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17 Gifts For "Pose" Show Fans Who Love The Cast Now And Forever

The category is... Real tearsssss. 😭

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

While BuzzFeed celebrates Pride Month, we also believe in highlighting the contributions from the LGBTQIA+ community year-round. Please enjoy this Pride-themed product post from BuzzFeed Shopping, the proud queer entrepreneurs who create these great products and services, and know that you can enjoy these businesses well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

1. A comfy T-shirt to forever sport the names of your favorite members from the iconic House of Evangelista.

t-shirt that says "blanca and angel and damon, and Lil Papi"
Surpride / Etsy

The tee comes from a queer-owned small business in New York called Surpride that makes clothing specifically for the LGBTQIA+ community with sayings and visuals that the community can relate to and feel empowered by.

Get it from Surpride on Etsy for $28+ (available in men's sizes S–3X).

2. The Marsha P. Johnson Tribute necklace — modeled by the stunning Indya Moore who plays Angel Evangelista on Pose. 100% of the proceeds from this necklace will be donated to MPJI, an org dedicated to fighting for the rights and overall well-being of Black trans people.

Awe Inspired

It's important to support Black trans folks on-screen but even more so to do it in real life. Purchasing this necklace is a small way to celebrate an iconic Black trans woman with a visual tribute but also to support Black trans women on earth with us now. Also, here's a bit about Marsha P. Johnson from the Awe Inspired brand:

"A true queen who often wore a crown of flowers, Marsha P. Johnson is an activist icon. Not only did she model for Andy Warhol and co-found Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries aka S.T.A.R., she was also a pivotal leader in the Stonewall uprising of 1969. This earned her the nickname 'Mayor of Christopher Street.' And that “P” in her middle name? It stands for “pay it no mind.” As in someone else's gender is none of your business."

Get it from Awe Inspired for $175 (available in three metal finish options and four chain styles.)

3. A vinyl sticker featuring an illustration of Elektra Abundance aka Mother of Illustrious Cheekbones. (Yes, I gave her such a title and I'm 1,000% sure she'd adore it.)

creator's hand holding the sticker of Elektra
WilliamOTyler / Etsy

It's from an Etsy shop owned by the queer Black artist William O. Tyler. Peep a blurb from him ahead:

"I am a queer, Black writer and artist based in Southern California. My work tends to play on themes of romanticism and horror and often include aspects of social commentary." 

Get it from WilliamOTyler on Etsy for $3.50+.

4. An art print to bless your space with the Heavenly presence of the one and only Angel Evangelista.

Borjacastropol / Etsy

Get it from Borjacastropol on Etsy for $10.16+ (available in three sizes and with or without the Pose logo).

5. Or, a neon art print that'll display the personality and perfectly timed shade of the Queen Mother herself — Elektra Abundance.

neon print that shows Elektra Abundance sipping from a wine glass and holding up one finger with the other hand signaling everyone else around her to wait as she takes her royal sips.
Valentine Designsss / Etsy

Get it from ValentineDesignsss on Etsy for $22.16+ (available in two sizes).

6. A Pose postcard set so you can send something sweet and kind to the folks you love whether they're your bio fam or your chosen one. Extra points if you write, "And the category isssss: I miss you😘."

the postcard set which is illustrated in a pop art style. Each card has the face of one cast member.
Hazstract / Etsy

Just imagine how HUGE Blanca's smile would have been if Damon or Ricky had sent her one of these gorgeous cards while they were away on tour with Janet?

Get it from Hazstract on Etsy for $14.78

7. Luxe red pumps — yes, go ahead and cry with me — to celebrate one of the many precious moments between Angel, Blanca, and the rest of the House of Evangelista. Ofc, Angel's were patent leather. Let's call this a modernized take on the lewk. 👠👠👠

read pumps with a pointed toe and made of mesh with solid red leather trim around the edge. It's got a super skinny stiletto heel.
Jessica Rich

Also, these pumps are by Jessica Rich — a Black-owned and woman-owned luxury shoe brand that I think the Pose ladies would be so taken with. Oh, backstory for you newbies with Pose still on your to-watch list: It's from Season 1, Episode 3 — "Giving And Receiving." Tissues required. 😘

Get them from Jessica Rich on Nordstrom for $295 (free shipping; available in sizes 6-11 and in a few other colors).

8. And! A heart bracelet that's super similar to the one Blanca got from her children during the same gift exchange. Snagging this for yourself will be perf but gifting it to your Pose-bingeing partner who you KNOW will recognize and adore it as much as you would also be lovely.

Kendra Scott

Get it from Kendra Scott for $54 (available in multiple colors).

9. A comic-style T-shirt dedicated to the beauty and classic encouraging words of Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista aka the House's Mother Teresa.

t-shirt with an illustration of Blanca Evangelista with a quote that says, "You have to shine so bright out there they can't deny you"
ThatSparrowBoy / Etsy

It's from a small business in London that makes T-shirts, Zines, and art prints, and describes the designs as "Illustrated Camp Cult Queer Kitsch Pop Culture for All."

