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    35 Home Decor Things On Etsy That Are Gorgeous And Under $50

    The mason jar fairy lights 😭

    1. A ceramic lips planter that'll be the literal visual representation of just how much you talk about your plant babies on a daily basis.

    someone holding the red lips planter which has a plant inside

    2. A stylish DIY tabletop fireplace might make you want to host fireside chats with the fam every evening — especially since these glass panels can be removed for s'more-roasting.

    3. A macrame envelope to store mail, receipts, keys, or whatever else could use storing — in a super cute way.

    the cream-colored macrame envelope holder holding a few cards

    4. A beautiful suncatcher that'll bring the colorful magic of Disney through your window every time the sun shines.

    5. A bundle of fresh eucalyptus to give your bathroom some greenery and an elegant spa-feel plus fill the space up with eucalyptus-scented steam for a lil' aromatherapy.

    A bundle of the fresh eucalyptus hanging in a shower

    6. A decorative irregular-shaped mirror that'll bring something funky and cool — yep, a ~reflection~ of your personality — into your space.

    7. A set of country-chic planter pots on a customizable piece of pinewood. Just put 'em up and boom, you've got an indoor hanging garden.

    Various planters on wooden background hanging on wall

    8. Concrete catchall dishes to give you a (very artsy!) ~hand~ with organizing your jewelry and other little trinkets in your space.

    9. Pretty pantry labels that'll redress the containers in your kitchen with your minimal yet ultra chic style.

    The labels on containers of flour, brown rice, and oats

    10. A hand-blown, purse-shaped vase with a designed inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms that'll be the perfect landing place for flowers you'd like to put on display in the house.

    11. A colorful yin yang candle that's literally so friggin' cute and a perf way to visually symbolize all the peace, good vibes, and synergy you want in your home.

    the candles in orange, brown, white, pink, yellow, purple, green, and blue

    12. A vibrant personalized stand so you don't have to constantly pick your phone up and down as notifications pop up when you're chilling at the desk.

    13. A sleek sofa and bedside caddy to keep all your devices, books, and remotes in one easy-to-find-and-reach place.

    The caddy positioned on the side of the sofa

    14. A gorgeous geode planter that'lll also double as a tea light holder if you're not the plant-loving type.

    15. A stunning incense holder to prevent ashes from ruining your furniture and make your space look a little ~wavier~.

    the white and teal curved incense holder

    16. Waterproof tile decals that'll give your staircase, floor, or walls an vibrant update.

    17. A set of five desk organizers so you'll finally look like an adult actually works at it. A sophisticated adult, at that!

    Five gold desk organizers filled with supplies and placed on desk

    18. A jumbo clothespin hook to bring the extra drama to your bathroom and ensure your towel won't ever fall to the floor from a slick towel bar again.

    three jumbo clothespins hanging on a wall holding towels

    19. A gorgeous mason jar fairy light that'll give your space an ✨enchanting✨ touch.

    the three jars of lights

    20. A whimsical bubblegum-blowin' animal vase – it'll prob ~blow~ any other planter you've got in got out of the water.

    zebra and giraffe vases blowing bubbles

    21. Removable tile decals to add extra personality to a spot in the house that's regularly stepped on yet overlooked where design is concerned.

    stair raisers in the brand's Campagne Navy print

    22. A glass candle holder that'll put a ~twist~ on your home decor and a lovely departure from the regular-degular vessels out there.

    two of the twisted amber candle holders

    23. A rustic dried floral arrangement to decorate your spot with flowers that actually can't die on you. Ya know, since they're not alive anyway... Anywho, aren't they beautiful? 😍

    the rustic dried arrangement in an amber vase

    24. A driftwood jewelry display that'll be way, way cooler than the tangle of accessories you've got going hanging out in your room right now and you know it!

    four dirftwood jewelry holders in various sizes

    25. OR! A personalized jewelry stand to bring a boutique-esque vibe to your vanity or dresser.

    Personalized earring stand placed on table

    26. A contemporary wire sculpture that'll add a pretty face to your space — other than yours, of course. 😘

    a black wire sculpture in the shape of an abstract face

    27. A super heartwarming piece of Winnie The Pooh wall art to remind you just how special every single day is.

    the print, which shows Pooh and Piglet walking in the woods

    28. An elegant Girl With a Bamboo Earring art print as a way too cool take on the classic Johannes Vermeer painting.

    Girl With a Pear Earring print hanging on wall

    29. A hanging double shelf if you're short on space for a whole shelf but still wanna display a few things in a cute way. Just ~hang~ tight; this thing's to the rescue.

    Two-tiered hanging shelf hanging on wall

    30. A set of thick rose gold coasters so pretty you'll almost not even wanna put sweaty drinks on 'em... almost.

    Four rose gold coasters placed on table

    31. A doormat that's so on-point for your personality that I KNOW you chuckled when you saw it. Your guests will def do the same when they step over this just-playing-not-really mat.

    a door mat with the words live laugh leave

    32. A 3D flower wall hanging for you folks who couldn't keep an actual factual plant alive but can DEFINITELY make sure this wire design remains safe, sound, and gorgeous.

    three of the golf floral pieces arranged on a wall

    33. A boho hat hanger to store all of your toppers in the same great fashion you typically style 'em in when you step out.

    a model sitting in front of a hanger with five hats

    34. An encouraging sticker for wall art purposes and making sure you set house rules for your home office.

    clear wall sticker with black letters that say things like, "office rules" and beneath it the rules say "think positive" "motivate" and "never give up"