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    40 LGBTQ+ Candidates Running For Office In 2022

    With the 2022 Midterms election inching closer, dozens of LGBTQ+ candidates across America are running for change.

    Queering the vote

    A person putting a vote in a box in front of a Pride flag

    1. Becca Balint — Vermont

    Becca Balint was the first woman and queer person to serve as the Vermont Senate President Pro Tempore and is aiming to become the first woman and queer person in the US House of Representatives from Vermont.

    2. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara — North Carolina

    I am honored to be the Democratic Nominee in NC-11! Thank you to all of our volunteers, supporters, and everyone who voted. I am fired up to get out and organize with you as we build to a victory in November. Chip in:

    Twitter: @JBeachFerrara

    After beating a popular republican opponent for county commissioner, Jasmine Beach-Ferrara is now campaigning to become the first LGBTQ+ person elected to a federal position in North Carolina.

    3. Sharice Davids — Kansas

    The first LGBTQ+ person elected to Congress from Kansas and one of the only Native American women ever elected to the US House faces a tough battle in her recently gerrymandered district as the only Kansas democrat.

    4. Tina Kotek — Oregon

    Currently the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Kotek has over a decade of experience advocating for queer equality and is campaigning to become one of the first ever lesbian governors of any state in America.

    5. Danica Roem — Virginia

    Cat photos aside, here's why I'm running for VA state Senate & why I'm asking for your support: 1) As a 3rd-term state delegate serving my lifelong home community, we've passed 32 of my bills into law, including 10 to feed hungry kids. I'm good at my job.

    Twitter: @pwcdanica

    After making history in the Virginia House of Delegates as one of the first transgender people elected in America, Danica Roem is hoping to bring her work to the Virginia State Senate.

    6. Robert Garcia — California

    Congratulations, @RobertGarcia! One November election away from becoming the first out LGBTQ immigrant ever elected to Congress. Happy Pride!

    Twitter: @VictoryFund

    The queer Mayor of Long Beach got reelected with over 80% of the vote four years ago and is looking for the same success to make him the first out immigrant elected to Congress.

    7. Maura Healey — Massachusetts

    The current Attorney General of Massachusetts and former Harvard graduate is hoping to become one of the first lesbian governors in America. 

    8. Patrick Branco — Hawaii

    A lifelong resident of Hawaii, Branco is seeking to become the first LGBTQ+ person elected to Congress from the state.

    9. Heather Mizeur — Maryland

    Mizeur has been a policy pro for almost two-plus decades, including serving as John Kerry’s Domestic Policy Director and as a longtime member of the Maryland General Assembly. She is aiming to become the first LGBTQ+ person elected to Congress from Maryland.

    10. Kris Mayes — Arizona

    It’s a dark day in American history. We refuse to go backwards & I will fight like hell to ensure women have control over our own bodies.When elected Attorney General my 12-point plan for protecting & retaining reproductive rights - incl. the right to an abortion - starts DAY 1.

    Twitter: @krismayes

    Mayes wants to use their time as Arizona Corporation Commissioner to help consumers as Arizona's Attorney General. If she succeeds, she will be the first LGBTQ+ Attorney General in Arizona history.

    11. Chris Pappas — New Hampshire

    Today we organize. Make no mistake: reproductive rights are on the ballot this November, and we need everyone in this fight. Started the day at our office in Manchester to say thank you to our volunteers and supporters heading out to knock on doors. #NHPolitics #NH01

    Twitter: @ChrisPappasNH

    Chris Pappas is the first out gay person elected to Congress from New Hampshire and is running for reelection this year.

    12. Jamie McLeod-Skinner — Oregon

    After building a wildly successful grassroots political campaign four years ago, Jamie McLeod-Skinner is running to become the first LGBTQ+ person in the House of Representatives from Oregon.

    13. Eric Sorensen — Illinois

    Meteorologist Eric Sorensen is aiming to be the first LGBTQ+ person from Illinois in the House of Representatives.

    14. Zooey Zephyr — Montana

    Inspired by firsthand discrimination, Zooey Zephyr is running to become the first queer transgender woman ever elected in Montana.

    15. Will Rollins — California

    After working with California to prosecute those involved in the January 6th insurrection, Will Rollins is running to become the second queer person elected to Congress from the state.

    16. Leigh Finke — Minnesota

    Leigh Finke has spent their entire life advocating for progressive causes like abortion rights, queer youth, trans liberation, and more, which she hopes to bring to the Minnesota State Legislature as the first ever transgender lawmaker in the state.

    17. Izzy Smith-Wade-El — Pennsylvania

    After serving two terms on the Lancaster City Council, Izzy Smith-Wade-El is running to become the first nonbinary person in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

    18. Erick Russell — Connecticut

    Thank you Connecticut Democrats for your endorsement and nomination! I am humbled by your support and pledge to live up to the trust you have placed in me. I’m ready to fight and ready to do the work for our party to win in November.

    Twitter: @ErickRussellCT

    A lawyer with a background in progressive activism, Erick Russell is running to become the first Black LGBTQ+ person elected at a statewide level in the country.

    19. Jason Hoskins — Michigan

    Currently a Southfield City Council member, Jason Hoskins is running to become the first black LGBTQ+ person in the Michigan House of Representatives.

