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    25 Home Decor Shops On Etsy You'll Probably Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    Your friends'll be an ~Etsy-wetsy~ bit jealous of all the unique pieces in your house.

    1. Frequency of Love for vibrant wall art that blends vintage-style photos with backgrounds bursting with color. You could even order a custom print with a vintage photo of yourself or your loved one paired with a bold backdrop.

    2. Nancy Hardware for beautiful knob replacements to give the dressers, cabinets, doors, and other items in your house a chicer touch.

    Display of round differently colored and patterned knobs with gold trimming

    3. Create the Culture for lovely throw pillow covers inspired by staples in pop culture AND DIY embroidery kits that you can craft yourself and then pop onto your walls and desks for decoration.

    4. Girls Decision for tons of cool tapestries, wall prints, and shower curtains to help add some personal flair to every corner of your home.

    Nature moon mountain tapestry hanging over a bed

    5. Maika Daughters LLC for floral furniture decals sure help any room in your house blossom into a beautiful living space. The shop also has furniture paint, tools, decoupage paper, and more.

    6. Bliss Blush Pillow for handmade bohemian-style pillow covers that'll make your bed or your sofa feel *that* much cozier. Just be sure not to spill your morning cup o' Joe on any of these gorgeous designs.

    7. Living Taste for trendy midcentury modern accents like vases and candle holders. You can also snag some sturdy picture frames, mirrors, and other goodies while you're there!

    8. JDM Wood Creations for handmade wood decor and furniture like shelves, jewelry stands, and accents that — knock on wood — you'll love and will last forever.

    9. Chair Whimsy for splurge-worthy pieces with a lively, colorful Bohemian flair.

    10. Mariela for pressed flower art made with actual factual dried flowers and other eco-friendly materials. The shop also sells jewelry!

    11. Adrian Toddzilla for unique comic prints and books that'll make guests want to take a much closer look at your artwork once they realize that that crafty illustration hanging on your wall is actually a Beetlejuice reference.

    12. Mojo Studio Design for pretty handmade ceramic-ware and woven baskets. This shop will definitely make you appreciate the little things.

    13. Sheps Wool for chunky knit blankets that'll add a soft yet textured design detail to any room in your home AND pet caves that are truly adorbs.

    14. Sandscape DE for moving pieces that'll definitely ~go against the grain~ where boring home decor is concerned. Each sand picture is modeled after things like landscapes and seascapes, specifically designed to relax the observer.

    15. Walls Need Love for whimsical wall coverings like wallpaper, decals, and murals designed to liven up your living space.

    16. The Crafty Blonde Co. for outdoor mats to give yourself the warm, personality-filled "hello" and "goodbye" you deserve every time you step over the threshold.

    17. Karenzo Co. for pretty and colorful storage items and trash bins — all made of recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes.

    18. 8th Interiors for sleek, stylish pieces of furniture that'll look like you bought 'em from a much more expensive boutique in your town. The shop has especially beautiful and affordable ottomans!

    19. Felt Baby Corner for the most ADORABLE and colorful mobiles for nursery decor.

    20. Empire Copper for striking copper accents like bowls and coasters, as well as unique clocks that'll have you checking the time in style (rather than glancing at your phone every few minutes).

    21. Botanical Goods Store for craft candles you won't feel bad about not burning because they make such great accent pieces.

    Display of colorful craft candles

    22. Your Hearts Content for handmade velvet decor like pumpkins, hearts, and wreaths. They also sell DIY kits for their decor items, so you can learn how to make your own custom accents.

    Four velvet pumpkins

    23. Felt Up By Amelia for handmade felt floral arrangements that'll last wayyy longer than any of the real bouquets you've tried to care for in the past.

    24. Bespoke Binny for African-inspired prints on lampshades, table settings, blankets, and more accent pieces. Their vibrant prints will add a powerful burst of life and culture to your living space.

    25. Dado Dado Designs for hanging disco ball planters that'll add a creative touch to your living space and automatically turn your house into the designated "party pad" amongst friends and family.