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Here's Why You Still Love High School Musical

Happy 10th anniversary, HSM!

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In celebration of High School Musical airing for the first time on Disney Channel 10 years ago, I decided to make an article dedicated to the movie trilogy that changed our expectations for high school and relationships forever.

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Click play and let the nostalgia begin.

You live vicariously through Troy and Gabriella's relationship

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Let's face it; Troy and Gabriella are relationship goals. You've always wanted someone who was willing to bring senior prom to you, or give you a necklace with their letter on it, but unfortunately there is only one Troy, and Gabriella has him.

HSM gave us permission to be ourselves

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Weather hip-hop was you passion, you played the cello, or liked to bake, HSM showed us that that the coolest thing you could be was yourself.

The dance sequence in I Don't Dance was the coolest thing you've ever seen, and you've tried several times to recreate it in your basement

Cut the shit Chad. You dance like an angel.

Ryan Evans was the style icon we all needed


Ryan taught us that sometimes the best accessories were a winning smile and a killer hat.

Troy understood how hard it was to make decisions that impacted the future

Disney / Via

Troy knows that sometimes decisions are hard, and sometimes you just need a good scream.

You live for the Wildcat Cheer

Disney / Via

It didn't matter if your mascot was a wildcat or not. This cheer united you all as the wildcats you wish you were

All of the songs are catchy af

Disney / Via

"Why am I feelin' so wrong? My head's in the game, but my heart's in the song!"

Sharpay is the sass queen, and you love her for it

Disney / Via

Sharpay taught you to keep stepping up and just don't stop til you reach the top

Troy and Chad's epic bromance

" But hey, brothers fight, and they're still brothers."
Disney / Via

" But hey, brothers fight, and they're still brothers."

Bet On It

Disney / Via

The scene. The dancing. The refection. The angst. It's perfect.

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