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    18 Super Comfy Shoes To Wear Now And Later When We're All Leaving The House Again

    These shoes were made for walkin'... everywhere. 👞👟

    1. Memory foam slip-on house shoes with a rubber anti-skid sole that'll be comfortable for moseying around the house yet durable enough for quick walks to your mailbox or brief store runs.

    2. Crocs that so many reviewers swear will do wonders for your feet whether you're heading to work, chilling in your yard, hanging out in the living room, or wherever you decide to be.

    3. Nike running shoes for days when you want the look of laces, the convenience of slip-ons, and also need your feet to feel good when you're running. Yep, you and your feet are pretty demanding but lucky for y'all, this sneaker will cater to all those needs.

    4. Classic Vans to slip in and out of and match with everything you could possibly wear from sweats to dresses.

    5. Buckled loafers for days when you want to get a lil' dressy. They've got green and red details so you can give Gucci looks without spending that Gucci price. Most importantly, the shoes have cushioned leather insoles and a super low square heel to keep your feet feeling as good as they look.

    6. Flats that'll deliver on the cushion, arch support, and breathability your feet deserve thanks to their memory foam insole and knit material.

    7. Wide-fit espadrilles with a breathable, crocheted design that looks pretty and your feet won't sweat themselves out in.

    8. Adidas slides so your feet still get the TLC they need even as you fulfill all your athleisure street style aspirations.

    9. Luxe leather moccasins to snag if you adore a house shoe that'll double as a very chic and sophisticated "just stepping out" design.

    10. Waterproof thong sandals that'll bless you with a soft cushioned footbed, a non-slip rubber sponge outsole for extra flexibility, and — what reviewers seemed most impressed by — soft fabric on the piece between the big and second toes so it doesn't scrape up against that sensitive area.

    11. OR vegan leather flip-flops that are slightly dressier and will be good for wearing at home but also will add a simple yet stylish look to your OOTD.

    12. FitKicks for anyone who spends a lot of time being active in- or outdoors. Honestly, if the "when I move you move, just like that" lyric were a shoe, it would def be this flexible design. Word to Ludacris.

    13. Converses for anyone who loves the low-top sneaker look but prefers lace-ups over slip-ons.

    14. Espadrille wedges so you can step out (yep, even when you're just going to the grocery store) looking date- and/or vacay-ready.

    15. Everlane knit flats for when you're in super chill mode and your feet just need something that'll fit nearly like socks. These snug-fitting cuties also come in so may friggin' colors, you'll definitely be tempted to grab more than one to change in and out of.

    16. Dr. Scholl's ankle boot loafers that may look super sturdy but will actually feel like you're walking around on clouds.

    17. Comfy sandals to give you the Birkenstock lewk for WAY fewer coins. These'll be your new go-to for work, beach days, errand-running, chilling around your living space, and way more.

    18. Glittery sneakers because YUP you deserve to comfortably sparkle around your house ~and~ when you go out into the public.

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