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    23 Cool Games You May Want If You're Over The Ones At Your House

    Just when you thought game nights had lost their magic. 💫🥏🏀💰

    1. Tipsy Tower is like the classic Jenga game but with booze involved! Some of the wooden blocks have drinking game rules on them so when you pull it out, you have to abide by that rule or take a sip.

    stack of rectangular blocks on top of each other so it's shaped like a rectangular tower

    2. Jumbo playing cards in case you'll always appreciate a good game at the house but wanna go a lil' bigger with your hand this time around.

    3. And giant UNO cards — because c'mon, Uno will always be the ~one~ (get it? uno? one? 😂 ). Now, you'll have a jumbo version.

    reviewer's hand holding a hand of the giant uno cards — they're bigger than the reviewer's hand

    4. An Escape Room game that'll bring the fun of those trendy mystery game rooms straight to a tabletop in your house. It'll come with three scenarios (The Dentist, Secret Agent, and Space Station) at varying levels of difficulty.

    5. The Luigi's Mansion game for Nintendo Switch just for the gamer who knows Luigi's always been way too underrated. Finally, he's getting HIS shine and you're gonna have so much fun with the tallest of the Mario Brothers.

    The game logo that says "Luigi's Mansion 3"

    6. The Spontuneous game that requires one player to choose a word while the others think of a song with that word in the lyrics. Note: You do not have to have the voice of an angel. In fact, it'll make for a much funnier night if you sound as terrible as possible.

    7. Rhyme Antics — so you can flex your word nerd muscles as you come up with ones that rhyme with the main word on each card — all set to a timer of course. As you rap, you'll get points for each word you use that's on the list of rhyming words also on the card. This game'll force the thinking caps on *and* you'll also get to be a rap superstar for the night. 🎤

    the game box

    8. The Black Card Revoked game with Black culture-centric question cards. You'll get a mix of majority rules and trivia questions — all of which will spark some pretty fun conversations throughout the game.

    9. A foosball table to trap yourself into HOURS of fun whether you're a vet or a newbie.

    the foosball table  which has four legs and bars sticking into the top of the table that can be spun to control the soccer men on the bars inside of the table

    10. A Buzzed card drinking game for the 21 and up crew that'll probably have everyone tipsy by the end of its deck. It comes with cards that read, "Everyone must take a sip of their drink without using their hands" and "challenge another player to a thumb war. The loser drinks."

    11. The Scrabble board game in case crossword puzzles and word searches aren't cutting it anymore for you word nerds and you'd like some competition.

    the scrabble board with a game in process

    12. The Brilliant or BS card game that'll have you questioning your judgment, your friends' and fam's knowledge, and maybe doing a lil' bit of lying 🥴😂. This'll def put a spin on game time if your squad is into trivia.

    13. Bananagrams (or Party Bananagrams!) will be a cross between crossword puzzles and Scrabble. Players will enjoy a fast-paced race to see who'll be first to make the most words (crossword-style) using all of their tiles.

    14. Monopoly: Ultimate Banking Edition that'll be a MAJOR upgrade to the seemingly neverending board game you played growing up. This one'll be a completely *cashless* operation with updated game rules to make it more fast-paced, competitive, and interesting. 💰🤑🚂

    model's hands holding a card over the Monopoly board game

    15. The Kan Jam for outdoor game folks who've already played themselves out of regular frisbee. 🥏

    16. The Floor Is Lava will be the childhood imaginary game you played come to life! Players will spin the color wheel and jump to coordinating "safety stones" to avoid that sweltering hot lava.

    the game box, the square "safety stones" in different colors, and a circular spinner for selecting a color

    17. Jumbo Lotería — which'll basically be the Spanish-language version of the bingo game. You could play for money, fun, for shots, or whatever you all decide.

    18. OR Loteria COVID-19 version that'll have you searching for stuff like "La Corona" or "La Botella" (for a bottle of hand sanitizer).

    bag of Loteria cards with photos on them similar to bingo squares and a stack of cards for calling out the terms that players would search for on their cards

    19. A giant Connect Four for your household will def be a fun choice if the family needs a lil' extra game time to ~connect~ with each other over lighthearted fun.

    an oversized connect four game on a table which has several holes in it where chips can be inserted via the open top slot. Two people are standing on either side of it playing the game.

    20. An inflatable bowling game so kids can work on getting their strikes without potentially destroying the house. It can also be played outside in the yard for even more physical activity.

    inflatable ball and pins

    21. A bucketball game if you're bored with traditional beer pong and want to ~toss~ it to the side for a bit. This version basically has the same rules but it's much larger and will be best played out in the yard, on the beach, or in a pool. 🌊🏖️

    22. A portable pool table so taking a trip to the pool hall this summer will be as easy as walking to a room in your house.

    the pool table

    23. A pool basketball and hoop set so the family can shoot buckets while keeping cool in the pool. No more challenges with paper balls and trash bins, ok?!

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