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"In The Garage": 6 Perfect Nerd Retreats Where You Can Be Yourself

If you ever felt like you didn't fit in, here are a few places you can:

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There's got to be a place where everyone can be themselves, and every nerd needs a retreat where they can let go and be who they are without any judgment. Each of the five retreats below are not just about hiding from society. They are about giving people a chance to be themselves and set up a place where they can feel comfortable.

The Garage

Everyone who loves Weezer knows the song, but the idea of the garage haven for nerds is actually something that has spawned the greatest innovations in history. Steve Jobs and Michael Dell both built computers in their garage. Bands recorded albums in their garages, and a garage is a blank slate where someone can set up any kind of room they want. Plus, the garage is a place that is away from everybody else in the house.

The Basement

Basement apartments and living spaces are often sprawling landscapes for nerds to build their own worlds. Many an amazing dungeon or lego recreation of the Enterprise has been built in in basements. Basements are also great places for people to practice with their band because the sound won't travel very far. You might not be great yet, but you can cherish your anonymity for now, and rock out or D&D it up to your heart's content down there.

The Guest House

Every family that has a guest house has potential for awesome parties. If your guest house has a little more space you could play host every weekend to your friends. Your neighbors and your family may not care for your music or cosplay, but they won't need to if you have a guest house to hang out in.

The Shed

If you need some more dedicated space for your craft foam armor to set, or to build your steampunk zepplin, you might want to move things out to the shed. You might laugh, but it was a couple of motorcycle nerds who started Harley Davidson in a shed in 1903. If you want to work on a bigger project or create the ultimate nerd lair in sheds, custom options are offered by some companies like Sheds Unlimited ( Don't be afraid to dream big like these guys.

Camp It Out

Every nerd should have a chance to get away from society and just be themselves out in nature. You might go through some gadget withdrawal, but you could have a great time LARPing with your friends, far from the gaze of anyone who would care. Whether or not you're into that kind of thing, you will enjoy the calm refreshing experience of just being outdoors.

Nerds who need to find a place to be themselves should look for places to set themselves apart from everyone else. Getting away from judgment and be one's self is good for nerds who will be changing the world when they have a work space of their own.

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