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    37 Gifts For Dads Who Never Have A Christmas Wish List

    Mission Give 'Em Stuff They Never Knew They Wanted is in full effect.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. A handmade eyeglasses holder to help dads who lose their glasses way too often. It will also add character to a room since it looks like a tiny sculpture.

    2. A Lavinso Foot Exfoliation Mask that'll encourage dads who notoriously neglect their feet to actually treat themselves to some much-needed TLC. This will strip layers and layers of dead skin and calluses from them.

    3. Leaf scoops for the papas who pride themselves on keeping up their yard every single day of the year. Now, they'll get their favorite pastime done faster and avoid getting leafy gunk on their hands.

    4. An electric wine opener that'll help your pops pop bottles in seconds with no real wrist work involved. It works on a built-in rechargeable battery and can open up to 30 wine bottles before needing another charge.

    5. A blackhead remover kit to guide your dad through SAFELY removing blackheads from the skin without spreading bacteria or causing unnecessary scarring. The set comes with five needles for different pimple sizes plus a case to store them in.

    6. A handheld milk frother to give the gift of perfect froth for all dad's coffee drinks. Warning: You may be breaking up your dad's love affair with Starbucks buuut, at least you'll be helping him save money.

    7. A posture corrector that'll basically force dad to move with a straight back and and relaxed shoulders 100% of the time. It'll also help the body learn to sit and stand that way naturally!

    8. A mildew-resistant, tech-storing shower liner curtain to hold up tablets and phones from the outside of the bath so pops can watch or read without the threat of drowning devices to their literal death.

    9. A shower cup holder that can hold a cold one securely so beer or wine is always within reach.

    10. A two-tier bar cart that'll definitely impress the father who loves sippin', servin', and entertainin'.

    11. A color-changing toilet light that'll switch on whenever it detects motion. Now, dad won't hurt his eyes or disturb anyone else by turning on a big bright light when tinkle time comes at midnight.

    12. A split cereal bowl for dads who still really, really love cereal but really, really hate when it gets soggy. This cool bowl will certainly help him ~compartmentalize~ those feelings in a whole new way!

    13. A fake-out dictionary stowaway book for dads who enjoy anything that makes them slightly feel like 007. It looks so realistic that it'll hide easily in plain sight on a shelf full of books. Snag one with a combination or key lock.

    14. A PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger (yuuup from the Shark Tank show!) that'll kill 99.99% of germs using a UV light. It's designed to fit most smartphones and is USB-chargeable.

    15. A Star Wars Lightsaber chopsticks set to defend dads bellies' from hunger with the bravery of the Jedi. May the ~forks~ totally NOT be with them as long as they have these cool, glowy things to eat with. You can order one in your pop's favorite or go big with the full set of four.

    16. Mike's Hot Honey for dads who a) love eating and b) love stuff that's spicy and sweet. This honey can be drizzled over ice cream, chicken and waffles, cocktails, and more!

    17. Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes for dads who loves their plants ~almost~ as much as their actual kids. All they'll need to do is pop these sticks into the soil of their hungry plants and watch them flourish.

    18. OR a self-watering pot and reservoir for plants that'll take even more work out of the growth process. Your dad will only need to fill the white reservoir and set the black planter inside. The plant will do the rest and take in only the water it needs so it isn't over- or underwatered. Phew! It's also designed to keep insects from attacking the plants too.

    19. An essential oil stick that'll help relieve migraines for the skeptical fathers who refuse to take over-the-counter medicines because there's still no sense in sitting around in pain all day, right?

    20. A dishwasher-safe cold-brew maker that'll make the morning joe dad loves just a fridge door swing away!

    21. An internet address and password logbook for dads who can't remember a password to save their life and always need to request a password reset. This lil' book will keep up with login info for social media, online banking, and more.

    22. The New York Times Best of the Week Series: Monday Crosswords book that'll really impress a word nerd who loves a challenging, brain-teasing good time.

    23. An Ace of Spades–shaped bottle opener to gift dads who love keeping a bottle opener on hand but also for the dad whose pastimes is playing cards. You also have the option to get the bottle opener customized for just a few dollars more!

    24. OR 24-karat gold-plated playing cards that'll really help card-playing dads flex during the tournament they host at the crib.

    25. A camera lens coffee mug for dads who love photography. Can't you just ~picture~ them sipping their favorite teas and coffees from this?!

    26. A ticket keepsake box to help keep track of cool events ~or~ to encourage dads to get out more and do more fun things for themselves. It'll be an interactive home decor item that they'll return to over and over again — and remember you each time they add a new memory!

    27. A split pie pan for the pops who get down with the baking! This'll help on days when they're torn between two pies. Consider the beef settled. (And yeah, this is one of those gifts that for them but for your taste-testing enjoyment also).

    28. A puzzle plateau for dads who love a challenge ~and~ quiet leisure time. The plateau will keep all of the jigsaw pieces in place with its flat surface and raised edges that prevent them from falling. The plateau has four drawers so dad can separate and store pieces, walk away, and return to it whenever with everything in place.

    29. Glossier Skin Tint for dads who love a fresh, light beat! This skin tint will provide light coverage and a natural, dad's-skin-but-better look.

    30. A customized scotch glass and whiskey decanter set that your dad will mos def display and sip from with total pride!

    31. A power perch to store electronics in one space and AWAYYYYYY from the water all over the sink.

    32. A waterproof Kindle for the ones who have way more space in their heart than in their homes for new books. The device has a 300 PPI glare-free display for eye safety, 8 gigs of storage, and an ability to be Bluetooth-paired with the Audible app.

    33. Scented soy candles for fathers who appreciate smell-goods! You'll have dad's house smelling like Tobacco Spice, Fresh Linen, Wild Lemongrass, or whichever scent you pick out from this lovely lineup.

    34. A magnetic tool wristband that'll be a regular go-to for handy dads.

    35. A Waterpik water flosser to treat your dad to easier flossing and possiblyyy fewer trips to the dentist! It has 10 pressure settings, seven water flossing tips, and 90 seconds of water capacity!

    36. An Amazon gift card that'll suit dads who never have an official Christmas list, ones who are just hard to shop for in general, or the dad who just has every freaking thing already.

    37. A wireless charging pad that'll make getting a phone charge a faster experience without the hassle of worrying about wires catching a short all the time. It'll be as simple as sitting a cup of coffee on a coaster.

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