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34 Useful Gifts For People Who Read Lots And Lots Of Books

Treat yo' self, bibliophiles.

1. "Shhh! I'm reading" socks so everyone will know EXACTLY what the deal is when they snuggle up with their favorite book.

woman reading a book and wearing socks that say "Sssh! I'm reading" on the bottom.

2. A comfy memory foam pillow to give their neck and back the reprieve they deserve while they read their fave from cover to cover from bed or the couch.

blue velvet pillow with an arm on each side

3. A mermaid bookmark so they can always dive right back into a story in the exact place that they left off.

4. An eight-shelf bookcase to present all their beloved books in total style. It'll hold a lot without taking up too much space.

the bookcase which is vertical with slanted shelves

5. A Book Lover's Journal to jot down books they want to read next, notes on what they're reading now, a list of titles they've borrowed and need to return, book club info, and even good recs for authors to check out. They're about to have the most organized reading life ever and this'll be a great journal to return to whenever they want to reflect on what they've read so far.

6. A book weight that'll hold them down (and the book, more literally) when they want to do some hands-free reading. The weight is waterproof and washable. Plus, they can use it for magazines, paperbacks, and hardback books.

the book weight that is long and made of silicone on the outside. It has two circles on each side which have the weights in them. It's laying on a magazine keeping it open.

7. Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens to make all the notes they take on their books look extra bright and pretty.

8. A bookstand that'll hold their book up for them and sit sturdily on any desk or table they set it on. Since they won't have to hunch over a book and look down at it, this stand will come in handy if they're like me and want to protect their neck and improve their posture while reading.

the book stand holding a big book up and open so the pages lay flat

9. Sticky notes to help them mark their page if they don't trust themselves to keep up with a cutesy bookmark.

10. A waterproof Kindle because at some point they'll have to accept that there's way more space in their heart for new books than they have in their home.

reviewer's hand holding the kindle

11. A mug that'll validate their need to buy more books no matter how little shelf space they've got waiting at the crib. There's no such thing as too many books. Period. End of story. Literally. Ha!

a white mug that says "Yes I really do need all these books" with a stack of books on it

12. A tiny library-inspired change purse that'll be perfect if they're a millennial dinosaur like me who ~actually~ remembers checking out physical books with these lil' cards in 'em. This thing won't take up much space in their pocket or bag but it'll take up a TON of space in their nostalgic heart because it's just way too friggin' cute.

13. A subscription to Book of the Month so they'll never really have to deal with the "Now what do I do?" feeling that comes with ending a really great book. Like, it's great to finally reach the conclusion of the story but still hurts your heart that the ride is over? Been there babe, but it's all over now because DING-DONG, that's their new set of reads waitin' on them at the door.

stack of books

14. OR! Scoop books from Bookshop since a percentage of your purchase will go toward helping local bookstores thrive in business. Helping them get their read on AND helping the greater good is mos def adulting goals.

15. A digital bookmark that'll double as a countdown timer so they can stick to their allotted reading time. The timer will also be super-duper helpful for the students who have required daily reading time for school.

a kid holding their book and the bookmark which has buttons on it and a digital face that keeps up with the time

16. A fake-out dictionary stowaway book to hide easily between the library books they own. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your money. Hide whatever you want between these "pages." You can snag one with a combination or key lock.

the left side shows a stack of books on a shelf with the fake book in the mix. The right side shows the book opened which reveals a safe and has a smartphone in it.

17. Vase bookends that can also work as holders so they keep their books and other trinkets organized and have some fun decor! The handmade vases are made of concrete too, so despite the size, they'll work pretty hard to hold up their books with no problems.

18. Floating bookshelves to make those magical stories levitate the way they deserve. They'll save plenty of floor space by utilizing their walls. Plus, their books will double as decor. Two birds. One really awesome floating library wall!

nine floating shelves ordered by threes so they look like three long shelves on a wall holding up books, CDs, and DVDs

19. Book tape so they'll have their favorite titles FOREVA. Word to Andre 3000 and Cardi B.

20. An attachable book light so that even when the lights go out in their home for the night, they can still enjoy their book before bedtime without disturbing anyone else in the house. It'll also come in pretty clutch for evening car rides or on a plane.

a book with the light hanging over it and illuminating the page

21. A hands-free angled seat that'll prop up their book at the perfect reading angle ANNND that'll double as a travel pillow! Now, when they pop a squat to get their read on, their book can pop a squat right along with them.

22. A Heroic Girls In Books poster that'll serve as a reading guide for anyone who wants more young adult books that focus on women and girls! This poster also has a diverse selection of female protagonists so you'll get stories about a variety of cultures.

23. A personal library kit if they're still a kind, brave soul who lets people "borrow" their babies. I started sending out Amazon links instead 😂. Anywho, this'll help them keep track of the who, what, when, and where of your book-lending philanthropy.

the kit

24. A tissue box shaped like a stack of books to match the many titles they have posted up in your house.

25. A Books & Baths subscription box so you can get their self-care game way, way up. The box will feature a new title and all the goods they need to have the most relaxing bath time ever. They'll never know what title they're getting or exactly what the bathtime goods will be. Plus, each month will have a theme.

26. Novel ~tea~ bags with classic literature quotes to help them sip and read to their heart's content. Isn't this super ~Lit~?!

the box of tea

27. Paperback book covers because yeah, softer books are more lightweight but their paper covers are always more susceptible to tearing and catching stains. These covers will protect the book without adding much weight.

28. Clip-on reading lights for eyeglasses so no matter where they go or how dark it gets, they'll still get to the good part in their book with zero problems.

black glasses with one clip on each side

29. A DIY comic book kit with pre-formatted blank pages, markers, and a booklet of tips so they can create their own universe and story to read. Once they're done, they just slip the pages into the mailing address provided and in a few days, a professionally bound version of THEIR comic book will be at their door.

the comic book, the cover, and colorful pencils

30. An adjustable bamboo bathtub tray for propping up their books and a glass of wine (or juice!) while they enjoy a soak sesh in the tub.

the bamboo tray on top of a bathtub with soapy water

31. A matching pajama and book set that'll make bedtime way more fun for your favorite young human.

32. A 24-karat gold-plated music book clip to keep their place while they play!

the golden clip holding the music book open from the top of it

33. Kids' blue-light-blocking glasses so eye fatigue is less likely to happen due to increased time spent reading books on electronic devices. They're meant to reduce eye strain and the headaches that can come along with it.

Two glasses. the pair on top is pink and green and the pair on the bottom is black and dark blue

34. And! Blue-light-blocking glasses for adults because if younger eyes get fatigued, then what do you think can happen to the eyes with more miles on 'em? These glasses aren't just pretty; they're also Rx-able, scratch-resistant, antiglare, and 100% UV-resistant.

Them with all their fabulous books and book-adjacent things:

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