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30 Signs You Went To Brandeis University

Get those gavels going! Louis would want you to read this list of signs you went to Brandeis.

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2. Yet, you get defensive when someone calls it "That Jewish School." Since it isn't. It was only named after the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice. And has a Hebrew motto. But it's nonsectarian. OK? Got it?

You also may or may not have added some Hebrew or Yiddish to your vocabulary upon arriving at Brandeis.

9. As a pre-frosh, the castle was your dream place to live.

After about a month, you changed your mind because you discovered the rooms in there aren’t exactly made for royalty.

14. BranVan is always on time and efficient.

Just like the T.

16. Going to Boston was the most inconvenient thing ever, even though there was a free shuttle (on select days, of course) and it’s only a few miles away.

And let’s face it, the commuter rail is not exactly the quickest method of transportation.

21. You know never to start talking about Israel, because things can get pretty heated.

Seriously, I once witnessed someone throw a banana across the dining hall because of another student's opinions on Palestine.

27. Admit it: You took meals from the kosher side even though you weren’t on a kosher meal plan because the food was better.

And you were probably given dirty looks. Especially if you were too lazy to use a tray.

29. You have seen this video. Your friends also reference it incessantly and someone asks if you’ve seen it about twice a month.

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