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    21 Affordable Things To Make Your Home More Awesome This Summer

    "Home sweet home" may get a new meaning this summer. 😎

    1. A mini sprinkler pool that'll be easy to set up in the yard so the kids — or dogs, per the reviews — will get plenty of water time at the house this summer. Plus, it's got cartoon letters and animals at the bottom of it so kids can get a little learning done in between splashes.

    A small inflatable pool with water shooting up from the squirters all around the rim of it. It's sitting in a yard, attached to a hose.

    2. Outdoor string lights to make hanging outside near your house extra ~lit~. Throw this above your outdoor seating area and you'll instantly have a spot worth Instagramming.

    3. A Pothos plant that's a favorite amongst vet plant parents but will also make great starter greenery for newbies. If your goal this summer is to fill your home with plants, here's the best starter.

    The plant sitting in a pot on the corner of a dresser. It's prob about a foot tall including the pot.

    4. And! Miracle-Gro indoor plant food sticks to keep your plants alive so they'll actually ~stick~ around to make your home look like a beautiful indoor garden.

    5. Yankee Candles that come in so many great summer-appropriate scents that you prob won't be able to just snag one. Want your home to smell like a romantic beach getaway ("Pink Sands") or apple blossoms and citrus ("Flowers In The Sun")? Your ~wick~ is my command!

    A reviewer's hand holding the biggest jar of the "Pink Sands" Yankee Candle

    6. Ice pop molds to make all the cold, sweet treats your taste buds can handle in your own kitchen.

    four popsicle containers filled with the fruit mix. Two have the tops on them that will serve as the sticks

    7. A cooling elevated pet bed that'll make your house cooler this summer for your fur baby. It's designed to let air in so pets can ~chill~ with you all summer with zero probs.

    8. An expandable wall gardening system to give yourself a makeshift indoor or outdoor garden, even if you don't have a yard or a ton of space.

    Two lines of about 15 plant pots on one long rectangle that's attached to a rail on an outdoor porch

    9. The Spontuneous game that'll require a player to choose a word while the others think of a song with that word in the lyrics. Note: You don't need a great voice. In fact, things'll be more fun if you sound as bad as possible. Game nights at your house this summer are about to get a serious ~tune~-up.

    10. A small bookshelf for anyone who's digging more into summer reads and needs more space to store the titles.

    11. A soft-serve maker that'll turn your favorite frozen fruit into yummy, healthy soft-serve. It'll be the perf at-home substitution for runs to the ice cream truck this summer.

    12. A giant Connect Four for your household — it will def be a fun choice if the family needs a lil' extra game time to ~connect~ with each other over lighthearted fun.

    an oversized connect four game on a table which has several holes in it where chips can be inserted via the open top slot. Two people are standing on either side of it playing the game.

    13. A weighted blanket you'll actually enjoy sleeping under this summer since it's designed to keep you cooled thanks to its cotton material and interior glass beads that help regulate temperature.

    a reviewer snuggled up and smiling underneath a blue and white striped weighted blanket

    14. The Kan Jam for outdoor game folks who've already played themselves out of regular frisbee and want to have some more fun out in the yard. 🥏

    15. A pocket projector to turn movie nights and streaming sessions into a big to-do! Once you throw in buttery popcorn and tell someone to "shh!" a few times, it'll be like your house is a real theater — without the ridiculously priced snacks, of course.

    the pocket projector looks like a white square, no bigger than a Mac charger

    16. An air fryer for the dog days when you really don't feel like standing in front of a hot stove but still want something yummy and home-cooked.

    17. A leafy greens gardening kit that'll def be a triple threat for ya since it'll 1) give you a new hobby this summer or feed your current one, 2) feed your actual belly since they're edible, and 3) give your home the greenery it needs — ya know, before it makes its way to your table. 🍽️🌿🥬

    All of the kit pieces laid across a surface along with the greens that the seeds will eventually grow into

    18. Playful pom pom pillow covers that'll be a quick, easy way to brighten up your home decor for the season.

    19. A waterproof picnic blanket for days when you could use a different setting to enjoy a meal but don't necessarily want to leave your home. Backyard picnic, here you come!

    20. An inflatable bowling game so kids can work on getting their strikes without potentially destroying the house. It can also be played outside in the yard for even more physical activity.

    inflatable ball and pins

    21. A watermelon slicer to keep in the house so prepping your go-to summer snack will be the easiest ever.

    The tool, which cuts cubes quickly and easily

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