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    23 Products On Amazon That Inspired Over 1,000 People To Leave A Five Star Review

    A keyboard cleaning putty, a door draft-stopper, sage, and way more fan favorites.

    1. A mildew-resistant antimicrobial shower curtain liner to keep all the funk and gunk away from your bathroom.

    2. Laundry stain remover that reviewers swear will work literal magic on your (or your kids') dirtiest, nastiest clothes.

    3. Garbage disposal packets to clean out the gunk and remove the odor that would otherwise be impossible to reach. This way, the rest of your household can't walk around knowing they smell something putrid down there and throw their hands up on the matter. Cleaning packets to the rescue!

    4. Extra-strength shoe deodorizing spray that'll kick the funk outta your smelly shoes so you actually feel comfy sticking your feet in them again.

    5. A door draft-stopper so you can keep the heat or the cool air in your home instead of letting it seep out. It's also made of waterproof silicone and is meant to prevent light amounts of water from coming in too!

    6. A beautiful singing bowl to create a soothing sound whenever you need to relax. It'll be perfect for anyone who meditates, does yoga, or does both BUT if you simply like music, then you'll enjoy it, too.

    7. A pack of mini sage wands that'll assist anyone who's big on using them for spreading good vibes and energy around their space.

    8. A four-piece microfiber sheets set to help you get proper rest in the comfiest way possible thanks to its soft, hypoallergenic material. The fitted sheet also has deep pockets so no more fighting with one corner popping up every other hour while you catch ZZZs. These are machine-washable and fade-, stain-, shrink-, and wrinkle-resistant.

    9. Travel-friendly teeth whitening pens that reviewers say will give you pearly whites with consistent usage.

    10. Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara so you can get bold and beautiful lashes whenever you want — no falsies involved.

    11. Trader Joe's sesame seasoning blend that'll turn up the taste of everything from avocado toast to bagels to buttery popcorn — without you having to wait in those take-up-your-whole-day lines at the actual store.

    12. The Little Fires Everywhere novel by Celeste Ng that'll soon be a Hulu series, but could also be the next thing you cozy up to and get lost in! The book is about two families that are brought together by their children and it's a New York Times bestseller.

    13. An argan oil heat protectant so you can put heat to your hair and get the sleek style you want *without* worrying about damage.

    14. Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver to gobble up hair and other gunk taking up space in your drains in minutes! You can use it for toilets, sinks, and tubs.

    a green bottle with two openings with twist-off caps at the top of it.

    15. Small scrub brushes with non-slip grips that'll make a big impact on even the eensiest, weensiest nooks and crannies.

    16. A cool-looking knife set that will definitely look like it somehow belongs on the set of a new Blade movie while it's sitting on your counter. The set includes that fun, clear stand and a bonus knife sharpener.

    17. A heart-shaped waffle-maker for anyone who keeps a special place in their heart and calendar for brunch. You can whip this out any day you want to show your belly (and the foodies on Insta) some extra love.

    A white plate holding heart-shaped waffles that are the width of a fist.

    18. A peeling and brightening serum that clears up hyperpigmentation and evens out the skin tone. It contains hydroquinone (for brightening dark spots), salicylic acid (for penetrating the skin and drying up breakouts), vitamin C (also a brightening agent), and a host of other helpful ingredients.

    19. Pan scrapers so you can clean up after cooking with way less muscle work. The scrapers have four differently-shaped edges so you can remove the gunk from any size pan.

    20. Acne patches that'll vacuum the gunk out of your whiteheads and give you a visible reduction in just a few hours.

    21. Cleansing gel that'll conform like putty to all the smaller, interestingly-shaped places you need to remove dust from like your keyboard, car vents, A/C vents and more.

    22. A portable door lock that'll give you extra security whenever you're sleeping anywhere that isn't your personal abode. It'll be super helpful for anyone who frequents Airbnbs and sleeps better knowing things are extra secure.

    23. An air purifier to pull the dust, smoke, pollen, mold, and odors out of your environment so you can inhale and exhale more comfortably. You'll even be able to pull the filter out to see just how much mess it's sucked out of the air in your area.

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