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29 Small Latinx-Owned Brands You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

Gorg earrings, oil for curls...actually, let's just have 'em all.

While BuzzFeed celebrates Latinx Heritage Month, we also believe in highlighting contributions from Latinx folks year-round. Please enjoy this product post from BuzzFeed Shopping, the wonderful entrepreneurs who create these products and services, and know that you can enjoy these businesses well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

1. 16J Organics has you covered if you're into beauty and wellness products meant to make your skin extra yummy.

the body oil spray bottle and jar of body butter laying on a wooden surface

2. Aleishla is a jewelry shop with simple yet eye-catching pieces that upgrade any look. You'll find lots of high-end fine jewelry plus beautiful pieces at a lower price point.

3. Mia del Mar is a Miami-based beauty brand where you'll find a great variety of makeup and skincare products — all in vibrant packaging that for sure captures the MIA vibe.

Group of Mia Del Mar products including night cream, makeup palettes, and primer

4. Fanesha Fabre Art creates handmade pins, stickers, tote bags, and home goods — and all of it celebrates what it's like to live in New York City as a Latina.

5. Hot Chocolate Design serves up quirky, fun shoes and accessories for folks who enjoy conversation pieces — like this pair of Mary Jane flats that'll def have folks asking where in the ~world~ did you find THOSE?!

reviewer's feet in the Mary Janes with a colorful world map print all over it and bright green trim

6. Generación churns out handmade leather goods created by a self-taught artisan based in California. You'll find bags, belts, journals, and more practical items you'll love and use on the regular.

7. La Parea Wellness is for folks with BIG self-care energy (or perhaps, you're looking to turn yours up?). It's full of beauty and lifestyle grabs that are all about giving yourself the TLC you deserve.

the candle sitting next to pink roses

8. The Sitos lifestyle shop was founded by Jessi, a proud "brown Latina" who handmakes a variety of home goods including macrame products, customizable gift boxes, and furniture.

9. Glamlite Cosmetics is all about makeup inspired by food and drinks. Whether you love tacos, burgers, or pizza — there's a palette (and more!) for it all. The latest collection is all about Happy Hour too so brb, filling up my whole (bar) cart.

palette shaped like a taco with 10 shades inside

10. Tech-Life makes the indoor and outdoor speakers for your personal enjoyment and maybe for your next shindig. Play whatever you want (Ocean sounds? Cardi? That weird podcast you're stuck on? 🤪) with super-clear sound whenever you want.

11. Tappas is a family-owned business that makes a (surprise, surprise) tapas-inspired wooden serving dish that kinda looks like a bowl but works like a tray. Either way, it'll save space on the dinner table, make cleanup easy by minimizing serving dishes, and stores easily.

12. Valfré makes uniquely designed clothing, accessories, home goods, stationery, and tech accessories so much more – and most feature original illustrations from Mexican artist and founder, Ilse Valfré.

13. Bomba Curls is for the curly-coily-kinky cuties who wanna keep their hair nourished! These products are meant to loop around those helix shafts and across those scalps with LOVE, OK?

left side is a model with a curly afro that's drooping a little bit and right is the afro lifted a bit with a little more bounce after applying the oil from Bomba Curls
bottles of the hair oil with a pointed scalp applicator top and tropical labels
Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls was created by Afro-Dominicana Lulu Corder and makes products meant to strengthen and grow those stunning curls of yours. 

Promising review (for the oil): "My hair instantly felt softer, and my curls were more defined. The oil also helped when slicking my hair into a bun." —Katherine A.

Price range: ~$9–$30

Check out more from Bomba Curls on the inclusive Thirteen Lune beauty marketplace OR directly from the Bomba Curls site.

14. The EQC Studios shop makes the coolest wall art designed in the shape of the card spaces from the Lotería game (similar to Bingo). And of course, the shop sells the actual game too — a pop culture edition!

15. Salem 365 is a Brooklyn-based shop run by proud Afro-Latinx owner and creative Nandy del Castillo! She adores "psychological thrillers and stories that amplify Black voices" and is an avid fan of, you guessed it, Lovecraft Country. You'll find stickers, coloring books, greeting cards, and art prints dedicated to Castillo's amazing fascinations. Meet us in the sticker section?

16. YaVe offers the smoothest tequila you'll ever have the pleasure of tasting. Trust me, you won't need any salt or lime to take a shot of this high-shelf liquor because it's made with quality agave, volcanic water, and proprietary yeast.

17. Natali Koromoto will be your new one-stop shop for all your house needs. Aside from dinnerware and home goods, the brand also makes unique apparel, art, and pins that are playful and whimsical.

18. Rayzas Arts Studio has such breathtaking earring designs that you could wear a trash bag with them and no one would notice. These pieces are sure to get you a barrage of compliments.

19. Candy's Kloset is an ode to the bodega that will make you wax poetic about the days when you could get multiple snacks with only a dollar. The Hot Cheetos earrings, Rugrats' Cynthia keychain, and Strawberry Shortcake pin will get you smiles from strangers and probably get "borrowerd" by your friends.

20. Macarena Collection has handmade shoes that are made with 100% leather. They are proof that you'll never have to sacrifice comfort for style. You'll find accessories and heels, plus shoes for fall and winter.

Ankle-strap woven shoes with black and white diamond pattern on the top

21. A Habit skin mister, a touchless SPF 41 facial spray that smells like rose, geranium, lavender, and rosemary. Now, (without messing up your makeup!) you can finally follow those directions to re-apply sunscreen every two hours that you always ignore.

Model spraying the mist on her face

22. Hamanica will instantly transport you to a fantasy island where you're retired with a piña colada in hand — even if you're just on your front porch the Sunday before work. Their beautiful hammocks come in all styles and colors so take your pick and get ready to relax.

Hammock outside next to plant with pillows on top

23. Clandestina has the absolute coolest tees with sayings you're thinking but may not always say out loud. Like "I'm in Havana" or "No More Drama" — why say a thing when you can let your outfit speak for itself?

24. Naan will have your guests convinced that you hired an interior decorator. Their furniture is well-made, minimalist, and chic.

25. Nalgona Positive Shop is just what its name implies — a safe space for every brown and body-positive person. You can express yourself loudly and proudly with their cute clothes and accessories.

26. RebDolls sells trendy clothing for all sizes! Not only do they look amazing but they are also wallet-friendly. If you need a cute 'fit for a date or an event, definitely head to their site right now.

27. Sonia Lazo Illustrator is not afraid of color and she loves to think outside the box when it comes to decor and clothes. Her unique totes, apparel, decor, and home goods will make you feel like you stepped into Lisa Frank's dream home.

28. Gag Threads is a hilarious brand that doesn't give a darn and encourages you to always speak your mind with your look.

29. Worship 13 LLC describes itself as strange and unusual but the brand should add "dope" to its description. If every day is Halloween for you and your style is edgy but cute, then you'll want every single thing this has brand has to offer — and they have a lot of awesome products!

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Join BuzzFeed as we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, and explore more content celebrating la cultura.

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