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    28 Things That'll Have You Saying "Bye, Now" To Small Problems

    Busting down rust, dust, sweat, germs. You name it.

    1. A shortcuts keyboard cover to help folks trying to master Adobe Photoshop that tend to forget a keyboard hack almost as fast as it's learned. Behold, the ~key~ to Adobe Photoshopping like a true whiz. (You'll also find a ton of similar keyboard covers for dif software programs from this brand!)

    close-up of the keyboard cover with words and symbols on each key that show what to do in Photoshop by pressing that key.

    2. A bed rest pillow with arms and an adjustable head cushion so your neck and back can relax properly as you WFB (work from bed).

    on the left, a person leans on the pillow with its headrest propped up. on the right, a mom leans on a pillow with headrest turned down. A quote from the mom says, "I can play all night and day on the floor with my daughter without my back aching."

    3. A weighted cup holder to drape across the arm of your sofa and hold your drink sturdy. You'll barely have to move a MUSCLE when it's time to take a sip while you stream the show you refuse to peel your eyeballs from.

    the red weighted silicone holder that looks like a skinny rectangle mat draped over a couch arm. It got a cupholder look in the middle for the cup of course

    4. An Always Pan will be your new go-to in the kitchen after you enjoy all its features and realize that "non-stick" feature they brag about is THE TRUTH HONEY! Tell your old forever-sticking pans it's not them, it's you, and things just aren't going to ~pan~ out but you'll ~Always~ cherish the memories. 🤪

    5. A four-pack of soap sheet travel boxes with 200 sheets of soap to keep your hands clean no matter where you are! No more settling for water-only washes in public bathrooms that are straight outta soap. Your hands (and all the surfaces they could put germs on) DESERVE.

    several sheets of soap fanned out beside of the travel container

    6. A GIANT candle (and I do mean giant!) that you need if you find yourself blowing through candles on the regular. Here's ONE candle that smells amazing and that you'll be able to keep for — well, look at it — A WHILE.

    long, oveal-shaped candle with five wicks

    7. And! A wick trimmer to remove the burnt parts from your used candle so it'll last longer *and* won't mix a burnt smell into the bergamot, rose, vanilla, or whatever you like to put in the air around your place.

    the trimmer with a handle the top like scissors and a small scooping mechanism at the end to grab and pull the burnt wick

    8. A turtleneck bodysuit because who wants to tuck and retuck and tuck and retuck a top all day? Def not you with all the better things you have to do — like looking put-together without a hassle.

    9. A reliable wireless charging pad to give your gadgets more juice. Also, whenever you — oops — snatch it up quickly without thinking, you won't have to worry about destroying a wire or the inside of your phone's charging port. Clutchhhh!

    A model placing a phone down on a wireless black charging pad

    10. Hoodie hangerssssss! They'll prevent those weird bumps that the wider hangers always put into the shoulders AND make your go-to hoodie easier to just grab and go.

    11. A shoe tray to prevent everyone in the house from tracking in mud and other unwanted outside things into the house.

    the shoe tray with a pair of sneakers and a pair of boots sitting on them

    12. Bandages or rather, Browndages, to make a boo-boo all better. They'll come in a variety of plain nudes to include different skin tones for anyone who wants something lowkey AND with fun, animated designs for anyone ready to stand out.

    13. A mail slot to prevent mail from piling up all over the counters and tabletops. It'll also provide a mini chalkboard for you to write necessary reminders like, "Wash the dishes!" PLUS, it has hooks for keys.

    the mail slot on a reviewer's wall with two compartments for mail and key hooks at the bottom

    14. Wireless sleep headphones that'll play white noise or whatever music you'd like to catch some ZZZs to — all inside a headband that'll fit comfortably around you so your ears don't get sore and you won't have to lay in a weird position to fall asleep.

    15. Egyptian cotton sheets for folks who get hot when they sleep no matter what season it is. My heart goes out to you from underneath my heated electric blanket. Anyway, these babies are temperature-regulating to keep you cool as the other side of the pillow.

    16. A T-shirt roll holder so finally you'll finally do something about all the T-shirts taking space in your drawers. Plus, this thing'll just look way color.

    My closet door closed with several shirts hanging from a hook at the top of the door. The shirts are attached by rolling them up and putting them through stretchy loops.

    17. KitchenAid sheers — because once you discover that cutting up chicken strips, stir fry beef, and sausages is a boom-boom-done situation when you use 'em, you'll never wanna go back. These. Your drawer. Now. YW. 😘

    18. A bacon sponge that'll absorb excess grease after you've fried your strips to perfection. No more napkin pat-downs OR lines of grease trailing down your chin when you indulge.

    a cloth with bacon strips sitting on it that's soaking up the grease on the bacon

    19. Dryer vent cleaners to brush out the dust and debris that's (definitely!!!) hiding beneath the filter that you actually do clean regularly. AND (if you're allergic to dust like me), it'll remove dust easily from the filter without you actually having to touch it.

    20. A faucet splash catcher because finally having a solution for the puddle of water that gathers behind that dang sink will be the slice of peace you surely deserve.

    a flat rectangular cloth with a small cutout hole that fits around the sink faucet

    21. Cleansing gel that'll conform like putty to all the smaller, interestingly-shaped places you need to remove dust from like your keyboard, car vents, AC vents, and more.

    22. A hanging car diffuser to give your vehicle the smell of a really fun Beach Day or a Desert Flower — ya know, in place of the your car-ride-adoring pup or all the corn chips your kids like to spill all about.

    hand touching the car diffuser which is a small clear bottle filled with oil hanging from the rearview mirror

    23. An air fryer cheat sheet cooking times guide because oh yes, you will FINALLY perfect the art to reheated french fries that are actually EDIBLE? It truly is a new day. 🍟

    24. A heat-resistant cover set to prevent everyone from causing food explosions in the microwave and boil-overs on the stove. They'll also work as a cover to store leftovers.

    person holding the lid cover showing suction onto the bowl

    25. An extendable microfiber duster so you can keep the dust in your home — yep, even in the hardest-to-reach areas — to a minimum at all times.

    26. A handmade plastic bag organizer to keep your bags separated and easy to grab when you need 'em. Spoiler alert: This is the thing your friends'll want the link to once they discover it in your house.

    Sandwich bag organizer placed on counter

    27. Garbage disposal packets to keep your drain free of gunk and odor. No more walking into the kitchen and being randomly smacked in the nose by a putrid smell emanating from your sink. Cleaning packets to the rescue!

    28. Chic minimalist labels that'll help you get on top of your organization and label literally ANYTHING in your house.

    You waving "bye" to lil' problems after kicking 'em to the curb with these finds.

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