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25 Thoughtful Gifts From Small Family-Owned Businesses

Manifesting candles, wine (because ofc) and more 🎁s from these fam-bams to yours.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

1. A handmade candle and geode vessel from Tal + Bert to bring some extra elegance to their home for the holidays and beyond.

two candles in a geode vessels that have a deep evergreen shade plus gold leaf trim and crystal openings for the geode. the candles are small and large and both are lit.
Tal & Bert / Etsy

Btw, Tal & Bert is a Black-owned small business based in Pittsburgh and founded by a hubby-and-wife duo. The Talberts started the company in their home studio, have now moved into a storefront, AND these holiday candles and vessels are a dope new collab with Nicole Richie's House of Harlow. Don't we love to see it?!! Yasss!

Get it from Tal & Bert on Etsy for $48+ (available in two sizes).

2. Or! A giant candle — from the brand that's literally called Colossal Candles – that'll make the person receiving it give you a hug almost as big as the gift.

Colossal Candles / Etsy, Colossal Candles

They'll be so glad not to have to stand in those long lines this year for the semi-annual candle sales! Colossal Candles is a Black-owned business run by husband-and-wife duo, Will and Anjelica, in Atlanta, Georgia. Their candles are about 15 inches wide and 6 inches tall so when I say they'll last, it's really not a game, honey! 🕯️

Promising review: "Purchased a second one for myself after receiving the first one I bought as a gift for someone:) LOVE IT!!!!!!!" —Crystal

Get it from Colossal Candles on Etsy for $94.95 (free shipping).

3. A creativity care bundle from Lockwood to inspire a loved one who regularly expresses themselves through art (or who could use a gentle push to get back on it. 🎨💕)

a ton of art supplies including paint, brushes, colored pencils, paper for painting or drawing, coloring book sheets, and more

The set will come with a random variety of coloring books, markers, pens, paint supplies, cross stitch stuff, calligraphy supplies, notebooks, sketchbooks, stickers, and even more! BTW, this cool bundle is from Lockwood, a small, queer-owned brand based in New York that carries a variety of products with a nice balance of fun and practical designs. You'll find stuff for gifts, home goods, paper goods, personal care, and so much more

Get it from Lockwood for $50+ (available in two sizes), check out more care bundles here, OR shop the full gift section for more ideas.

4. A bottle of wine from The McBride Sisters to fill up that soon-emptying wine rack at your friend's house. (Esp if that's partially due to your visits, LOL.)

McBride Sisters, Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed, McBride Sisters / BuzzFeed

The McBride Sisters is a Black and woman-owned brand founded by (surprise surprise!) the actual factual McBride sisters. They grew up not even knowing each other — one grew up in New Zealand, while one was raised in California — and found each other in their late teens. They've now turned their shared love for wine-making into a successful family business. 🥂

Promising review: "I’m a sweet-wine drinker but I was willing to give this flavor a shot. I really enjoyed the taste. It wasn’t too dry or bitter. It left me in a great state of mind and feeling so relaxed. I will buy the rosé again and continue to gift it to friends." —OsMom

Get the Black Girl Magic Rosé bottle from McBride Sisters at Target for $19.99 and the Brut Rosé for $19.99.

5. A plushie toy from Lily Anne Boutique that your doggo (or someone else's!) will be utterly obsessed with, if only for the five minutes of joy it takes to tear it to shreds.

an adorable corgi dog cuddling an elephant plushie
Lily Ann Boutique / Etsy

It's from a small family-owned business is based in Houston, and also carries adorable coffee cups for humans. The family also runs an Etsy shop with woodwork designs called Melbie Design Woodwork.

Get the elephant plushie toy from Lily Anne Boutique on Etsy for $11.99 (available in a single pack or a double-pack and in two additional animal styles).

6. A giant Everything bag from Alphabet Bags for the on-the-go-forever-busy person who could really, really use it (even if it's you 😃).

Alphabet Bags, Alphabet Society / Etsy

This handmade design is from Alphabet Bags, a UK-based shop run by husband-and-wife duo, Lucas and Hayley Lepola. Their team also consists of Hayley's sister Amy, and their daughter June Lepola (whose job title is ADORABLY the "Motivator." 😍) Btw, folks are using this bag for everything from grocery runs to outdoor blankets to toting baby stuff.

