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    49 Holiday Gifts For Almost Everyone — And I Mean Almost Everyone — On Your List

    Bestie? Check. White Elephant game at work? Check. Hard-to-shop-for fam? Triple checkmate baby.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An Amazon gift card to treat people who never know what they want for Christmas, who are just hard to shop for in general, or loved ones who just have every freaking thing already.

    a gift card shaped like Santa Clause's head popping out of a chimney

    2. A cozy fleece-lined hoodie but not just any hoodie — one with satin lining in the hood so it'll minimize hair damage that often comes with abrasive fabrics like cotton and polyester.

    3. A travel mug to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. You'll be blessing someone with the gift of convenience and warm whatever-their-drinking that actually stays warm.

    three tall mugs made of speckled ceramic with lids and handles

    4. A pack of stickers that fans of the beloved show The Office will totally love and want to rip open to stick on their stuff as soon as they open the gift!

    bunches of stickers of cast members of "The Offic" TVshow and quotes from th show

    5. A chunky cable-knit infinity scarf to keep any neck warm in chilly temperatures.

    6. A colorful candle gift set because everyone can use a candle in their home or office. It'll give their space a nice scent and create a chill vibe with the warm glow of the light.

    7. A handmade eyeglasses holder for the person who can never find their glasses — especially because they need glasses to actually find their glasses and well, you can solve that problem for them forever with this cool wooden sniffer!

    a reviewer's glasses sitting on the holder which is a wooden sculpture of a nose

    8. Bright wall art that'll bring a blend of vintage-style photos of their favorite people with backgrounds bursting with color. You could even order a custom print with a photo of THEM or their special loved one paired with a bold backdrop.

    9. A colorful bath bomb set with 12 different scents because we all need to bathe right?! You might as well help someone you love do it in the most beautiful, relaxing way possible!

    12 multi-colored bath bombs

    10. A six-piece vanity set to make stuff look even cooler when it's all organized in a designated place. The set will store beauty products, jewelry, and anything else. These small organizers also make clearing clutter super easy since someone can just drop stuff in any compartment without thinking and everything immediately looks neat.

    the vanity trays in square and rectangle shapes. They're made of clear acrylic and holding jewelry, bejeweled tweezers, makeup brushes and more

    11. A mermaid bookmark so the readers you love can always dive right back into a story in the exact place that they left off. It also isn't just for avid readers since you can gift it to people who use cookbooks, magazines, music books, crossword puzzle books, and more!

    12. Tiny and helpful animal cable bites that can adorably decorate and protect the part of a charger cable that gets bent and damaged the most with regular use. Uh-huh. This could be a game-changer for the phone owner you know who's ~always~ buying a new charger.

    13. "Shhh! I'm reading" socks for readers who want to let everyone know EXACTLY what the deal is when they're snuggled up with a page-turner.

    reviewer wearing the socks with her feet propped up on an ottoman while she reads a book

    14. A handheld milk frother that'll give your loved one perfect froth for all of their favorite coffee drinks right in the warm comforts of their home. Starbucks run for WHY?!

    15. A customized AirPods case! They'll keep those buds safe, sound, and ready to use. (A name on there will also come in handy if they need a way to differentiate all the cases in the house).

    Reviewer's white Airpods case that says the name "Shakeeya" in a cursive font

    16. A ticket keepsake box that'll be an interactive home decor item that they'll return to over and over again — and remember you each time they add a new memory!

    17. Simple hoops anybody could wear with anything. Plus, they'll be completely on-brand for folks with a lowkey style who still feel a lil' naked without a bit of ear shine.

    18. A scalp massager that'll transform shower time into a relaxing spa experience. It'll break down buildup on the scalp and get the blood circulating which is a good thing for promoting hair growth. Reviewers also shared that this massager helped soothe dryness, eczema, and psoriasis.

    reviewer's hand holding the scrubber which has rubber spikes. The spike tips are slightly rounded so they won't pinch.

    19. Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara to present to the person who's ALWAYS obsessing over lashes! Once they find out how GOOD this mascara makes their lashes look in a couple of swipes, they might be saying "tootle-loo" to lash glue, whispies, and everything else.

    reviewer wearing the mascara showing off very long lashes that span out properly

    20. An attachable wine aerator which means no more letting their vino sit to aerate. It's sipping time as soon as it hits their wine flute and will make cheap wine taste like *chef's kiss*.

    21. Touchscreen leather gloves lined with a cashmere blend that look fancy but are affordable so you can give something that's stylish and feels thoughtful while sticking to your budget.

    several gloves laid atop each other in different colors including orange, pink, fuchsia, red, black, burgundy, yellow, blue, and brown

    22. A sushi roll-inspired pack of socks that'll be a hit because everyone's always hungry for food-centric gifts.

    23. A dishwasher-safe cold-brew maker to make the morning joe just a fridge door swing away!

    reviewer holding the cold brew which is shaped like a tall mug

    24. A pair of earrings that'll offer a slightly more personal touch. "I've got a gift with your name on it" just earned a new meaning and the receiver will probs be smiling ~ear~ to ~ear~.

    25. A 52-week gratitude journal so they can allot a lil' time every day to reflect on all the beautiful things they have going on in their lives. This way, the holiday cheer you spread can actually be stretched out for an entire year!

