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    46 Black Friday Deals To Help You Shop Small This Weekend

    Shop small and find amazing gifts for everyone on your list.

    Cyber Week, the week when almost every store has deals (more than you could ever conceivably look through in an entire lifetime), is *here*

    We're wading through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Cyber Week to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. Up to 40% off sitewide at Birthdate Co.

    birthdate candle with october fourth on it

    2. Up to 50% off the perfect-for-home-and-everywhere-else loungewear at Honor Roll Clothing.

    3. Up to 25% off all the flavorful sauces from Fly By Jing. Time to dig in, foodies!

    4. Up to 70% off all the luxury travel-focused clothing and accessories at Pond Los Angeles.

    5. 21% off sitewide at Rough Linen.

    pink linen sheets on a bed

    6. 20% off sitewide at YGN (You Go Natural).

    7. 30% off on men's skincare products at Disco.

    the Disco starter set with a face scrub, face moisturizer, and face cleanser

    8. Up to 40% off all the glorious eyewear at NRODA.

    model wearing cat eye sunglasses with a cheetah print on them

    9. 20% off all the African wax headwraps, scarves, and heartwarmingly cute dogdanas from Gabe Jade on Etsy.

    model holding their dog and the model is wearing an African print bandana while the dog is wearing a matching one around their neck

    10. 25% off the luxe and thoughtfully designed home goods from MINNA.

    11. Buy one (gapless, perfectly-designed-for-small-boobs) bra and get the second bra 30% off at Pepper.

    12. 30% off site-wide at Freck Beauty.

    model with drawn on freckles

    13. 20% off the entire Honey Bea Hive Etsy shop which is full of handmade button earrings (and some dangling ones!) in a variety of cheery styles.

    14. 30% off all the hella swoon-worthy and splurge-worthy throw blankets and other giftable lifestyle items from Seek and Swoon.

    15. Up to 50% off eyewear, lens replacement, and sunglasses plus 20% off contact lenses at LensDirect.

    16. 40% off customizable doormats at Hamlin Row Shop on Etsy.

    doormat with fringe that says "Happy Holidays" on the front

    17. 20% off everything on Juneshine, your new go-to spot for boozy kombucha (but only if you're 21 and up. Under 21? NO hard kombucha for you. Soft kombucha only.)

    a box of hard kombucha cans in different flavors

    18. Up to 50% off the BFFs and Babes Etsy shop which has handmade clothing and accessories for adults and kiddos.

    19. 30% off the whole SunshinyMoon shop on Etsy — which carries a variety of handmade period kits and individual products perfect for people who experience menstrual cycles.

    20. 40% off sitewide at TrapStix Lip Balm.

    a clear snow globe filled with different lip balm flavors named after music artists

    21. BOGO 75% off at Nude Barre — your stop for hosiery and bodywear with inclusive sizing and shades ranging from fair to deep.

    22. 20% off sitewide at Areesa Botanicals. (You can stock up on face masks for your skincare routine!)

    the face mask duo stacked together on top of circular mirror

    23. 30% off sitewide at Jet Set Candy.

    24. Up to 50% off select loungewear items at Klassy Network. (You'll be a no-bra-wearer for LIFE,dear.)

    25. Up to 50% off sitewide at Little Crowns and Capes.

    26. Up to 40% off products from Charmed and Cozy on Etsy.

    27. 25% off cruelty-free and vegan fragrances at Les Deux.

    Les Deux No 2 Eau de Parfum in clear perfume bottle

    28. Up to 75% off all the pieces handmade with love at Blue Bone Jewelry.

    29. 30% off microbiome-friendly skincare at Crude.

    the Microbiome-Friendly Cleansing Kit with face was bottles and moisturizer bottles

    30. 20% off the entire Lani and Kei shop on Etsy which is full of beautiful bralettes, leggings, leg warmers, tall socks, and more cozy things.

    31. 20% off sitewide at Jennifer Vallez Illustrations.

    32. 10% off everything at Brightbox where you'll find fun, personalized gift boxes for everyone on your list.

    33. 30% off the entire Designed in Neverland Etsy shop — where you'll find beautifully handmade charm bracelets in soft pastel colors and (customizable!) messages.