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Pampered Pooches: 5 Celebrity Pets That Have It Really Rough

5 Dogs that are more popular than you will ever be

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Visiting California and hoping to catch sight of a celebrity? Try visiting one of many Los Angeles kennels. Being the pet of a celebrity has its perks and most of these perks give them plenty to "bark" about. Life is a celebrity pet is nothing to shake a stick at. These furry babies are pampered beyond what the average normal citizen deems needed or appropriate for pet. Here are five examples of pampered pets with famous owners.

Ace and Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher's pooch, Ace, is part of the family. Ace goes on tour with his mommy all the time. This rat terrier had a special role in their wedding as the ring bearer. So sweet!

Beast and Mark Zuckerberg

This particular pup has friends! Beast has become one of the most friended canines on facebook thanks to his owner and facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg. With his owner's company being reportedly worth about $170 Billion, Beast will never go without anything he wants.

Frankie and Adam Lavine

Frankie is another dog that isn't lonely on the internet. Her owner, Adam Lavine, made her a Twitter account where she has gained over 1,700 followers. Adam is so in love with Frankie, his right shoulder now bears a tattooed portrait of her.

Genghis Khan II and Martha Stewart

This pampered canine is winning hearts as well as awards. During the Westminster Dog Show, Genghis Khan II won Best in Breed to the pleasure of his owner Martha Stewart. This chow chow is fluffy and lovable even when not winning awards, so Martha pampers her pet any chance she gets.

Tinkerbell and Paris Hilton

The most well-known lucky dog is, by far, Tinkerbell who belongs to Paris Hilton. Tinkerbell is always seen wearing the latest in doggie fashion. Thanks to her human mommy Paris, Tinkerbell and her other canine family memebers live in a $325,000 mansion made custom for them.

Puppy pampering can include everything from spotless dog baths, perfect manicures, and professional grooming to attentive ear cleansing, massages, and apparently doggie mansions. These celebrity canine companions are never a burden to their owners and some are like an adorable accessory to an outfit, no matter if they are being held in their owner's arms or walking on a leash.

Whether your furry family is as pampered as these celebrity pooches or if you just do all you can to get the stuff they need, you can bet they still love you. Dogs are like that; they love unconditionally.

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