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34 Useful Gifts For People Who Read Lots And Lots Of Books

Treat yo' self, bibliophiles.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. "Shhh! I'm reading" socks so everyone will know EXACTLY what the deal is when they snuggle up with their favorite book.

woman reading a book and wearing socks that say "Sssh! I'm reading" on the bottom.

Promising review: "These appeared exactly as advertised and arrived as stated. I love to wear them as they are comfortable and allow me to read in silence. Haha. When my husband tries to interrupt my reading, I hold up my 'Shhh!' foot and he knows to leave me be. Love them! LOL." —Dee Smith

Get them from Amazon for $11.99.

2. A comfy memory foam pillow to give their neck and back the reprieve they deserve while they read their fave from cover to cover from bed or the couch.

blue velvet pillow with an arm on each side

Promising review: "I bought this to help provide my child another place for them to do homework, read, or just rest without lying in bed. They love the support it provides for their back (no more pain or soreness). It is very plush and soft! Price-wise, I think I got my money's worth and much more." —Lopez L.

Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in 29 colors and two sizes).

3. A mermaid bookmark so they can always dive right back into a story in the exact place that they left off.


Promising review: "My friend had a dangly bookmark and I really liked the idea of it so I searched them on Amazon and I found this mermaid one. I am OBSESSED with mermaids so of course, I ordered one in record time! It's so beautiful and I use it all of the time. It's one of my top favorite purchases from Amazon to date." —Jaelyn

Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

4. An eight-shelf bookcase to present all their beloved books in total style. It'll hold a lot without taking up too much space.

the bookcase which is vertical with slanted shelves

The bookshelf comes with an anti-toppling device that'll adhere it to the wall for added stability. Per the reviews, this shelf will be pretty wobbly without it, so you'll probably want to use that!

Promising review: "This is worth every penny. This is real wood and not that particleboard stuff all self-assembly furniture seems to be made of these days. It's super unique and holds quite a few books. Buy this!" —Jennifer Karlen

Get it from Amazon for $62.99+ (available in walnut and rustic brown).

5. A Book Lover's Journal to jot down books they want to read next, notes on what they're reading now, a list of titles they've borrowed and need to return, book club info, and even good recs for authors to check out. They're about to have the most organized reading life ever and this'll be a great journal to return to whenever they want to reflect on what they've read so far.

The journal has an elastic band closure, a sturdy hardcover binding, and 261 pages.

Promising review: "I do a lot of reading and it becomes cumbersome sometimes to keep the books straight. This helps me with that. When I'm talking with someone about a book I really liked, but I can't quite bring up the title, I can consult my notes and find out what I need to know. There are separate sections in this journal. It has a two-page spread for each book you read where you can put pertinent details including the author, number of pages, publisher, where you got the book on one side, and your notes and 'review' on the other side. A table of contents can show the books listed in that section so you don't buy them again, something I have done more times than I care to mention. Another section is just to list the various books you've heard about and want to get later. You can mark them out as you get them. The journal is small enough that you can easily put it in your purse to carry with you. I really like this little book for organizing my reading life!" —Linda Keenan

Get it from Amazon for $12.83.

6. A book weight that'll hold them down (and the book, more literally) when they want to do some hands-free reading. The weight is waterproof and washable. Plus, they can use it for magazines, paperbacks, and hardback books.

the book weight that is long and made of silicone on the outside. It has two circles on each side which have the weights in them. It's laying on a magazine keeping it open.

Promising review: "This is an awesome little gadget! You simply lay it across the pages of your book and the book will no longer close on you. It's great for cookbooks especially because most of them never stay open and this keeps the pages flat for easy reading. It's also awesome for reading outside on a windy day or when laying on your stomach while reading. The book weight is rubber and flexible but kind of thick where the weights are. I don't think I would ever use it as a bookmark but I'm so excited to use it all the time as a book weight!" —Marissa

Get it from Amazon for $12.95+ (available in five styles).

7. Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens to make all the notes they take on their books look extra bright and pretty., Amazon

This set comes with 12 pens and the ink is smear-resistant ink.

Promising review: "These have to be my absolute favorite pens! I use them for almost everything from notes at school to the forms I have to sign. The pens come in a variety of colors which really allow me to color code and organize my notes and events on my calendar and in my planner. These pens have a felt tip so they allow me to write nice and smoothly... I feel they make my handwriting look a little neater and more professional. I also like the fact that these pens write darker but do not bleed through as badly as other felt-tipped pens I have used in the past. Additionally, these pens have a great lifespan... I have been using them since January and they are still writing like they are brand-new pens right out of the package." —Jordan Lauren

Get them from Amazon for $11.94.

