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    • marlonr2

      Zimmerman assumed this boy wasacriminal or had criminal intent based on how he looked. When he tailed Martin he never at any point saw Martin commit or attemptacriminal act.  Zimmerman, against the direction of the dispatcher, engaged with Martin andaviolent altercation ensued. Zimmerman, who was armed, shot Martin during the struggle. Bringing up Martin’s character means that you would have to be OK with everything Zimmerman did prior to his direct altercation with Martin. You would have to agree that Martin gave Zimmerman every reason to be suspicious of him based on his observable behavior. You’d have to agree that Zimmerman made the right call by initiating contact with Martin even though the dispatch asked him not to. As far as character goes Martin doesn’t haveacriminal record while Zimmerman does. Martin wasn’t armed while Zimmerman was armed. Martin didn’t initiate contact or act suspiciously while Zimmerman was posing asarecognized authority figure.
      Ireally don’t see what kind of defense Zimmerman has.  Zimmerman mistook Martin foracriminal who was about to commitacrime. He ended up killing the boy feeling that he’d prevented and impending crime from occurring. Only to find out that he was completely wrong in his assessment of Martin and that he himself is the only one who committedacrime.

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