Mary Mary
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    • Mary Mary

      Having been raised an omnivore for most of my life until I went vegatarian years ago and now vegan, I can speak from both perspectives. I was never preached to or made to feel a certain way by vegans when I was eating meat, but I do see vegans being scrutinized terribly for choosing to abstain in the suffering of animals. I actually hate eating amongst my coworkers because they inevitably have something rude or ignorant to say about my food. And non vegans ALWAYS start the conversation when I am “outed” at an event. My husband’s who is a vegan as well is “jokingly” called a pussy or a fag by his meat-eating friends, while he’s never criticized their choices. Take a look @ the comments below and you can clearly read which ppl are angry and hostile and tormenting animal lovers by promising to eat endangered species etc…