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    46 Products That'll Help Make Your House A Way Better Place To Live In

    Oh, the ways a hands-free vacuum can change your life.

    1. A fragrance-free allergen spray to help blast away all the things in your house that contribute to the sneeze-itch-redness-inducing anarchy that your body tries to exact on you. It's meant for the air AND surfaces in your space, BTW.

    reviewer's bottle of spray

    2. A set of blackout curtains because sure, the natural light in your home is what made you fall in love with the space, but all that waking up with the birds every morning is, well, for the birds. Time to end all that!

    3. A beautiful velvet sectional couch you're gonna love for not just how much it'll beautify your space but also how comfy it is.

    blue velvet sectional couch in a living room with a pink, blue, and beige rug and pink ottoman

    4. A Pura wall plug-in that may be the reason you hang up candles once you get into this super-customizable scent experience.

    5. Marble Pothos plants to bless your space with some gorgeous live greenery.

    The Pothos plant hanging in a macrame hanger

    6. A Purrfect Plants puzzle! You'll keep the plant love going, bring some fun downtime to your home that everyone can work on together, and have some lasting artwork to hang once you're done with the puzzle.

    a completed puzzle with an illustration of three cats that are black, while and orange standing and laying near a plant stand that's brimming with different kinds of plants

    7. A giant leaning mirror made of shatterproof glass so you can decorate your home with the finest thing already in it: YOU! :)

    8. A bath pillow because your bathroom could so be the in-home spa you always dreamed of.

    A two-fold pillow attached to the rim of the bath tub

    9. OR — a full-body bath pillow your entire body will probably beg you to lounge on for longer than your typical soak session.

    10. Closet dividers! I own these and I can promise that your brain will feel so much better walking into a super-nonproblematic closet.

    11. A wine rack that quite literally looks like "home" and will bring all of the elegance to your passion for cheap vino and glasses.

    12. A tree-style table lamp that'll serve as a Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, and light source in one. Yeah, multitasking in style is the name of this game and you absolutely win.

    lamp sitting on a desk in an office overlooking a big city. The lamp has an oval wooden shade that looks like the top portion of a tree, a lamp stem that looks like the tree trunk, and a base where the phone can lay and charge wirelessly

    13. And light-dimming stickers (speaking of bright lights that disturb your sleep). These'll prevent the blinking lights on all of your electronics from keeping you awake and your mind racing when you're trying to rest in a room with electronics.

    14. A Radiate portable campfire (yes, from Shark Tank!) that'll turn your backyard into your favorite fall getaway location.

    15. Organic linen spray so you can snuggle into sheets that smell like freshly washed linens even when you've been slacking on laundry 😬. A few spritzes will buy your nose a bit more time before wash day.

    the bottle of spray

    16. A tapas-inspired wooden serving dish that kinda looks like a bowl but works like a tray. Either way, it'll save some space on the dinner table and wherever you store it.

    17. Mickey Mouse corn holders for anyone who knows a good ear of corn (especially grilled) will ~hands down~ always mean a great time and good eating in the kitchen.

    two corn holders attached to both ends of an ear of corn on a plate and two additional holders sitting beside the plate

    18. A set of accent chairs that'll give any room in your house an extra-sophisticated feel.

    19. An adjustable bamboo bathtub tray for propping up food, drinks, tablets, books, hopes, dreams, and whatever else you'll need for a good, long bath.

    long wooden tray that stretches across the entire tub. it has a book, wine glass, and candle sitting on top of it and the reviewer's legs are shown underneath, soaking in sudsy water.

    20. Window film with an iridescent finish that'll grant all the privacy you want in your home (especially if you're not into curtains or shutters) while also splashing little rainbows in your space depending on the day's sunshine.

    21. Or! This hanging light catcher could usher in the sunlight-induced rainbows without you having to cover your windows at all if you are a curtains-shutters person but still love the vibe.

    the hanging light catcher which has a gold metal piece that's like a half-circle with a prism hanging in the top middle which looks like a round crystal and another smaller one hanging from the bottom of it

    22. A minimalist rug that'll not only add something pretty and neutral but will also be easy to clean since it's machine washable.

    23. A hanging reminder tag to ensure everyone in the house stays in sync when it comes to feeding the family fur baby.

    a dog tag with a tiny rope for hanging at the top. One side says "the dog has been fed." Another tag shows what the other side can say which is, "Bella has NOT been fed."

    24. A wall mount shelf in case all the stuff in your house is starting to back you into a ~corner~. Now, you can put up a shelf in that corner to keep those little baubles on display yet outta the way.

    25. A bathroom squatting stool because WE ALL POOP AND IT'S A GOOD TIME, OK? It'll be even better since this'll help make bowel movements happen easier and faster by elevating your feet so you're in a squatting position. Plus it's got a foot massager. Real luxury 💩, I know.

    26. A gel-enhanced seat cushion to give your tush the TLC it deserves when you're sitting in your home desk chair.

    The gray cushion in an office chair. It has a slightly rectangular shape with rounded edges and an empty space near the tailbone to relieve pressure

    27. A reversible baby play mat for parents who want to cater to their kids but don't want their home aesthetic to always be playpen inspired.

    28. Stick-on chalkboard paper to turn your wall into a giant notepad for yourself OR to give kids with doodle-prone fingers a designated spot for their artistic destruction.

    29. Festive reversible banners giving out a "Happy Fall" salutation until you're ready to flip 'em over and welcome hungry trick-or-treaters on October 31! When Halloween ends (or the candy's gone), just flip this baby right back over and go back to celebrating fall.

    30. Cable clips destined to eliminate all the ~discord~ created by the many cords in your home.

    two circular cable clips with an open space in the middle and a tiny enclosure on top of that where you would slide a cable through to keep it in place

    31. A cup holder that you can trust to hold your drinks securely near your shower because wine (and, OK, the alcohol-free stuff too) should always be within arm's reach.

    32. A bedside tray bound to make you feel like there's an invisible butler in your room making sure you barely have to stretch your arm to get everything you need while hanging out in bed.