Get it from ThatSparrowBoy on Etsy for $49.50 (available in unisex sizes S–L).

10. Stylish eyewear from Native Ken — a brand co-owned by Billy Porter's husband, Adam Smith. Nine times outta ten, whenever you've seen Porter wearing a chic pair of glasses, they're usually from his hubby's splurge-worthy brand (e.g. here and here). Now, you and Pray — oops I mean Porter — can slay together.

Native Ken

Get them from Native Ken for $395 (available in multiple colors).

11. A Pose enamel pin set to attach to your jackets, backpacks, or wherever you choose so you can take the magic of love, family, and creativity from the show to every single place you strut through.

three heart-shaped pins with colorful illustrations of Elektra, Angel, and Damon respectively and they're all doing Vogue poses
HelloPeepsStudio / Etsy

They're made by a small Netherlands-based shop and are also available as individuals if you've got a favorite you'd like to stick with.

Get it from HelloPeepsStudio on Etsy for $29.53

12. A Pose mug so you can sip tea or whatever else you'd like. It's not quite as good as watching Blanca pour cups of tea and love as her family poured their hearts out, but at least it's one lovely (and useful!) keepsake.

a mug with a photo of Blanca from the original TV promo shoot which shows her with long lashes and bright, fun makeup. It also says Pose at the bottom in large letters.
CCCraftstopia / Etsy

It's from a small shop in Jersey City, New Jersey that specializes in lots of creative gifts! Pssst... You'd also prob love to know that the shop is having a 10% off sale for Pride Month. Treat yo' self. Treat yo' loved ones!

Get the mug and more from CCsCraftopia on Etsy for $21.50.

13. The Out magazine issue which featured the talented (and drop-dead GORGEOUS) leading ladies of Pose — Mj Rodriguez, Indya Moore, and Dominique Jackson. If you skipped out when it dropped in 2018 (back when none of us thought this show would end this soon), then lucky for you, you can still claim it as a keepsake now.

the Out magazine cover with the three ladies posing together looking like the gorgeous people that they are. It says, "The category is Cover Girl realness with the cast of Pose."

Get it from Amazon for $12.07.

14. Billy Porter's Unprotected memoir so you'll learn as much about his life and the things that have informed who he's become as we know about his wonderfully layered character Pray Tell.

the memoir which features a profile image of Billy Porter

It's out in October 2021 but available for pre-order now! I'm also NOT going to mention this memoir without stating how absolutely magnificent it's been to watch Porter play his HEART OUT with this Pray Tell character. It's truly some of the best acting I've seen in years and maybe ever. We've always known that Porter and Pray Tell shared many experiences but recently, the actor revealed another commonality between them: He's HIV positive and has been on a journey to stand apart from the stigma, shed shame, and not let his status define him for over a decade. I'm anticipating him writing about that in his memoir as well as many other cool things. And if he writes anything like he acts and speaks in interviews, it's due to be a powerful one. What a lovely way to stay on the Billy Porter train as he moves on from the Pray Tell role.

Get it on pre-order from Amazon Kindle for $11.99 or score the hard copy (I vote hard copy!) on Amazon for $22.49.

15. Stuart Weitzman Pride sneakers recently modeled on Instagram by Mj Rodriguez who plays Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista. Yup, we're following Mother wherever she goes after Pose — style-wise and otherwise.

the sneakers which are white with big hearts on them with rainbow stripes, red and white shoelaces, and white shell-toes
Stuart Weitzman

100% of the net profits from this playful sneaker design will go to the It Gets Better Project, an org that uplifts LGBTQIA+ youth. You'll also be happy to know that our fave, Mj Rodriguez, will also be part of the org's digital Pride experience on YouTube which will take place on June 23 and June 24.

Get them from Stuart Weitzman for $275 (available in women's sizes 4–10.5).

16. The Surpassing Certainty memoir by Janet Mock, one of the executive producers of the Pose series. It's a cool way to learn more about one of the people partially responsible for the Pose series in the first place, especially since Mock is herself a Black trans woman like most of the show's characters.

the book cover with Mock's photo on it

Get it from Amazon for $6.95+ (available in audiobook, Kindle, paperback, and hardback formats) or Bookshop for $15.63 (originally $16.99; available in paperback).

17. A personalized Pose hoodie straight from the FX network shop. I know. I know. Beef with this network forever for canceling such a wonderful show and making us cry every single episode of Season 3 from joy, grief, and everything else. But still, the hoodie's super cool.

black hoodie that says "House of" with a spot for a personalized name to be added after and the words "Pose" in smaller letters underneath
FX / Via

Get it from FX Networks for $32.95 (available in two colors and sizes S to 5XL).

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colorful animated graphic that says "Pride 2021" with people of all races hanging out and wearing different rainbow outfits, holding flags, holding protest signs, and just living life
Kevin Valente / BuzzFeed

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