Promising review: "Wonderful tote for my bi-weekly grocery hauls! Living on the third floor has become less of a hassle with this awesome bag! Super spacious and high quality!!!!" –Kaylin Johnson

Get the tote from Alphabet Bags on Etsy for $51.33.

7. A cute linen PJ set from MagicLinen for your favorite homebody who'll LIVE in this thing because of how comfy and cozy it is.

model wearing the short-sleeved and shorts linen PJ set while laying on a bed with a super cuddly-looking dog

MagicLinen is a family-owned small business based in Lithuania that makes handcrafted linen items including home goods and apparel (like this apron I've had my eyes on). Btw, all the materials are sourced locally to support other small businesses around them. The brand also takes custom orders, too!

Get it from MagicLinen for $74 (available in sizes XS–XL).

8. An Afro pick that looks like a stunning (yet functional!) piece of art from the Afro Pick brand. It'll be a perfect pretty find for all your friends with kinks, coils, and curls.

Afro Pick,

Afro Picks is a Black-owned business founded by the Walker brothers! The statement they shared on their website really captures everything you need to know about their mission:

“We started Afro Pick with the belief that afro picks don't have to be the same everywhere. Afro picks are more than just an incredible tool to take care of our natural hair. They are also a symbol of the unity and strength in Black culture and have the potential to tell a powerful story. A story about you and about our culture. A story that can change the world. We hope you take this journey with us.” —The Walker Boys

Get it from Afro Picks on Amazon for $17.99 (available in five colorful styles).

9. Bright arched clay earrings from Common Dear to make the standout fashion lover who unwraps 'em go "OMG THESE ARE SO MEEEE."

OKcollective Candle Co., Common Dear

Common Dear was founded by wife-and-wife duo Jessi and Kelli Newsome and is based in Oklahoma City. You'll find an array of unique home goods, accessories, paper goods, and self-care finds. Jessi and Kelli also founded the candle brand, OK Collective Candle Co, in case you wanna stick one of those in the bag too.

Get the earrings from Common Dear for $32.

10. A fun beret hat from Em & Sprout a bold accessorizer (LOL, not a word!) wouldn't hesitate to make a cute statement in.

Em & Sprout / Etsy

Em & Sprout is an adorable apparel and lifestyle brand with original designs screen printed by the founder Lindsay and her husband. She's affectionately named the business after her two kitties, BTW.

Get the one on the left from Em & Sprout on Etsy for $28 and the one on the right for $25.

11. A coffee subscription from Bean & Bean to treat someone you love to a mug of joe whenever they like. Perf for the busy person you know who's always holding a fresh cup. Now, you'll make that even easier.

Bean & Bean

Bean & Bean is a coffee brand (and shop!) founded by Korean American mother-daughter duo, Rachel and Jiyoon! They’re certified Q graders (coffee sommeliers, if ya will ) running their family business in NYC and have banded together to not only keep their company thriving throughout the pandemic but also to facilitate gender equality in the coffee industry. The brand sources from female producers as often as possible and more than half of the Bean & Bean coffee comes from woman-led or -owned coffee farms. ☕️

Promising review: "I’m subscribed to Peru Las Damas. Have two cups every morning and it makes my day. Bean & Bean is my favorite roaster and I can’t live without this Peru coffee subscription! Thank you for keeping me caffeinated." —Stephanie H.

Get a single-bag coffee subscription from Bean & Bean for $54+ (available in two sizes, four blend options, nine grind types AND for three months, six months, or one year).

12. Face Masks from Lapcos to gift a relaxing skincare sesh and address whatever skin needs a person might have, thanks to the different options like collagen (firming), seaweed (purifying), wine (sipping! LOL, jk. It's elasticity) — and more!


The Lapcos brand is a proud Korean-owned and family-owned business that makes cruelty-free skincare masks (there's even one for the bikini area!) and hair products. The brand also likes to give back to important causes and has so far partnered with different organizations to address issues concerning homelessness, workforce disparities, animal needs and rights, and more!

