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    Satisfyer Sex Toys Are On Sale For Prime Day And Whew... Baby

    Deals are here for a (real satisfying) good time, but not for a long time. 🤑

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Sexy time has ~come~, quite literally. Satisfyer sex toys are marked down for the Prime Day sale so honey, you better get to gettin' 'em while the gettin' is this good.

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    We put in a little work for ya. Ahead you'll find the hottest picks in the sale.

    1. The Satisfyer Partner MultiFun 2, which is designed to bring couples the extra good vibes for regular play time.


    It's got 100 vibration combinations and three different engines dispersed throughout the toy so it'll be enjoyable from all angles. This baby's also waterproof and will be protected against water immersion of up to about three feet deep for up to 30 minutes of use. Also, although it's designed for couples, you could 100% use it alone as well.

    Promising review: "My wife and I saw this at the local adult store. I got it through Amazon because it was ten bucks cheaper. I'm glad I did. PEOPLE! YOU MUST BUY THIS! I don't want to get too graphic but this is definitely something made for couples in mind. Best you-know-what- I've ever had!" —Christian Fantana

    Price: $39.75 (originally $49.95; available in three colors)

    2. Gentle cooling lubricant! You'll get all the fun of using lube PLUS a tingling icy sensation to intensify the moment. It'll also be great to use with or without a sex toy and with or without a partner. 🤷🏿‍♀️😘

    bottle of lube

    Promising review: "Soothing, cooling, and slick!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $7.77 (Originally $12.95. Not digging the ❄️ feeling? It's also available in two additional styles)

    3. An anal beads set — because of course backdoor play can be fun with toys involved, right? These will be good for newbies who want to venture into this slow and easy but they're also designed well enough for the more experienced to still have a swell time.

    the anal beads set

    You'll get two five-piece beaded chains — one classic ball shape and one pyramid-shaped structure. The beads increase in diameter the further up the chain to make the process easy and enjoyable. One has a flexible ring on one end while the other has a retaining strap. Both of those are meant to ensure the beads can be inserted, adjusted, and removed safely.

    Price: $15.95 (originally $19.95)

    4. The Wand-er massager is made to provide a full-body massage, but YOU'LL KNOW why you're really in love with it when this thing gets you there with its 50 VIBRATION COMBINATIONS. 👀 (Low stock so hurry!)

    white vibrator that is long and slightly curved with a rounded edge on one end, two buttons in the middle, and narrower opposite end

    Promising review: "Love this. The settings are great. The vibrations are strong. I'm very happy. It's huge and heavy and it does feel like you're getting what you pay for. Definitely buy if you're on the fence." —Elizabeth

    Price: $39.95 (originally $49.95; available in three colors)

    5. A Kegel ball set that you could consider your orgasm Olympics training. It's meant to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of folks with vaginas so the big O will be even more enjoyable than it already is. (Low stock so hurry!)

    three kegel devices which are made of silicone material, have two balls in each one, and have a loop at the end for easy removal

    Warning: It's only recommended that you use the Kegel balls for 15 minutes per day. Over-Kegeling is a thing and can create vaginal tightness to the point of extreme discomfort, including during sex. Keep calm and Kegel for 15 minutes only, please. Your vag will thank you kindly.

    Promising review: "They are well made from a "nice to the touch material". All three in the set have internal weight motion, unlike some sets. This would be a great set to start with at a good price-point. Get your jiggle on." —IslandBoy

    Price: $23.95 (originally $29.95; also available in two different styles)

    6. And finally, the beloved Satisfyer Pro 2, a oral sex simulating device that has given over 11,000 reviewers an orgasm.

    the pink device in water with rubber head that is applied to the clit

    Check out BuzzFeed's full write-up on the Satisfyer Pro 2, and more of the best sex toys you can get on Amazon.

    Promising review: "This is the most amazing toy I’ve ever used! It really does feel very similar to oral (by someone who actually knows what they’re doing!) and it’s consistent (unlike guys who want to keep moving their heads all around instead of just focusing their efforts on the right spot, if you know what I mean). Anyway, I used it in the shower and it’s incredible how intense the orgasm is compared to anything else I’ve tried. It’s a totally different sensation than a typical vibrator. It’s more like a fast, drumming sensation with some suction. It was worth every penny, and I love that it’s rechargeable. The magnetic charger is really cool and charges fast. There's not much else I can say besides HOLY ****!!! This thing is effing amazing!" —KailuaChick

    Price: $34.95 (originally $49.95)

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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