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    Small Business Sales You Can Buy Online This Saturday

    Deals hit different (read: betterrr 😛) when you #ShopSmall.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Black Friday (and Cyber Weekend) to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. 20% off all of the super adorable and creative mugs and ornaments from Chloe's Custom Goods. With all the pop culture references (nostalgic and current), you're sure to find something you love AND something perfect for gifting.

    mug with baby yoda cartoon on it sipping from his own little mug. Words say, "But first, sippy sip." Awww!

    2. 25% off portable charging centers from Great Useful Stuff. They'll simultaneously charge three smartphones, two tablets, one laptop, and a smartwatch or wearable tech device AND keep cord entanglements hidden so they don't throw off your decor.

    3. 20% off all handmade polymer clay earrings from Empathy Grown. Plus, 15% of your purchase will go to the Loveland Foundation which is committed to the validation, mental health, and healing of Black women and girls.

    clay earrings with a circle (like button earrings) and a large u-shape hanging from it. They are black, brown, and white.

    4. 15% off select Gabe Jade head wraps, Dogdanas, and unisex ties — all with the brand's gorgeous Ankara prints.

    5. Grab a plant hanger for 20% off at Larks and Leo until December 2nd! Each one is handmade and they're an easy way to add texture to any room.

    The Macrame Plant Hanger

    6. 25% off all Caitlyn Minimalist jewelry and I'm sure some of these pretty designs literally have your ~name~ all over them. If given as a gift, I'm sure the receiver will probs be smiling from ~ear~ to ~ear~.

    7. 40% off select products from Adorned Studio nails, including nail decals and press-ons in a ton of striking designs that'll help you ~nail~ every look you try to pull off.

    model's hand with a pale pink, white, green, and marble nails in one set

    8. 20% off of it ALL at The Fine Print Paperie — it's a writer's Disneyworld with the cutes pens, stickies, and notebooks, and more. Literally, every single thing is pretty.

    9. BOGO free on two-part pet bowls from Enjoy-A-Bowl, which makes containers that lock in the ~hooman~ food your pet dreams of eating in a separated compartment at the bottom for the scent to entice 'em to eat their food that's actually at the top. Will you be tricking your dog? YES. Still treating your dog though? YUP!

    small green pet food bowl with a removable orange compartment on the bottom

    10. 30% off orders of $150+ and 25% off sitewide for all your apparel and travel gear from ALPAKA.

    11. 15% off all the body-positive and pop culture-themed stickers, art pieces, and other lifestyle products from the Stylish Sista. All the art is hand-drawn, btw!

    12. 25% off all the art from Lovely Earthlings which features designs that nod to life's everyday blessings and activities like just chilling at home with your plant babies.

    animated image of a woman watering the plants in her house

    13. 30% off the whole Fanesha Fabre Art Store for handmade lapel pins, illustrations, and cards. And yup, there's tons of art here to evoke your inner-New Yawka (whether you've actually factually been to the Concrete Jungle or not).

    14. Up to 20% off all minimalist and affirmative apparel, accessories, and lifestyle grabs from Mocha Design Studio.

    person wearing black T-shirt that says "trust black women" in white text

    15. 25% off select home goods from Bespoke Binny.

    16. 25% off all Muslin Comfort sleep products so you can sleep with the same temperature-regulating material as those snuggly muslin blankets that babies rest in. Mmmhmm, you'll actually factually sleep like a baby. 🛌🏿👶🏿

    white muslin blanket on a made-up bed

    17. 20% off all the whimsy earrings from Lilac Latte Studio.

    18. 30% off every perfect piece of sultry, size-inclusive lingerie from Love, Vera.

    a plus-size and straight-sized model posing in the same lace, chocolate brown lingerie. The plus-size model is also wearing the garter belt that comes with it.

    19. Up to 15% off all Danistee accessories and I do want to direct your eyes to the bags. Whether you're one to step out with a conversation piece OR you're ready to break away from the everyday tote you've been carrying — the rich colors and festive prints in this selection will get your style all the way together.

    three bags in sizes graduating from small to largest with the sample floral print that's a bold orange, purple, green, and fuchsia.

    20. 25% off all the plants and things from 36Vine and FREE shipping for any orders $50 and up.