Promising review: "It was like I had a whole new face afterward. I have been taking less than great care of my skin during COVID. It was my birthday, and I decided I wanted to wear makeup, but my face was so dry and patchy, which was not a great canvas. I figured a mask would work and ordered the Honey ones and never used them. When I opened the package, it was so thick and goopy I was unsure, but I’m so glad I tried it anyway because when I took the mask off and rubbed the residue into my skin, I was amazed. My skin looked fresh and dewy and smooth. No flakes, patches, or redness. I added some moisturizer and primer and had the most incredible makeup application ever. My husband kept telling me my skin looked amazing, and I got compliments all night by my family. I’ve ordered two more packs from the same line (different kind, but same maker). Can’t wait to try them. Highly recommend. No irritation and the results lasted for a few days." —Tamara D. Johnson

Get a five-pack from Lapcos on Amazon for $17 (available in 12 different options including a multi-pack).

13. A FULLY customizable 100% full-grain leather jacket from Independence Brothers. You'll choose every single thing on it including the leather type, color, lining, and hardware, and custom fit! Now, you just need to sneakily figure out the person's measurements... 🤔

Independence Brothers

Ngl, I usually send a text like, "Hey, send me all your measurements because the holidays are coming up and I want 'em handy in case I get you clothes or something." LOL, that is the BEST I have to give you because when it comes to surprise gifts, I am the furthest thing from stealth 😅. Anywho, the jackets are a labor of brotherly love from the Philadelphia-based Independence Brothers brand, founded by siblings Scott and Robbie.

Promising review: "GAD DAYUM I LOOK SEXY. Back in November, I was (and still am) cooped up in the house because of this pandemic. I started looking into custom leather jackets, as I’ve always wanted one. Designed a few on here but never pulled the trigger. Well, my girlfriend (the most amazing person in the world) saw I had been looking at this site for a few weeks. We are very much into the small business vibe and love helping places like this. Anyway, turns out SHE ordered me one for our anniversary. Which is tomorrow. It just got here today and good Lord it’s perfect. I’ve always had problems with sleeves fitting because of my long arms. These sleeves are perfect. It smells amazing. It is cut perfectly. I have zero complaints. I’ve been wearing it around the house since it arrived. Sexy af. Thanks guys. You’re doing great work over there. I may need a brown one next year." —Kevin

Get the jacket from Independence Brothers for $325 (available in lambskin or calfskin and in seven color options).

14. A multipurpose grilling rack from Best South BBQ for the one whose favorite place to vibe out is right in front of the grill! Yup, just when you thought you'd given them every grilling thing you could find, here I am. YW babe. They'll LOVE this.

Best South BBQ / The Grommet

Best South BBQ was started by husband-and-wife duo John and Donna Irwin who share a passion for perfectly grilled chicken wings. Clearly, they'd like us all over for dinner. With this rack, you can flip it on one side to cook up to 36 drumsticks at once and on the other side for three racks of ribs. 🤤🍗 I'm prob definitely gonna get this for my dad this year because EVERY SINGLE TIME I call him no matter the season, guess where's standing? Mmhmm.

Promising review: "This rack is so easy to use and oh my — the chicken wings came out very nice. A little crisp but not too much. I heated up my gas grill on high. Put the wings on the rack and onto the grill turning down to medium and waited 12–14 minutes and did another minute or 2 on high and they were done to perfection! Amazing. I am sending them as gifts now!" —Wendy

Get the BBQ rack from Best South BBQ on The Grommet for $45.

15. Sweet chili sauce from Me's Way that'll appeal to a friend's sweet and savory palette.

Me's Way / Instagram / Via, Chau Tonnu / Me's Way

Me's Way is a Seattle-based brand founded by Chau Tonnu, a first-generation Vietnamese foodie who decided to put her mom's sauce recipe on all our plates. Peep this blurb from the brand's site that shares more about Tonnu's love for Vietnamese food:

"Chau holds many precious memories of Vietnam — from eating street foods with friends to biking to school under the crimson shades of phượng vĩ (royal poinciana). These memories of her formative years and her experiences as an adult living in the US led her to wanting to share a piece of Vietnamese culture through what she knows best: the language of food... 'Mẹ' means mom in Vietnamese, and as our namesake suggests, this sauce was made using our mother’s recipe, her way."

Get a jar from Me's Way for $25.95+ (available in two sizes).

16. A linen heating (or cooling!) pack from Piglet to inspire the person in your life who'd love an extra boost in their self-care and overall wellness routine. This'll help relax or soothe muscles when warmed and help reduce swelling and relieve headaches when cooled.


Piglet is a woman-owned brand based in the UK that specializes in bedding, loungewear, and home goods, and of course, personal care items! It was started by the founder Jessica Mason and her mom!