    26. A bottomless wineglass that'll make the wine drinker you know feel SO. FREAKING. SEEN. They're gonna thank you from the bottom of their wineglasses (if they ever reach it) for gifting this.

    model drinking from the bottomless wine glass which is shaped like an actual wine bottle at the bottom except the "neck" of the bottle is actually the "stem" of its wine glass top

    27. A bamboo utensil set with some of the most iconic Star Wars characters engraved in each one so a devout fan can whip up dishes with the power of the Force!

    five wooden cooking utensils with star wars characters engraved in them (yes Yoda is there)

    28. An ocean wave projector night-light to give someone a peaceful underwater feel thanks to colorful lights that ebb and flow. It plays nature sounds but can also be hooked up to a phone to play actual music.

    29. A Huda Beauty holiday set for the makeup fan you know who'll always appreciate nudes. ANNNND it'll come in packaged in a beautiful box that'll work as an ornament or a stocking stuffer.

    a square eyeshadow palette with nine shades and a mirror, the box, and the lipstick

    30. A burrito blanket because everyone's gonna need something to snuggle and wrap up in this winter — and this one's way too yummy-looking to go unappreciated.

    31. The New York Times Best of the Week Series: Monday Crosswords book to treat the word nerds in your life to a challenging, brain-teasing good time.

    the crossword book cover

    32. A 23andMe Health & Ancestry kit that'll probably score big with ANYBODY. People are naturally curious about not only where they come from and who they're related to, but about small genetic fun facts about themselves that they didn't even think to ask! The ancestry kits give cool info like how our DNA affects your health status and what traits we could pass on to our kids.

    33. AND a doggie DNA test for the pooch parents in your life since getting a gift for their dog is just as good (hey, sometimes better) as getting one for them. Seriously, who's NOT going to want to do this super over-the-top thing for their fur baby?! Also, this will absolutely warm the hearts of anyone you know who owns a rescue, mixed breed, or both!

    34. A retractable keychain phone charger so a person will never be without a charge — or a lil' positive encouragement.

    a charger that is pink and white and says "Stay Positive"

    35. A travel neck pillow that totally looks like an infinity scarf but don't let the appearance fool ya. The snug, adjustable fit will ensure that the head and neck are positioned properly whenever a person is traveling and trying to sleep while sitting up on the go. It's only a half of a pound so it'll fit inside luggage easily and it's machine-washable.

    36. A sensory fidget toy set for anyone of any age when they get restless, nervous, anxious, or stressed. It'll bring the kid out of adults and the playfulness out of actual kids. The toys are also varied enough to capture the attention of different kinds of personalities.

    the different fidget toys

    37. A kitty spoon with purr-ty paws that'll hang on the side of tea and coffee cups.

    38. A set of all-natural lip balms to keep lips smooth and moisturized this season. These can be given to people who like all-natural beauty products, people who you didn't think to get a gift for until the last minute, and ya know, any people with lips. It's a foolproof holiday present that anyone can use.

    five lip balm sticks

    39. A scratch art box of rainbow mini notes that'll brighten up anyone's day whether they're doodlers, avid to-do list makers, or just a person who loves to drop sweet or funny notes for themselves and others.

    40. A migraine stick so folks who prefer to avoid over-the-counter medications can still roll this on to soothe their sore spots.

    reviewer's hand holding the migraine stick which is shaped pretty much like a lip balm tube

    41. And a lip balm holder keychain that you can gift to anyone because I'm sure that 90% of the population shares the same struggle with keeping up with those extremely lose-able capsules of lip balm. These will give a person's keyring some extra color and swag and their lips will be oh so happy about it too!

    42. A Bubble Wrap Calendar to gift the strangely satisfying feel and sound of popped, bubbled plastic every day for the next year. This is the gift people don't even know they want it until – POP! — it becomes a daily ritual — POP! — that makes them feel super ~bubbly~ inside.

    43. A jewelry cleaning pen for the person whose ring is way duller than it was when you first attended their wedding. You won't be able to tell which is sparklier — the ring or their smile.

    44. A BESTOPE Blackhead Removal Kit to encourage everyone you know to avoid picking their breakouts with their fingers. 'Tis the season to get those skincare routines under control! (It's... also...low-key... wildly satisfying to watch blackheads ooze out and that's what the receiver will secretly be happy about when they open this gift.)

    case of blackhead tools that look like metal sticks with differently shaped loops on each end. A reviewer's hand is holding one from the case.

    45. The Brilliant or BS card game for anyone in your life who lives for a good game night at the house. This'll be an easy game since knowing the *actual* trivia answers isn't the point of the game exactly. It'll have players questioning their judgment, their friends' and fam's knowledge, and maybe doing a lil' bit of lying 🥴😂.

    46. A set of cat pens that'll make for some ~purr~ty-looking desk swag and also smooth writing.

    47. A mood-centric tea bag set meant to inspire different positive states of being like focus, inspiration, and energy. It'll be great for tea drinkers and also for the super bubbly, positive people in your life who really appreciate feel-good stuff.

    48. Slip silk hair ties that anyone who likes to pull their hair back or up and out of their face will SO appreciate. The silk will help minimize breakage. PLUS, they come in a very cute ornament so they can hang out on the tree until you gift 'em!