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    28 Valentine's Day Gifts From Small Businesses Worth Ordering Right Away

    Shopping small is about to hit big with bae. 😘

    1. A Schitty Valentine's Day card for the person you'd binge-watch Schitt's Creek with over and over and over again.

    schitt's creek card that says "I'm trying very hard not to connect with people right now, so here is this Valentine's Day card" with David Rose on the top and three hearts

    2. OR, an illustrated card to reveal your innermost (hilarious) thoughts.

    card that says, "I just want to touch your butt all the time" with an animated drawing of a person touching another person's boot-ay

    3. Luxury champagne to pop bottles with the person who makes you feel the bubbliest inside — and to pay 'em back for all the times they treated you to a good drink and perfect company.

    4. A set of positive affirmation cards — because Valentine's Day will be the perfect chance to remind bae (and ahem, yourself!) that self-love is still the best love 🥰.

    the cards laying flat beside the card box

    5. A unisex candle to get the vibes right on Valentine's Day and beyond! Treat your boo's space to the scent of a Black Tux (which I have to assume smells sexy AF because that's the rules), Spa Day, Cashmere, and more!

    6. A drawing-inspired necklace of one of their kid's ACTUAL FACTUAL artwork that just may ~draw~ tears of joy because it'll be too sweet for words. 😭😭😭

    five different necklaces with the original kids' drawing right beside it. Two are gold and three are rose gold. Three are family drawings and two are drawings of animals.

    7. A tiny library-inspired change purse for the reader who's stolen your heart but also likes to steal away time for a really great book. This thing won't take up much space in their pocket or bag but it'll take up a TON of space in their nostalgic heart because it's just way too friggin' cute.

    8. Vegan condoms — a practical gift for you and your partner — for anyone planning to seal Valentine's Day with a kiss and much more. Safely, of course.

    blue box of condoms with two packages sticking out

    9. A curvy candle to appeal to their affinity for the female anatomy, home decor, and having a warm flame around for ambiance.

    10. A coffee cozy with a sweet lil' heart on it that your sweetheart will adore keeping within fingertips' reach on a warm cup of joe.

    a white disposable coffee cup with a gray knitted sleeve that has a light pink heart in the center

    11. And! Red Bay coffee beans set so they have something especially rich and taste to pour into that mug with the cute coffee cozy.

    12. Shea butter foaming bath bombs that'll be perfect for taking a nice, chillaxing moment for themselves in the tub.

    a pink bath bomb with potpourri around it

    13. An E Marie blanket set so your cuddle-partner can keep warm and comfy even when they aren't booed up with you. It'll come with the rib-knit blanket and eye mask. Oh, what's that I hear? Relaxation calling? Brb.

    14. A stunning flower arrangement to add color and brightness to their space the way they do for your heart.

    model's hand holding an arrangement with pink roses, sunflowers, and more

    15. A personalized cheeseboard — in wood or slate, if you really wanna be fancy-schmancy — to show your kitchen partner-in-crime just how ~grate~ it is when you two cook and eat together.

    16. A Chanel coffee table book for the person in your life who loves fashion (but not as much as you, ofc... I think?) and reserves a special place in their heart for Coco Chanel.

    the Chanel book by Danièle Bott

    17. Personalized name earrings with a minimalist design that'll still stand out when you wear 'em so they'll be the perfect accessories for everyday wear.

    18. A customizable picture frame (of course, you'll wanna toss in your favorite pic of you two) to remind your sibling or bestie that love and good memories truly have no distance.

    a rectangular wooden picture frame with the names "Emily and Steph" at the top and a message on the bottom saying, "A good friend knows your stories. A best friend has lived them with you."

    19. A blingy hair clip to remind 'em what a magical star they truly are (and ofc, how much you ADORE their hair).

    20. A wallet-sized love note — so whenever they want to be reminded of just how sweet you are on them, they'll have a message from you that's ~on the money~ (and right next to their money, LOL).

    a black metal credit-card-sized note that says, "When I tell you I love you, I don't say it out of habit. I say it to remind you that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you!"

    21. An EKG love necklace to gift the one who makes your heart beat just a little faster and makes life just a ton happier.

    22. A precious loose leaf bundle for the tea-sipper in your life who keeps your love brewing on the regular.

    the tea bundle with a clear kettle of tea, whole lemons, three bags of tea, a bowl with loose tea in it, a steeper, and a mug

    23. Pink daisy socks to adorn their feet and give 'em flowers from you that'll last longer than a week in their home.

    24. The most adorable friggin' guitar pick EVER that'll def be just the thing for your musician bae who can barely separate themselves from those strings OR who hasn't touched a guitar in a while and needs some thoughtful motivation.

    a white guitar pick that has "I pick you forever" engraved on it. Get it? I PICK you? So sweet!

    25. A super sultry lingerie set made of sheer floral lace to really turn up their stay-at-home lewk on Valentine's Day 😏 — and beyond.

    26. Revitalizing foot oil that'll def be one sweet way (paired with a foot rub, ofc) to thank your Valentine for walking into your life.

    the bottle of foot oil with a pumice stone and white washcloth in a wash bucket

    27. Chic minimalist chevron earrings just simple yet elegant enough to make the recipient fall in love and want to wear them daily.

    A model wearing one of the stud earrings in the gold finish. It wraps slightly around the back your earlobe and forms a point about where your piercing is, so it's a stud that looks like a cuff

    28. An asymmetrical tuxedo dress you could pair with a witty love note reading, "I think this'll ~suit~ you just perfect for our Valentine's Day date." (Hey, I gave you the note so you could at least drum up something safe and fun they can wear this for. Figure it out, lover! 🤷🏿‍♀️)

    model wearing a thigh-length dress with a tuxedo style on one side including one long sleeve and a spaghetti strap on the other side. tuxedo-style buttons travel down one side also.

    29. OR this stunning hot pink maxi dress for the fashionistas who live for a bright look for V-day. (Psst... if this pink color had you at "hello," then take this opp to remember you can totally treat yourself to a Valentine's Day gift.)

    model wearing a pink maxi dress in a silky material with a sheen. It's got long bell sleeves with matching pink buttons along the cuffs, a V-neckline, a self-tie waist belt, and two slits in the front

    30. A BREAD Beauty Supply box that'll be a sure-fire way to profess your love to both bae and their glorious crown of curls.

    a white scrunchie, two pouches of hair product, and one transparent tote bag to carry it all

    31. A customizable cityscape ring to match the major city where you two met and/or fell in love. And... I... have another corny note you could add: "Because this is where we met... and because just like this ring, you've got me wrapped around your finger." 🤣🙈😭😻

    model wearing three rings which are shaped like the skylines of different cities. The one on the pointer finger has a Paris skyline.

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