8. A bookstand that'll hold their book up for them and sit sturdily on any desk or table they set it on. Since they won't have to hunch over a book and look down at it, this stand will come in handy if they're like me and want to protect their neck and improve their posture while reading.

the book stand holding a big book up and open so the pages lay flat

Promising review: "I love this! I got it for school because I get a lot of neck pain while reading my books. I use it to hold my iPad, books, and even my huge science textbook. It is very sturdy and so easy to adjust. It holds my huge textbook without falling over!" —DKS

Get it from Amazon for $51.99+ (available in two styles and two colors).

9. Sticky notes to help them mark their page if they don't trust themselves to keep up with a cutesy bookmark., Amazon

Promising review: "I purchased these for my day planner but use them for so many other things. These stick well and are in six bright colors. They come in a little book-like case that helps keep them clean and protected when not in use. They are easy to peel and stick and then remove again as necessary. They do not damage books or papers at all. The stickies are big enough to put some distinct notes on without being so large that they take the entire page or do not work on smaller pages. I use these for my day planner, noting recipes in cookbooks, taking notes in various craft books, and taking notes on important documents so I remember what I need to do with them later. I will be buying these again when I run out." —Sarah Lee

Get them from Amazon for $3.59+ (available in 10 quantities).

10. A waterproof Kindle because at some point they'll have to accept that there's way more space in their heart for new books than they have in their home.

reviewer's hand holding the kindle

The device has a 300 PPI glare-free display so your eyes will be safe, 8 gigs of storage, and an ability to be Bluetooth paired with the Audible app. Also, you'll be happy to know that a single battery charge can last for WEEKS. Go ahead and let your friends know they can find you in your reading corner if you happen to go missing for longer than usual after having this gadget.

Promising review: "I love books but I lack the space to store them. This was made painfully clear to me the last time I moved and had to donate eight bags of books, which was hard, because books are kind of a personal thing... I love the matte screen. There's not a lot of glare unless it's facing a light source directly and when you're reading it feels like looking at the page of an actual book... The battery life on this thing is also a big plus. It can sit on my bed for days, weeks even, and has never powered down for lack of juice. It also doesn't take long to charge... I like that I can switch between titles through the library depending on my mood. I can also add books to my wishlist if I'm not ready to purchase them at that moment. You can search any author/title/genre and, I have to say, I've been happy with the suggestions that Amazon makes within their 'ad' component. It doesn't feel like an ad and I've found some great reading there. They also give you the option to read some titles for free with Amazon Prime. In all, this has been the perfect solution for someone who loves books but who cannot store them due to space limitations. I wish I could have the Hogwarts library, but reality dictates another solution." —Beth

Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in two colors and two storage options).

11. A mug that'll validate their need to buy more books no matter how little shelf space they've got waiting at the crib. There's no such thing as too many books. Period. End of story. Literally. Ha!

a white mug that says "Yes I really do need all these books" with a stack of books on it

The mug was made in the USA and it's dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It was also designed with eco-friendly and lead-free inks.

Promising review: "I love my mug! It's gotta be the best mug in the world for a librarian, teacher, or bookaholic. It is a good size and one thing I appreciate is that the handle is easy to grasp. Also, it is a lightweight mug, which is important. Like most of us, I own several mugs but this one has become my favorite!" —Kat

Get it from Amazon Handmade for $16.99.

12. A tiny library-inspired change purse that'll be perfect if they're a millennial dinosaur like me who ~actually~ remembers checking out physical books with these lil' cards in 'em. This thing won't take up much space in their pocket or bag but it'll take up a TON of space in their nostalgic heart because it's just way too friggin' cute.


BY THE FREAKIN' WAY, one reviewer takes this pouch with her to book signings and has her fave authors sign and date each slot which is FREAKIN' genius. It'll turn your throwback change purse into a really beautiful keepsake. And in case you're not an avid reader but know someone who is, this will also make a gift for them that they'll always, always treasure. Take it from this bookworm.

Get it from Amazon for $12 (available in 30 book-inspired styles) AND, check out the entire literature-themed brand, Out of Print.

13. A subscription to Book of the Month so they'll never really have to deal with the "Now what do I do?" feeling that comes with ending a really great book. Like, it's great to finally reach the conclusion of the story but still hurts your heart that the ride is over? Been there babe, but it's all over now because DING-DONG, that's their new set of reads waitin' on them at the door.

stack of books
Instagram / Book of the Month / Via

Book of the Month will send you five new books every month. You get to keep and pay for your faves. If you've spent the summer doing everything but book surfing or simply want to split your time this fall between required and leisurely reading, then let the back-to-school season be your cue.

