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The Best Price Is Right T-Shirts

In honor of my upcoming trip down to Contestants' Row, I decided to put together a compilation of The Price Is Right fashion statements. I am taking suggestions for my outfit!

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  • 1. Tie-dye bear

  • 2. Hand-drawn T

  • 3. Hard-core fanatic

  • 4. Minimalist

    Preppy and classic. Not typical of TPIR.

  • 5. These girls know what they want

    Yodely??? That game is tough. Hope I don't get that one!

  • 6. For the kids

  • 7. Giving away your real age on tv = bold.

  • 8. Not sure what he means by "stuck"

  • 9. Procrastination at its best

    Good job using a sharpie for tv...

  • 10. Not afraid to ask

    Not afraid to ask for what she wants.

  • 11. Classic Hawaiian

    Nice tans...

  • 12. Corporate sponsorship

  • 13. The Sorority

    Bob was a sucker for those college students!

  • 14. Bulk order

    One in a million...

  • 15. The Wheel!

    Technically, this isn't a t-shirt and this little guy isn't old enough to be on the show, but he sure is cute!