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17 Things From Latinx-Owned Small Brands You鈥檒l Use, Love, And Repeat

Cool, useful finds from even cooler creatives. Happy LHM. 馃槑

While BuzzFeed celebrates聽Latinx Heritage Month, we also believe in highlighting contributions from Latinx folks year-round. Please enjoy this聽product post from BuzzFeed Shopping, the wonderful entrepreneurs who create these products and services, and know that you can enjoy these businesses well beyond this wonderful, dedicated聽month.

1. A pair of Mary Jane flats so cool, they'll make people ask where in the ~world~ did you find THOSE?!

reviewer's feet in the Mary Janes with a colorful world map print all over it and bright green trim

2. A tapas-inspired wooden serving dish that kinda looks like a bowl but works like a tray. Either way, it'll save some space on the dinner table, make cleanup easy since it'll minimize serving dishes, and store really easily.

3. A face and body mist spray made with essential oils meant to soothe and calm your skin. You could also just spritz it in the air and/or your pillow to provide an overall relaxing scent. Consider this the spray version of taking a chill pill.

the spray bottle

4. A customizable snap-closure card holder that'll give your business or credit cards one snazzy lil' home to nestle in.

5. A rose-scented candle to put the smell of a fresh Ecuadorian rose into your space and create an overall cozy vibe that candles are always clutch for. 馃暞锔忦煂桂煈凁煆

the candle sitting next to pink roses

6. A colorful personalized teacher clipboard to treat yourself to if you're one of the world's greatest superheroes (appreciate you a ton!) or to gift to the beloved teacher in your life.

7. Picaboo underboob rash treatment meant to soothe skin irritations typically caused by sweating underneath breasts or skin conditions like eczema. It's made with matcha butter, coconut oil, witch hazel, candelilla wax, and pure essential oils.

reviewer's hand holding the small jar of Picaboo

8. A mini leather crossbody bag with a removable strap so you can wear it over your shoulder when you're on-the-go and as a clutch when you're feeling a lil' extra dressy. ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?!!!

9. A multipurpose solid cologne stick you'll wanna put on every day thanks to its charming, woodsy scent. You could use it as a simple smell-good OR a deodorant alternative, BTW.

the cologne stick laying on a wooden surface

10. An eyeglasses and face mask chain so you'll stylishly keep up with the two things you need (and lose!) the most these days. 馃槑馃樂馃槄

11. A watch-style wearable speaker to play whatever you want (Ocean sounds? Cardi? That weird podcast you're stuck on? 馃お) with super-clear sound while you're on the go.

reviewer's arm holding on to a bike handle bar with the watch-shaped speaker on their wrist

12. A dandelion seed necklace you'll wanna wear every single day, especially if you've got fond memories of blowing the seeds and making wishes.

13. A body oil and butter set to keep your skin ultra-nourished and lock in moisture as the chillier weather rolls in and attempts to dry you out.

the body oil spray bottle and jar of body butter laying on a wooden surface

14. An adjustable chain bracelet to bring some extra razzle and dazzle to whatever you're wearing each day 鈥 without spending forever trying to figure out how to put it on yourself.

15. A Flamingoals blush palette because rosying up those cheeks will always be the quick, glam way to bring life to your face.

reviewer's hand holding the blush palette

16. Lip balm made of natural, nourishing ingredients like honey and vitamin E to prevent you from enduring thirsty, cracked lips.

reviewer's hand holding the lip balm tube

17. A citrus-and-mint dog shampoo bar so your short-coated furry baby will look so fresh and so clean with a nice citrus scent.

the soap bar with the product box featuring a lovely dog illustration

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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