    20. James Michael Bowers — Nebraska

    James Michael Bowers is running off of his success as the Chair of the Lincoln City Council to try and become the first gay man elected to the Nebraska Legislature.

    21. Liz Bennett — Iowa

    It’s official, we did it! The ballots have been counted and the results are in. We’ve officially won our primary race and are moving forward to the general election.

    Twitter: @LizBennettIowa

    Liz Bennett became the first ever queer person in the Iowa House of Representatives in 2014 and is hoping to become the first queer person in the Iowa State Senate this year.

    22. Christian Manuel Hayes — Texas

    We are proud to support @ChristianMD22 for House District 22! #txlege

    Twitter: @TexasTREPAC

    After working in Texas politics for almost 20 years, Christian Manuel Hayes is running to become the first Black queer man elected to the Texas House of Representatives.

    23. LaWana Mayfield — North Carolina

    Twitter: @lawanamayfield

    LaWana Mayfield has been involved in Charlotte, North Carolina politics for over a decade and is aiming to become the first LGBTQ+ Black woman elected for a citywide position in Charlotte.

    24. Elinor Levin — Iowa

    Elinor Levin is running to bring more LGBTQ+ representation to the Iowa State House of Representatives.

    25. Eunic Ortiz — Florida

    After 15 years of queer activism, Eunic Ortiz is running to be one of the first lesbians in the Florida State Senate.

    26. Zachary Parker — Washington DC

    The current leader of the DC State Board of Education, Zachary Parker is hoping to be the first queer Black man on the DC City Council.

    27. Janelle Perez — Florida

    Cancer survivor Janelle Perez is running to be one of the first lesbians in the Florida State Senate.

    28. Angie Craig — Minnesota

    Finishing off our three-parade weekend at the Twin Cities Pride Parade today, on the 7th anniversary of the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate!

    Twitter: @AngieCraigMN

    Angie Craig was the first queer person elected to the House of Representatives from Minnesota in 2018 and is facing a tough reelection fight later this year.

    29. Daniel Hernandez — Arizona

    A former school board member and current member of the Arizona House of Representatives, Daniel Hernandez is running to become the second LGBTQ+ Latinx person in the US House of Representatives.

    30. Mondaire Jones — New York

    Couldn’t have asked for a better #NYCPride. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Keep having fun, spreading love, and being YOU, New York City!

    Twitter: @MondaireJones

    Mondaire Jones was one of the first two LGBTQ+ Black people elected to Congress and is running for reelection this year.

    31. Jared Polis — Colorado

    The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade represents a gross disregard for reproductive freedom in this country. Colorado won’t stand for it.

    Twitter: @PolisForCO

    Jared Polis is running for reelection as the first and only gay governor in America.

    32. Joshua Tenorio — Guam

    Joshua Tenorio is hoping to continue his work as the first out LGBTQ person elected Lt. Governor in the United States as he runs for reelection in Guam.

    33. Ritchie Torres — New York

    There are few things in life as sweet as the feeling of pride in NYC. Out and proud—now and always.

    Twitter: @RitchieTorres

    The first LGBTQ Afro-Latinx person elected to the US Congress, Ritchie Torres has over a decade of LGBTQ+ activism experience in New York City.

    34. Sean Patrick Maloney — New York

    The first ever gay man elected to Congress from New York, Sean Patrick Maloney is running for reelection later this year. 

    35. Dana Nessel — Michigan

    I had a great time seeing so many Michiganders celebrating #PrideMonth in the capitol today for @MIPride. Our community is resilient and powerful. We are ready to turn out in droves this November to prove that love will always win in Michigan.

    Twitter: @dananessel

    After becoming the second queer Attorney General in the nation, Dana Nessel is running for reelection as Michigan Attorney General in this year's midterms.

    36. Mark Pocan — Wisconsin

    Congressman @MarkPocan is coming to La Crosse for #WisDems2022: “Doing What’s Right for Wisconsin”! It’s not too late to join your favorite Wisconsin Democrats as we rally for a brighter future for everyone in Wisconsin—secure your ticket here:

    Twitter: @WisDems

    Mark Pocan was one of the first queer people elected to Congress from Wisconsin and is running for reelection during the upcoming midterms.

    37. Mark Takano — California

    In 2012, I became the first openly gay person of color elected to Congress. Today I’m serving as Speaker Pro Tem as the House prepares to vote on the #EqualityAct. I’m thinking of those who marched and built a movement to protect the lives of LGBTQ+ people and expand our rights.

    Twitter: @RepMarkTakano

    Mark Takano of California is running to continue being one of the only queer AAPI people elected to Congress.

    38. Ben Bowman — Oregon

    Ben Bowman is running to become the youngest LGBTQ+ person in the Oregon House of Representatives.

    39. Karla Drenner — Georgia

    I am honored to be supported by Georgia's next Governor. @staceyabrams

    Twitter: @KarlaDrenner

    Karla Drenner is looking for reelection as the first queer person elected to the Georgia House of Representatives.

    40. Jim Obergefell — Ohio

    You may recognize his name from the landmark bill that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, but Jim Obergefell is hoping to continue his activism into the Ohio state legislature.