Subscribe at Book of the Month for $14.99 per month — and add any extra books on for $9.99 each!

14. OR! Scoop books from Bookshop since a percentage of your purchase will go toward helping local bookstores thrive in business. Helping them get their read on AND helping the greater good is mos def adulting goals.

BuzzFeed / Marquaysa Battle

Bookshop donates 10% of your purchase to local bookstores. You even get to choose which bookstore near you that the money will go to, as long as they have a curated shop on the site. Yes, even if you buy books in the Bookshop marketplace that aren't from *that* shop.

Btw, the book shown here is Michael Arceneaux's I Don't Want To Die Poor, which I am reading now (again), and it's SO GOOD! It's a supremely well-written series of essays on the financial, emotional, physical, and social impact of student loans on a millennial who's also Black and queer. The entire book is witty and fun without cropping a single thing out of the very ugly picture that is the student loan debt crisis. While the book informs in a bunch of ways, it was definitely the "Float On" chapter for me, where Arceneaux reckons with multi-generational coping mechanisms. POW-ER-FUL.

Get the book from Bookshop for $15.64+ (originally $17+; available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook forms) OR browse a bunch of different titles on the site.

15. A digital bookmark that'll double as a countdown timer so they can stick to their allotted reading time. The timer will also be super-duper helpful for the students who have required daily reading time for school.

a kid holding their book and the bookmark which has buttons on it and a digital face that keeps up with the time

Oh yeah, BONUS, this bookmark will also track your cumulative reading time for up to 100 hours. And hey, when you hit 100, feel free to reward yourself with some chocolate, ice cream, a bag, a new book, etc... 😏

Promising review: "Got it for my 7-year-old who asks 'have I read long enough?' every few minutes during his required 20-minute reading. He also had the idea to use it during teeth brushing so he wasn't left wondering how much longer. A great stocking stuffer gift. Works well and easy to use." —Old Lady going back to school

Get it from Amazon for $9.29.

16. A fake-out dictionary stowaway book to hide easily between the library books they own. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your money. Hide whatever you want between these "pages." You can snag one with a combination or key lock.

the left side shows a stack of books on a shelf with the fake book in the mix. The right side shows the book opened which reveals a safe and has a smartphone in it.

Promising review: "I'm very pleased with this book box! It fits in with the rest of my books beautifully. You wouldn’t know that it’s any different from the rest unless you picked it up and fiddled with it. The cover feels like a real book. The pages are kind of fake-looking but you can’t see them while it’s parked in the bookcase. I ordered the small size and it fits cash perfectly. I’ve come back and ordered the large as well. I feel so much better about camouflaging some of my valuables amongst my hundreds of books rather than say, in my underwear drawer or someplace else that isn’t as sneaky. I love it and it is perfect for what I wanted it for." —Tina

Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in three colors and two lock styles).

17. Vase bookends that can also work as holders so they keep their books and other trinkets organized and have some fun decor! The handmade vases are made of concrete too, so despite the size, they'll work pretty hard to hold up their books with no problems.

Etsy / EMSAYstudio

You'll also be happy to know that one reviewer noted that the seller is super cool about adding subtle custom details to the bookends to help you make them your own.

Promising review: "Love these bookends! They are multi-functional, well-made, beautiful, and just what I was looking for to organize my desk." —Desirée Richardson

Get it from EMSAYstudio on Etsy for $39.64+ (available in 12 colors).

18. Floating bookshelves to make those magical stories levitate the way they deserve. They'll save plenty of floor space by utilizing their walls. Plus, their books will double as decor. Two birds. One really awesome floating library wall!

nine floating shelves ordered by threes so they look like three long shelves on a wall holding up books, CDs, and DVDs

Of course, the shelves also come with mounting hardware to make getting them up a super easy process.

Promising review: "These are absolutely fabulous. I used them to surround my desk to divide books by category to make it easy to reference. They work best to hang on studs for support. They can be arranged in any pattern. I'm exceptionally pleased with these." —Squirrelly

Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

19. Book tape so they'll have their favorite titles FOREVA. Word to Andre 3000 and Cardi B.


This book tape is great for anyone with a ton of books that have seen a lot of years OR for kids' books that have seen a lot of unintentional (ok, maybe partially intentional) destruction.