Get it from Piglet for $22 or browse the full gift section.

17. An olive oil soap and dish set from B Janecka to gift a handmade pottery piece that'll bring some color and usefulness into their bathroom or kitchen.

Amazon, B Janecka / Amazon

The soap dish was hand-molded and glazed by the good folks at the B Janecka shop. The brand is a multi-generational labor of love run by a mom, daughter, and grandkiddo quartet 😍! You'll find a selection of handmade jewelry, free-form pottery, and all-natural skincare. Also, none of the skincare items are tested on items.

Get the set from B Janecka on Amazon Handmade for $48.

18. Adorable leg warmers from Lani and Kei for the cold-natured one you know who'll only grow more uncomfy as the temps dip further. Perfect "just thought of you" gift for now or stocking stuffer for later.

Lani and Kei / Etsy

They're from the Lani and Kei boutique which specializes in pretty-and-never-wanna-take-it-off clothing like bralettes, leggings, and more! It's run by a married couple who named the brand after their dog, Keilani. Sooo freakin' sweet!

Promising review: "Such a fantastic find! You cannot beat the quality, fit, look, and feel combined with an absolute steal of a price tag. I purchased four off the bat and am so happy with them that I'm ordering one per each remaining color — because, honestly you do not come across this kind of all-around awesomeness in bralettes often and I am not going to miss out." —Ashe Scites

Get them from Lani and Kei on Etsy for $10.39 (available in five colors).

19. Wildflower creamed honey from Zach & Zoë for the foodie you know who'll turn into a living heart-eye emoji while spreading this onto biscuits. (Bonus 🎁: They'll prob get their whole house hooked so consider this a gift from you to the whole fam bam.)

Zach & Zoë, BuzzFeed / Marquaysa

Zach & Zoë is a Black-owned brand that makes the honey on their family farm in New Jersey! The brand sent this to me and I fell so in love that I purchase more on my own from their Amazon storefront. I've also gotten my bestie loving this as well and already have it on my list to get more for her for Christmas since she's been asking for more.

Promising review (from someone that's not me or my bestie): "So, now no one in my house wants any other honey! We bought this wildflower creamed honey and another with ground ginger, and the children and adults look for excuses to use honey now. They spread on everything and the 6-year-old drinks tea now when she never would before. This comes in great packaging that we now use for other items. There was big excitement about opening the box. Wonderful gift item. I was not excited at first to see that the honey seemed solid as I am used to ultra-processed dripping viscous liquid honey from the supermarket. But I quickly learned this is far better tasting. Not sure how I stumbled across this but I am glad I did. We are spoiled now, it is either Zach and Zoe, or we start to keep our own bees!" —Tich

Get it from Zach & Zoë on Amazon for $20.99 or directly from the Zach & Zoë site for $20.

20. A snuggly fleece jacket from Chemo Cozy with details designed so people in chemotherapy feel much comfier. It's got specially located zipper openings to allow universal access to ports, PICC lines, or forearms by clinical staff without having to disrobe in a cold office (esp in the thick of winter).

ChemoCozy / Etsy

Chemo Cozy is a Pennsylvania-based brand founded by Ellen and Greg Hamilton after Greg's experience with chemotherapy. Greg has since passed on and may he rest well. Here's a blurb from the brand here:

"Greg was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. His treatment included both radical surgeries and very extensive chemotherapy. Based on Greg’s experience, he and his wife Ellen realized there was a need for more accessible and comfortable clothing specifically designed to provide patients a better experience during their treatments. During chemo, nurses repeatedly need to access the patient’s port, pic-line or forearm, often requiring the person to practically disrobe in order to gain access to the infusion site. Not only was this humiliating, it also added to the pre-existing anxiety related to battling cancer. Greg and Ellen searched for clothing that could help improve his treatment experience but found nothing that was both practical and comfortable. After months of research, they decided to create their own solution and began designing the jackets which are now the signature product for Chemo Cozy. Sadly, Greg passed away in 2015. His vision and mission live on through each infusion patient who has a better experience because of the fleece he and Ellen designed."

Promising review: "Bought this for a family member dealing with chemo. I wasn't sure about their size but Ellen was very helpful. The jacket fit and is much appreciated! Highly recommend this. There aren't a lot of items out there geared toward men going through chemo. So glad I found this!" —Susan

Get the men's jacket on the left from Chemo Cozy on Etsy for $69.99 (available in sizes M–XXL) and the kids' jacket on the right for $69.99 (available in sizes 4T–12 US kids).

