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    I Tried A Bunch Of Weird Deodorants And These Ones Actually Stopped The Stank

    Putting the KO on BO.

    Natural deodorants: they're either a holy grail or a holy freaking terror.

    As a wannabe earthy-crunchy all-natural beauty goddess, I've transitioned nearly every other part of my personal care routine to some form of "green" products, but deodorants are one area where I struggled.

    I've always been something of a sweaty Betty, and an active lifestyle coupled with a move to the seemingly always-humid American South meant battling a whole new level of swamp pits.

    When I first started experimenting with natural solutions to this particularly smelly problem, I was optimistic. This rose-glasses approach faded quickly, since every time I tried some new variety of overly-hyped pit goop, I found myself with sweaty pits, stained shirts, and sometimes an even worse smell than I'd started with! Not cool.

    Despite my frustrations (and instead of simply returning to my trusty Secret), I was determined to find a natural solution to my perspiration problem. To that end, I've tried some truly off-the-wall products that promise to leave you smelling fresh and clean, even on a humid Houston summer day.

    Not all of them delivered on that promise, but I definitely walked away from each experiment with a story.

    1) Primal Pit Powder

    Primal Pit Paste / Via

    An unscented, talc-free powder is about as natural as you can get when it comes to pit products. This brand does a great job of absorbing odor-causing wetness thanks to cornstarch and kaolin clay, gives you a generous amount in each bottle, and comes in a variety of scents if you're looking for something with a bit of personality. The only downsides are the (fairly messy) application process and the (occasional) need to reapply.

    2) Living Libations Underarm Charm

    Living Libations / Via

    Living Libations's "Underarm Charm" is about as earthy-crunchy as you can get with deodorants. A cocoa butter base with arrowroot to absorb wetness combine with an intoxicating blend of scents that smell like root beer (with a touch of sandalwood for intrigue.) While the baking soda may cause irritation in some folks, overall this is a great pick for those interested in effective natural options (with a bonus of the packaging being zero-waste friendly!)

    3) MOTHERDIRT AO+ Mist


    A probiotic spray is probably NOT what comes to mind for most people when they think "deodorant". While it sounds like an unusual solution, this unique formulation helps restore your skin's natural barrier with ammonia oxidizing bacteria. The bacteria are supposed to feed on your sweat to keep things balanced and stink-free. Personally, I didn't experience enough of a decrease in BO to continue using this mist exclusively, but it did seem to help clear up my acne (and *cough* bacne), which definitely make it worth a try!

    4) Nuud: The Carefree Deodorant

    nuud / Via

    This all-natural, vegan deodorant works using ecocert micro silver to neutralize bacteria. In addition to being a luxe addition to your personal care routine (it's hard not to feel like royalty while smearing precious metals under your arms), it comes in a sugarcane tube packed in recyclable cardboard. Some folks may even find they don't need to apply nuud every day to experience full effectiveness, meaning you can use less. The only downsides: shipping from the Netherlands means you either have to sign up for their subscription service or always plan ahead, and the tube itself is TINY (good for traveling, but I was super surprised when it first arrived.)

    5) Pit Liquor

    Pit Liquor / Via

    Crafted right here in the U.S. of A. (in Colorado, to be exact) this boozy body spray puts the smack down on stink with high quality cocktail ingredients! Each has a base of vodka and whiskey, mixed with arrowroot powder, moisturizing teas, and essential oils. The alcohol smell fades quickly as it dries, and kills odor-causing bacteria in the process, leaving you smelling fresh and clean.


    A combination of Nuud and Pit Liquor are currently working the best for me personally to stay smelling fresh while living in the swamp. They might be slightly more expensive options, but since so little is needed every day, they tend to last. To stretch a bottle of Pit Liquor even further, I *may* thin it out with a little cheap booze of my own, but let's keep that lifehack between all of us here on the internet, mmkay? Here's to stopping your own stank this summer!

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