Promising review: "Great and strong self-adhesive tape that I use for book repair. Since many of my books are rare and some are very old or collectible, I try to keep them repaired without sending them to a repair service. That is great but expensive and I cannot justify such a cost. I have learned to do good repairs on my own books through proper tape, glue, and tools. This is one of those items I use." —Bruce_Boy

Get it from Amazon for $10.04+ (available in four quantities).

20. An attachable book light so that even when the lights go out in their home for the night, they can still enjoy their book before bedtime without disturbing anyone else in the house. It'll also come in pretty clutch for evening car rides or on a plane.

a book with the light hanging over it and illuminating the page

So many reviewers shared that this little gadget emits a nice amount of light for its small size. This book light is also made by Energizer so you can expect its batteries to keep ~going and going and going~ for a pretty long time. And even if the CR2032 batteries die, they can be replaced!

Promising review: "This is a great little book light that is absolutely amazing. I'm not sure how long it'll last but on the back of the package, it says you can replace the batteries. This is my go-to anytime I'm on a road trip at night or don't want to use my main room light." —Keish

Get it from Amazon for $8.59 and the replacement CR2032 batteries for $5.25 (available in a four-pack).

21. A hands-free angled seat that'll prop up their book at the perfect reading angle ANNND that'll double as a travel pillow! Now, when they pop a squat to get their read on, their book can pop a squat right along with them.,

Several reviewers noted that this was a good book-reading solution for their arthritis, which makes holding books up for a long time difficult.

Promising review: "Whatever you're worrying about, forget it. I think I read every review on this item and thought, 'Well, I'll just TRY it. I can always return it...'

No! This baby is stayin' with me! The fabric is a soft moleskin or faux suede. Yes, it holds up a Kindle. Yes, it holds up thick books too. I've used it on 700-page hardback books; it holds them just fine. You'll notice a plastic 'lip' at the front that can be adjusted to fit just about any width book (maybe not oversized huge textbooks or coffee table books but you get the idea) by pulling the toggle. By the way, you don't need to lift your book to turn a page. Just flip the plastic lip down and turn. Would I buy it again? Yes, I would and I HAVE. After using it for a couple of hours, I went back on Amazon and bought one for my daughter (who kept stealing mine) and my sister (who likes to read in bed)." —Hereswhatithink

Get it from Amazon for $39.90+ (available in seven colors).

22. A Heroic Girls In Books poster that'll serve as a reading guide for anyone who wants more young adult books that focus on women and girls! This poster also has a diverse selection of female protagonists so you'll get stories about a variety of cultures.


By the way, this poster was also made in the USA!

Promising review: "The poster was made of surprisingly sturdy paper and the graphics quality was great as well. It will go great on the wall by my classroom library! I look forward to other creations by this seller!" —Craig O. Andrews

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (free shipping; available in two sizes).

23. A personal library kit if they're still a kind, brave soul who lets people "borrow" their babies. I started sending out Amazon links instead 😂. Anywho, this'll help them keep track of the who, what, when, and where of your book-lending philanthropy.

the kit

May the force be with you and your books be with you ~again~ in the future. The kit comes with 20 self-adhesive pockets, checkout cards, a date stamp and inkpad, and a pencil. One reviewer shared that they used the cards as place-setting cards for their book club Christmas dinner!

Promising review: "Bought as a gift for my best friend who is an aspiring librarian. She's also incredibly generous people borrow her books then forget they came from her. Now she can mark her territory." —Amanda

Get it from Amazon for $17.93 and the card refills for $11.99.

24. A tissue box shaped like a stack of books to match the many titles they have posted up in your house.


Promising review: "My husband bought me this for my library. It is lovely. It has good weight yet is not heavy. It makes a great gift for those book lovers." —Avid Online Buyer

Get it from Amazon for $27.50 (free shipping).

25. A Books & Baths subscription box so you can get their self-care game way, way up. The box will feature a new title and all the goods they need to have the most relaxing bath time ever. They'll never know what title they're getting or exactly what the bathtime goods will be. Plus, each month will have a theme.


The Books & Baths box features one book, one bookmark, one candle, and two to three additional book- or relaxation-related items.

Promising review: "I loved this month’s box. It's curated beautifully. The book is to my taste and looks really good! The candle is a good size and has a nice fragrance. The soap in a jar, wow! Very nice! I’m sticking with this subscription box! Thank you!" —Lori L.

Get it from Cratejoy for $40+ (available in three size options).

26. Novel ~tea~ bags with classic literature quotes to help them sip and read to their heart's content. Isn't this super ~Lit~?!

the box of tea

The pack is made with English Breakfast tea.

