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    28 Things To Wear If "Cozy" Is Your Vibe For Life

    Nobody: — My toes in with the A/C on 72: "We're freezinggggg." 😅

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    1. A long-sleeved sweatshirt you'll keep out all year-round because *side-eye* some offices don't seem to understand that the AC doesn't have to be set to below zero in the summer.

    long sleeve gray sweatshirt that says "cozy" in all white caps because mood

    2. Adorable fuzzy monster socks that'll make your toes'll say "ahh!" but not outta fear — it'll be pure satisfaction.

    3. Or! Ankle socks that are still cozy but not super fuzzy-wuzzy in case you want warm feet but not... monster fuzz all up your shins warm. (And in a three-pack for folks like me who lose socks often enough for it to be a whole personality trait at this point...😬😂 )

    4. A pair of overalls reviewers literally will not stop singing praises about because of how comfy and versatile they are to wear. Now, this is how you serve an effortless, ultra-comfy look for summer.

    a reviewer wearing olive overalls

    5. A maxi dress with two slits so you'll catch that breeze but stretchy material and a long hemline that's very much giving "It's too cold in this building so thank goodness my legs aren't all the way out."

    6. Or! A short sleeve maxi dress that'll treat you to covered legs with zero slits. ALSO? It's got pockets to tuck those hands into AND YOU KNOW HOW WE FEEL ABOUT POCKETS. 😍

    Reviewer wearing blue dress

    7. An oversized baby doll dress that'll look so pretty with all your favorite summer shoes but, like, you also won't feel like you're freezing from the inside out. And guess what else? Oh, you guessed right babe: Pocketssssssssss.

    8. Monogrammed sweatpants because if cozy sweatpants are always calling your name, you might as well let art imitate life and get a pair with your name actually on 'em.

    A model standing in the woods wearing the sweatpants with a T-shirt, a button-up shirt wrapped around the waist, and slip-on sneakers

    9. A gauze cotton cardigan to layer up in something comfortable yet breathable whenever you're feeling chilly.

    10. A "Black Art Matters" T-shirt dress! Yup, the I'm-actually-outside version of your tees-with-no-pants-around-the-house look — just way cuter thanks to that stunning illustration of a person with a luscious Afro and gold hoops.

    Model wearing Domo Ink Black Art Matters shirt

    11. A sleep dress from the Sheex bedding brand that's made of the same performance fabric as the bedroom sheets. When you wake up and start mozying around the house in this number, it'll feel like you never left your bed at all and you know what? Vibe, preferred.

    12. A chic crop top because yes we'll always wear knits all 👏🏿 year 👏🏿 long 👏🏿.

    model wearing a long-sleeved knit white top with a V-neck

    13. A snuggly fleece jacket with details designed for people in chemotherapy to feel much comfier. It's got specially located zipper openings to allow universal access to ports, PICC lines, or forearms by clinical staff without having to disrobe in a cold office.

    14. A supersoft racerback tank you can wear with anything and listen, if that means you'll wear it to bed with PJs one day and out with jeans another day then who's gonna check you, boo?

    Model wearing the brown top

    15. A luxe comfy hoodie with a built-in sleep mask that is about to be your go-to lewk anytime you're in a building with freezing AC or on a chilly plane trying to catch ZZZs. Everyone's gonna wanna know where you got this. Prepare yourself to spill the tea.

    16. Or! A creepy-cute Spice Ghouls cropped hoodie for folks whose aesthetic will always be a balance of "It's cold in here!" and "Still ~wannabe~ cute though."

    17. Cushy slippers made of 100% sheepskin mule because that's the luxury you deserve. When your toes sink into these babies, feel free to return to this post and send me all the love. 😘

    pink furry slippers with an open toe and open back

    18. Or what about sneaker slippers?!? You'll keep your toes warm *and* finally get your hands on those hard-to-obtain Ben & Jerry's Nike dunks — and you won't even have to pay the $1,000+ market price to snag'em. 😘

    the house slippers that look exactly like the Ben & Jerry's sneakers

    19. Animated sweatpants so you can show off just how vibrant your personality is. From a sweet pineapple print to grade school-inspired tie-dye, there's a quirky design to fit your every mood.

    20. A soft gauze jumpsuit to hit the function looking like you actually, factually tried to dress up.

    21. Tie-dye thigh highs to put a lil' colorful kick into your wardrobe this season. These beauties are part of the Kix'ies brand Pride collection which will donate 20% of each sale to The Trevor Project.

    22. Drawstring pants that'll have long-legged wearers feeling relaxed and vacay-ready — whether on a beach or stretched out across the couch.

    23. Button- and zipper-free jeggings for days when you crave the look of jeans but can't get over how relaxing leggings feel. Alexa, play Hannah Montana's 🎵 "Best of Both Worlds." 🎵

    24. Knit biker shorts you can chill in comfortably OR wear discreetly under your dresses to add an extra layer.

    25. A waffle knit set for action-packed weekends when you've got big plans to binge-watch All American episodes with your phone on DND and a bowl of Sun Chips.

    26. A stretchy off-shoulder bodysuit so you'll a) give the jeans you own a chic yet simple refresh and b) Enjoy the luxe softness that is barely-there rayon spandex. Plus, the long sleeves are mos def a cozy summer night situation.

    model wearing the gray off-shoulder body suit with a thong bottom and long sleeves

    27. A splurge-worthy, color-splashy robe perfect for when you're hanging around the house being oh so casually fabulous because, well, you can!

    28. Tie-dye sweat shorts to serve up a '70s-inspired look on days when temps are in the 70s but you're still gonna wear sweat-something because that's who you are and who you'll always be. Me too.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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