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    22 Things For People Who Aren't Crafty But Really, Really Wanna Be

    "Look at me. Who woulda thought?" —You, when you discover you can craft on like a pro 🎨

    1. 3D butterfly decals that you could use for adorning your walls, windows, furniture, flower pots, and way more.

    2. A unicorn kit to help you play with some yarn and make something pretty without actually having to knit or crochet a single thing.

    3. A can of spray paint you could take to most ANYTHING that you want to transform from an oldie into a goodie.

    4. A bath bomb-making kit because being home so much is def gonna mean more crafting AND bath time. Why not get both done in the coolest, craftiest way possible?

    5. DIY Mason jar hanging planter sconces for super beginners who want to start with something that'll be quick and turn out pretty. You'll get everything you need to make three wall sconces.

    6. A Jason Momoa coloring book to keep you busy and give you some eye candy to snack on while you decompress. And look, no one's judging if you prop this book on the pillow next to you at bedtime. Literally, no one.

    7. A candle-making kit so you can create them to relax and then light 'em up around your house to relax some more. This seashell kit is especially cool if you're missing the beach these days and want a few reminders around your space. 🕯️

    8. Antique rose quartz knobs to render you un-bored with the plain knobs on your dressers and cabinets. Just twist and boom, you just slayed your room in a few minutes with your crafty self.

    9. A Charity Beanie crochet kit from We Are Knitters X Jonah's Hands that'll not only occupy your time with step-by-step knitting directions but will also result in a very cute beanie hat you can wear while cozying up and working from home.

    10. A tie-dye kit! Yassss! You're about to go tie-dye wild and it's right on time because tie-dye clothes are trending right now anyway. So, you can make stuff you'll actually enjoy wearing this summer. Grade school art class nostalgia for the win!

    11. A washable sidewalk chalk set so you can put some color on your driveway, balcony, or the sidewalk near your apartment whenever you take a few moments to get some fresh air outside.

    12. A DIY paint-your-pet kit that'll only require you to send the Etsy shop a photo of your pet. You'll get back a paint-by-numbers style canvas along with the corresponding paints so you can immortalize your baby FOREVA.

    13. A make-your-own gem stickers kit so you can bedazzle stickers and place them wherever it'll make your heart happy.

    14. A chalkboard fantasy playhouse that you AND the kids in your life will enjoy putting together and drawing on. (And don't worry about whether or not young kids will like this. Per my little cousins, when it comes to playtime activities, building a fort is STILL top two — and it ain't two.)

    15. A pretty sunflower vase to use for creating flower arrangements.

    16. A marine life paint-by-sticker book if you've already learned that painting/coloring inside the lines is just never gonna be your jam but you do love the idea of systematic coloring. You'll have your masterpiece in no time, so help you stickers!

    17. A 642 Things to Draw Book that'll give you a lil' doodle inspiration.

    18. A lettering and calligraphy workbook to help you practice fancy-schmancy handwriting that'll come in handy for all the sweet cards you give out on special occasions and other things you create with your new handmade crafting abilities.

    19. A downloadable DIY wall-hanging macrame owl pattern that'll probably be a real ~hoot~ to create yourself from start to finish. Just download the pattern from the Etsy seller who created it and put your yarn to work!

    20. DIY embroidery kits to occupy your time and give you something pretty to hang up afterward to celebrate your favorite icons.

    21. A DIY succulents kit – it'll help you bring more plant life into your home — especially if you have no plans on actually taking care of a live one.

    22. And a pack of stickers if you really hope to be crafty but believe the closest you'll ever get is decorating your laptop, phone, or tablet with loads of stickers to celebrate The Office series — which you should totally re-binge since you're home more these days.

    You to your reflection in the mirror after getting your craft on like a doggone pro!

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