    21. 20% off the entire Hot N Saucy site for those who love to upgrade their meals with a tangy kick. Sorry you weren't able to pour these delicious flavors over anything at your dinner table today, but all your meals going forward are about to get a lil' turn-up.

    bottle of sweet potato and habanero

    22. 20% off custom family portrait art from Frequency of Love that'll blend vintage-style photos of your favorite people with backgrounds bursting with bright patterns inspired by Ankara prints.

    23. 40% off bundle deals and beard kits plus a free gift AND 25% on all products from Koils By Nature natural hair care brand. Time to get those curls poppin'!

    the beard kit

    24. 27% off this Lavinso Foot Exfoliation Mask that'll basically give you brand new feet since it strips layers and layers of dead skin and calluses from them. Trust me, your lil' steppers DESERVE.

    25. $15 off orders of $99+ from Your Cat Backpack. Aside from snagging the dopest pet travel bag you'll prob ever find, you'll also snag a FREE Travel Bowl with all orders (no code needed).

    backpack with a clear bowl "window" on it so that the cat can sit inside while peering outside

    26. 20% off a slew of leather and wood goods from Left Coast!

    27. $10 hair accessory sale from Fibs and Fables. These gorgeous clips will give your hair an instant princess vibe — (you know, minus the damsel in distress narrative because your tresses will be anything but distressed with these beauties).

    Model with eight clips above a low ponytail: two plain gold, two plain silver, two silver and beaded, two with crystals that spell out "Magic"

    28. 20% off EVERYTHING on Izzy & Liv and you know what that means: All the Black Girl Magic you can possibly handle from every category including home/kitchen, clothes, accessories, beauty, and more!

    29. BOGO FREE on everything at My Pride Apparel. You'll have your pick of sweatshirts, hoodies, and bags that celebrate and positively affirm Black culture.

    black sweatshirt that says "Melanin" and has stripes in different shades of brown

    30. 40% off EVERYTHANNNG from J Lux Label. Minimalist dressers who dance between athleisure and dressed-up-but-looking-effortless 'fits, NOW IS YOUR TIME.

    model wearing a sage green off-shoulder sweatshirt and matching shorts

    31. 30% off all Makeup Scientist Cosmetics products (and the items are already marked down so this is a sale on top of a sale. TREAT YO' SELF).

    32. Up to 80% off the entire Grass-Fields apparel and accessories store so you can snag all the Ankara print clothing your wardrobe can handle — or gift something stunning to someone else.

    model wearing a short A-line dress with bell sleeves in a red, orange, and black Ankara print

    33. 20% off all body butters and scrubs from Moment Beauty Co.

    34. Get 35% off of everything at Hanifa, no discount code required. Their scarves, sweaters, and knits are chic *and* cozy. Hanifa is the perfect gift for anyone who's obsessed with cozy-glam attire 😌.

    A model wearing the Sia Crop Sweater

    35. Up to 70% off all the sleek, chic streetwear Manière de Voir has to offer.

    36. Up to 60% off all swim and resort wear from B. Fyne. And listen, this is not the time to question where the heck you'll be traveling to wear all this drip. However, it is the time to rack up so you'll stay ready and never have to get ready. We won't be at home in sweats forever. 🤷🏿‍♀️

    model wearing one-piece bathing suit with sheer panels across the shoulder blades, a tasseled rope at the waste and quarter-length sleeves. it's cobalt blue, also known as a TOTAL VIBE!

    37. 30% off all Beauty Strike skincare products. They're vegan, sustainably packaged, AND will make good stocking stuffers this year.

    38. 30% off all makeup from Mented Cosmetics because 'tis the season for richly-pigmented colors!

    39. Special $4.99 sale on select Mielle Organics hair products. These products are usually $9.99+ so naturalistas, RUN IT UP!

    40. Get 20% off sitewide at Taye Decor! I'm talking rugs, statement lighting, pillow shams —ev👏🏾ery👏🏾thing👏🏾. If you've been itching to switch up your space, consider this sale a sign that it's TIME.

    41. Get 30% off all phone cases at Eeni Edit aka the most adorable shop on Beyoncé's internet. C'mon, look at this cartoon. It's everything and the site is even better.

    42. 15% off Carfident scratch remover to keep your ride looking nearly brand new so you'll be more ~carfident~ when you're riding around and getting it.

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