfully written guides! I just bought two more." —aminaalexandraross

    Get the leafy greens kit from Hortiki Plants on Etsy for $45.99 (free shipping) and the children's kit for $49.99 (free shipping for both).

    19. A palm plant so you can bring a slight tropical vibe to your place no matter what season it is. It'll also occasionally grow clusters of flowers that'll bring even more cheer to your home.

    The palm plant looks like green branches that stick straight up out of the soil. It's about two feet tall and sitting inside of a planter on top of a plant stand.

    The plant is a slow grower so no need to feel bad that you aren't seeing exponential growth after a few months. It'll grow up to two feet after a few years. Also, the palm plant can thrive on low sunlight exposure and only needs watering every seven to 10 days.

    Promising review: "This was my first online purchase of a live plant. I was a bit hesitant for that reason but I must say, I'm definitely impressed. The packaging was great and I could tell a lot of time went into making sure the plant didn't experience any damage during its delivery to me. In regards to the plant's look, it looked very healthy! The soil was still moist and I didn't have to worry about trying to heal it as soon as I received it. My only suggestion is to make sure you're careful with opening the box... There's obviously gonna be some dirt so just make sure you don't get it everywhere. I will definitely be purchasing from this brand again!" —Kenneth

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

    Look at you! Being a plant person in whatever way's most comfortable for you!

    CBS / Giphy / Via

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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