21. A First Period Starter Kit from Blume for the person you know who'll have an Aunt Flow coming around the mountain in a few. Now, they'll be prepared for the visit without feeling weird about it. Plus, they'll know they've got you there if they have any questions.

Blume, Blume / BuzzFeed

Blume was founded by two South Asian sisters, Taran and Bunny, who seek to support women and girls by destigmatizing regular experiences like acne, puberty, periods, and sex education. The brand also carries other thoughtfully curated items like gentle skincare products (think acne oil and face wash), self-care bundles, and so much more.

Get the kit from Blume for $55 or browse the full gift section for more great bundles.

22. An embroidered five-year diary from Yoseka Stationery for someone who'll always squeal the loudest when they open a gift that supports their favorite pastime: pushing pen to paper, old-school style.

Yoseka Stationery, Yoseka Stationery /BuzzFeed

Yoseka Stationery is a Brooklyn-based and thoughtfully curated shop by the hubby and wife team Neil and Daisy to share their love for stationery inspired by their Taiwanese culture. The brand carries cards, writing utensils, stamps, colorfully designed masking tape, and way more!

Check out this story behind the brand from Neil:

"Growing up in Taiwan, my parents' stationery store was my playground and it was always easy for me to access any notebooks, pens, and pencils available in the store whenever I needed them. About 10 years ago, I moved to America, and it didn't take me long to realize how lucky I was to have grown up surrounded by all the supplies I needed to encourage my daily creativity. During school breaks, I'd always stock up on stationery supplies whenever I went back to Taiwan and start the semester fresh. It was a ritual of mine.

Stationery has always been special for me and I think the same is true for anyone who grew up in Asia. Everyone has their own unique pencil case packed with a never-ending rotation of colorful and cute pens, highlighters, pencils, erasers, and stickies. I believe that for me, and all of my friends growing up in Taiwan, our stationery was an extension of ourselves and who we were as students, creators and thinkers."

Get the diary from Yoseka Stationery for $65 (available in two styles) or shop the full gifts section.

23. Hot mustard BBQ sauce from Lillie's of Charleston for your friends who'll happily add to their already-overflowing condiment cabinet. If they live for savory Southern flavor, then you'll wanna fly this sauce into their kitchen, stat.

Lillie's of Charleston, Lillie's of Charleston / BuzzFeed

The Lillie's of Charleston brand is based in South Carolina and was founded by two sisters, Kellye and Tracey, who want to share their father and great Aunt Lillie's recipes with the world. The brand offers different sauces and seasonings in various flavors — including vegan and low-sodium options.

Promising review: "My family loved this sauce. We baked a batch of chicken thighs in the oven and within the last 10 minutes of cooking, we added this sauce. It was a true winner!! Will definitely buy more and recommend. Thanks!" —Nedrah

Get it from Lillie's of Charleston on Amazon for $10.98 (available in hot and mild).

24. A holiday lipstick set from 2 4 1 Cosmetics to hook a beautiful one up with wearable hypoallergenic shades they can wear for a ton of everyday and special occasions.

241 Cosmetics

2 4 1 Cosmetics is a makeup brand founded and run by Eritrean twin sisters Feven and Helena who make makeup to enhance (not cover up!) your beauty, per the brand's mission. The brand also made Oprah's Favorite Things List too, BTW! 🏆

Promising review: "Goes on smooth, nonsticky, producing a full and lustrous shine that STAYS!!" —Jennifer N.

Get the holiday collection from 2 4 1 Cosmetics for $100.

25. A pink high-maintenance planter from Ecovibe and you already know who it'd perfectly match. They prob came to mind when you saw it, right? LOL. You'll both be giggling when this gets unwrapped.


Ecovibe is a Black-owned brand run by the cool marrieds, Leonard and Andrea Allen, who created the shop with the intent to share amazing product designs in a sustainable, environmentally-conscious way. It's full of beautiful plants and other home goods that all look so beautifully designed. It's def an "omg, what do I buy first?" kinda situation when you're browsing the site because everything looks so chic. 😍 Btw, the shop donates 1% of all its online sales to local nonprofit 1% For The Planet members to further support environmental causes.

Get it from Ecovibe for $20 or browse the full gift section.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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