Promising review: "I just fell in love when I saw this. What a great idea. I love finding unique gift items and surely this is one of them! My friend loves history and tea and I can't believe I found the perfect gift to represent them both. The design is perfect and just like described. And I love that they put a quote on each bag as well. To me, nothing is better than having little sayings on your teabags. Great gift. Worth every penny. And the tea is just delicious." —Nora

Get them from Amazon for $13.50 (comes with 25 tea bags in one pack).

27. Paperback book covers because yeah, softer books are more lightweight but their paper covers are always more susceptible to tearing and catching stains. These covers will protect the book without adding much weight.

SEWING the ABCs on Etsy

Promising review: "This book cover was flawless and CUTE! I gave her my measurements to ensure fit and she sweetly and quickly crafted me a custom cover." —Amber Horn

Get them from SEWING the ABCs on Etsy for $16 (available in nine styles).

28. Clip-on reading lights for eyeglasses so no matter where they go or how dark it gets, they'll still get to the good part in their book with zero problems.

black glasses with one clip on each side

Promising review: "They work for me just fine on two different pairs of glasses with one of them having a wire frame. They serve my purpose when working on the inside of a computer or reading a book or keyboard in the dark. A micro screwdriver is all you need to change out the batteries and they fit the CR2032 battery which is a typical watch battery you could find anywhere. The light is not overbearing either as they are LED type." —QM44

Get them from Amazon for $11.99.

29. A DIY comic book kit with pre-formatted blank pages, markers, and a booklet of tips so they can create their own universe and story to read. Once they're done, they just slip the pages into the mailing address provided and in a few days, a professionally bound version of THEIR comic book will be at their door.

the comic book, the cover, and colorful pencils
Uncommon Goods

Promising review: "My daughter got to work immediately upon opening this gift and was busy creating for hours. I recommend it for kids who love to make things." —Mary

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $30.

30. An adjustable bamboo bathtub tray for propping up their books and a glass of wine (or juice!) while they enjoy a soak sesh in the tub.

the bamboo tray on top of a bathtub with soapy water

Promising review: "Love this! Nothing beats a long luxurious soak in the tub to relieve the stress of the day and this bath caddy makes it more enjoyable by giving me a safe place to put a glass of wine and my kindle. Bonus: My 5-year-old grandson will now ask to take a bath when he visits me so I can serve him milk and cookies in the tub and he can read his book. Big thumbs-up!" —Kindle Customer

Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

31. A matching pajama and book set that'll make bedtime way more fun for your favorite young human.


Get the set on the left from Nordstrom for $55, the one on the right for $55 (available in kids' sizes 2T-10), OR grab them from Amazon for $31.25+.

32. A 24-karat gold-plated music book clip to keep their place while they play!

the golden clip holding the music book open from the top of it

Promising review: "The quality of this clip by FAR exceeded my expectations. It's like jewelry... for my piano! Besides being very beautiful (and shiny), it is solid and comfortable to use. I should mention that it arrived elegantly packaged in a gift box, and would make a great present... but I'm KEEPING this one!" —Cape Cod Kadi

Get it from Amazon for $15.97.

33. Kids' blue-light-blocking glasses so eye fatigue is less likely to happen due to increased time spent reading books on electronic devices. They're meant to reduce eye strain and the headaches that can come along with it.

Two glasses. the pair on top is pink and green and the pair on the bottom is black and dark blue

Heads-up: These are not meant to be a replacement for medical treatment due to vision needs or chronic headaches. If you have any of those experiences, please see the appropriate physicians to address any serious concerns.

Promising review: "I purchased these for distance learning and I am so glad I did! My 7-year-old son was complaining of a headache on day two of distance learning. He put the glasses on as soon as they came in the mail and has loved them since. I never have to remind him to put them on because he can tell how much they help. He hasn’t complained of a headache since." —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $20.99 (available in pairs and eight color options).

34. And! Blue-light-blocking glasses for adults because if younger eyes get fatigued, then what do you think can happen to the eyes with more miles on 'em? These glasses aren't just pretty; they're also Rx-able, scratch-resistant, antiglare, and 100% UV-resistant.

Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed, Buzzfeed / Maitland Quitmeyer / Via

Buzzfeed editor Maitland Quitmeyer swears by these light-blocking glasses! Here's what she has to say:

"I definitely notice a difference when I remember to actually wear 'em! And if you just love the frames, you can even get the lenses swapped for ones with your prescription. Under $30 for expensive-looking frames? Score."

Get them from Privé Reveaux for $29.95 (available in three colors).

Them with all their fabulous books and book-adjacent things:

Walt Disney Studios / Giphy / Via

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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