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    20 Small Gifts To Make The Healthcare Worker In Your Life Feel So Appreciated

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some of 'em are wearing scrubs. 💪🏾💕

    1. A soy candle to encourage your loved one to take a moment after a long day of tending to others, light a candle, and exhale.

    2. An "Essential + proud" sweatshirt they can cozy up in when they're chilling around the house like the off-duty hero they are.

    3. A vibrant tote bag decorated with healthcare workers just like your loved one. This'll carry all the essentials they need to get through each day on the front lines.

    4. OR a travel cup decorated with healthcare workers so they can still enjoy their morning joe or tea even when they're on the go.

    5. A personalized stethoscope necklace that'll serve as a small reminder that you love them and are rooting for them always.

    6. An encouraging washable face mask that's non-medical so they can wear it off-duty and continue to protect themselves ~while~ spreading a positive message.

    7. AND a button headband that'll be SUPER helpful for preventing the face mask strings from rubbing their ears raw after hours of wear.

    8. A stemless wine glass with a cheeky saying that'll be perfect for the nurse in your life who more than deserves a little vino after a long day at work.

    9. And! A Winc gift card so they can buy their favorite wine online or try out a new one!

    10. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription so you can treat them to the convenience of having a fully stocked coffee stash (from SO MANY PLACES all over the world. Hence the "Atlas" in the name) without them having to think about it. It'll be one less thing on their to-do AND grocery lists.

    11. A "You Are Essential" self-care box to remind your loved one to take time to relax and love on themselves. You'll also get to personalize this box with the scents and colors that best suit who it's intended for!

    12. OR an "I'm So Proud Of You" skincare box to remind them just how highly you think of them and their lifesaving work.

    13. A stethoscope ID tag to give their most prized tool some extra swag — and to keep all the other doctors from accidentally nabbing it.

    14. A colorful Crocs pin set so they can decorate their go-to work shoes with something bright and cheery.

    15. Hydrating hand masks that'll give their skin the TLC it needs after so much hand-washing. The best part is that these are touchscreen-friendly so they'll work their magic ~while~ they continue scrolling through your phone.

    16. An "essential worker" car decal designed in the shape of a stethoscope so they can wear their title with pride every time they drive to and from work.

    17. A gift card that'll definitely get the point across about how appreciative you are of their hard work and contribution to keeping our world safe.

    18. Custom shortbread cookies so you can give 'em some sugar. Honestly, there'll be no sweeter way to say "I appreciate you" than with a scrumptious snack.

    19. A vibrating mini massager they can use when on the job or at home to work out any sore kinks they may have.

    20. A tin of popcorn that'll serve as a sweet and savory message to reassure them that they're doing amazing and you're proud of them.

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