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25 LGBTQ+ TV Shows And Films Airing This Pride Month

With LGBTQ+ Pride Month getting bigger and better every year, here is your guide on the queerest TV shows and movies airing this June.

Your guide on all the new goodies in store for Pride Month

A screenshot of Netflix's First Kill

Every LGBTQ+ Pride Month, there are tons of queer content released for the little gays and theys to consume, with this year being no exception.

While the pandemic put an enormous strain on the film and television industry, things are finally getting back to where they used to be, but things are even gayer!

With sapphic vampires, queer Pride and Prejudice retellings, reboots of queer classics, and so much more, this Pride Month may just have a little something for everyone.

Queer as Folk — June 9 on Peacock

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Peacock/ youtube.com

While the original versions of Queer as Folk took the LGBTQ+ community by storm, the original incantations truly only showed a very white, cis-gender side of the queer community, which the new reboot aims to change. 

In the same fashion as the original, the reboot will be a very queer show that doesn’t stray away from serious topics, including what seems to be a Pulse-shooting inspired plot, but promises to center on queer joy.

Fin Argus, Devin Way, Johnny Sibilly, Ryan O'Connell, Candace Grace, and Jesse James Keitel will lead the reboot, with Benito Skinner, Kim Catrall, and more set to guest star. 

While only time will tell the impact this reboot will have, let's hope it captures queer magic like its predecessors. 

First Kill — June 10 on Netflix

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Netflix/ youtube.com

A girl next in line to fill her monster-hunting family’s shoes finds herself in love with a girl who happens to be a vampire. 

If you are a former Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan like myself, then your ears probably perked up for good reason. 

The trailer for the show sets up a war between two families destined to be enemies with the sapphic yearning amped up to the max, making this one another to add to the watch list.

While Halloween is not for some time, sapphic star-crossed lovers are timeless.

Fire Island — June 3 on Hulu

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Hulu/ youtube.com

One of the most anticipated queer films in recent years, Fire Island takes Pride and Prejudice and lets it take a huff of poppers while wearing only a jockstrap and dancing to Lady Gaga, which, frankly, is what gay dreams are made of. 

Joel Kim Booster wrote the script and stars alongside Saturday Night Live standout, Bowen Yang, Conrad Ricamora, Matt Rogers, and Margaret Cho in a story about love and class on an island full of queer people. 

The Andrew Ahn-directed feature will debut on Hulu on June 3 and probably make some culture when it drops.

The Umbrella Academy — June 22 on Netflix

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Netflix/ youtube.com

Trans king Elliot Page makes his return to the wonderfully weird Umbrella Academy

The third season promises to keep all the family drama and super-powered antics of the previous seasons while adding in some multi-verse style twists with the new mysterious Sparrows, who seem a lot like themselves. 

While the show has always included queer voices, this will be the first season for Elliot Page since coming out as trans, which luckily was taken in stride and will see the new season update its story to fit his identity.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7 — May 20 on Paramount+

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Paramount+/ youtube.com

While this will premiere in May, this all-winners rendition of the hugely popular franchise will no doubt be all that LGBTQ+ Twitter talks about every week until it's over, and probably long after that. 

This season has been talked about and wished for by the fandom for years now, only adding to the flames of what is sure to be one of the biggest queer hits of the year. 

Raja, Monét X Change, Jinkx Monsoon, Shea Couleé, Trinity The Tuck, The Vivienne, and Jaida Essence Hall will fight for a $200,000 dollar prize and the title of "Queen of all Queens," meaning the stakes have never been higher!

Legendary — May 19 on HBO Max

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HBO Max/ youtube.com

Keke Palmer joins the judging panel for the third season of this ballroom vogueing competition show for even bigger dips and flips and even greater queer excellence.

If the first two seasons were any indicator, this season will be loud, queer, and gaggy and luckily will air all throughout Pride season.

Dashaun Wesley, Leiomy Maldonado, Jameela Jamil, Law Roach, and Palmer will fill the judging panel and will see guests like Bob the Drag Queen, Issa Rae, Leslie Jones, and more join the fun that will happen weekly throughout the summer on HBO Max.

Trixie Motel — June 3 on Discovery+

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Discovery+/ youtube.com

Trixie Mattel is undoubtedly one of the biggest queer stars in the world, and her foray into the motel business begins this pride season! 

Her friends will help her build a probably very pink and very queer motel we are all going to jealously look at because we know we will never get to stay there ourselves. 

If the whole home improvement vibe isn’t really your thing, then at least you can count on it being very gay! That automatically makes it better than almost everything on the Home and Garden channel.

My Fake Boyfriend — June 17 on Amazon Prime

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My Fake Boyfriend is the latest in a trend of teen movies letting queer characters be more than the "gay best friend."

The film by Rose Troche sees Keiynan Lonsdale as an upset lover sick of his man's commitment issues. Cue his bestie, played by Sarah Hyland, who schemes to use a fake boyfriend with the help of Dylan Sprouse to make his man understand what he is missing. Things soon become very messy, which sounds like a good time.

The film looks chock full of wonderful young adult debauchery and seems like a queer film that lets its story unveil the juicy drama seemingly in store. 

The film will debut on Amazon Prime June 17.

Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration — June 9 on Netflix

Originally part of Netflix’s comedy festival, Netflix is a Joke Fest, this queer special will give the mic to some of the funniest LGBTQ+ comedians on the planet. 

Billy Eichner will host the event with queer legends like Margaret Cho, Rosie O'Donnell, Tig Notaro, and Wanda Sykes listed as headliners. 

Drag icons Trixie Mattel and Bob the Drag Queen join some of the brightest queer comedians like Matteo Lane, Patti Harrison, Joel Kim Booster, and more to what Netflix calls the largest gathering of LGBTQ+ comedians ever. 

Generation Drag — June 1 on Discovery+

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Discovery+/ youtube.com

The drag boom is not slowing down soon with Tyra Banks joining the fray!

Her new show with Discovery+ will see the iconic model and television host a new show aimed at the younger queers who find themselves in love with drag.

The series will follow five groups of teens and their families as they prepare for a drag show designed to let the LGBTQ+ teens express themselves to the fullest.

All six episodes of the series will be available to watch on June 1.

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Roadside Attractions/ youtube.com

Benediction — in theaters on June 3

In theaters this Pride Month will be an export from across the pond about famed British poet, Siegfried Sassoon, who was an anti-war poet during the early 20th century with a proclivity for men!

He was famously sent to a psychiatric facility over his anti-war stances and became well known for his poems that refused to pretend war was a good thing and went against the British establishment. 

The biopic will feature both Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi as the famous British poet and include his journey as a queer man navigating a Britain that he is at odds with.

The film will premiere on June 3 in America.

Love, Victor — Hulu on June 15

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Hulu/ youtube.com

The Love, Simon spin-off, Love, Victor, will reach its conclusion as its last season sets a June 15 premiere date on Hulu and Disney+.

The final season will see Victor have to choose between his two current loves and deal with the consequences of his actions. Fun gay teen stuff!

Interestingly, the show will also make its debut on Disney+, where it was originally slated to go until execs deemed it "too mature" for the platform regarding its queerness. 

Only years later, after a large public outcry over Disney's treatment of queer characters in their works, did they decide that Love, Victor could be put on their flagship streamer.

The Book of Queer — June 2 on Discovery+

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Discovery+/ youtube.com

Did you know the great artist Michelangelo was queer? What about Alexander the Great? Or Leonardo Di Vinci? 

If you, like 99% of other people on Earth, didn't know some of these well-known figures were actually queer, then The Book of Queer may have to be pushed up your watch list.

Throughout June, the series will tell the stories of queer individuals that history tries to ignore, with help from queer icons like Leslie Jordan, Margaret Cho, Dominique Jackson, and more!

So while it's all fun and streaming, don't forget to learn something this Pride Month about the amazing LGBTQ+ people who have contributed in ways that have been erased for thousands of years.

The Boys — June 3 on Amazon Prime

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Amazon/ youtube.com

Amazon Prime's The Boys will be one of the most talked about shows, with the return of lesbian superhero Queen Maeve and a crop of new characters with a queer background, when its third season starts on June 3.

The original comic was known for its edgy and rather insensitive material (at least for queer people) which the creators have said they will try to avoid. 

The addition of Supernatural alum, Jensen Ackles, as Solider Boy will be one to watch, as his comic origins don't exactly give the most positive queer representation, but the show's handling of queer characters has only made it better, so let's hope that trend continues! 

Other queer goodies to keep an eye out for....

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Ms. Marvel, one of the latest MCU superhero shows, will apparently feature multiple LGBTQ+ characters and actors in the show when it premieres on June 8 on Disney+.

P-Valley, the Starz original show, will return for a second season on June 3 and feature the wonderful non-binary icon, Nico Annan, as the owner of a strip club in the south.

Lena Waithe's Showtime drama, The Chi, will return for a fifth season on June 26 and continue the story of a group of people on the south side of Chicago.

The HBO Max comedy, Hacks, took over the queer world when it released last year, featuring a hilarious and very queer cast that will have new episodes airing weekly throughout June, with some episodes already up.

A smaller-scale HBO Max offering, Gentlemen Jack aired across the pond on HBO during April, but the second season will finish out its historical tale of queer women trying to make it in a straight world during Pride Month!

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Even more LGBTQ+ stuff to add to the list!

Physical, an Apple TV+ dark comedy with Rose Byrne as an '80s woman searching for meaning in a world of aerobics, will have queer icon and The White Lotus standout, Murray Bartlett, join its second season on June 3.

Joel Kim Booster will not only have the spotlight for Fire Island, but also for his one-hour stand-up special, Psychosexual, which will air on Netflix June 21.

The Tony Awards, which for is the Super Bowl for theatre girls and gays, will air on CBS and Paramount+ June 12

Disney's Lightyear will premiere on June 17 with a same-sex kiss that was originally cut from the film but re-added after public outcry amid a report that the company censored all signs of queerness in their studio's works. 

Newly minted Queer Oscar winner, Ariana DeBose, will join fellow LGBTQ+ icons, Tessa Thompson and Evan Rachel Wood, in the fourth season of Westworld, airing on HBO June 26.

Sapphic legend, Kristen Stewart, will lead David Cronenberg's new film, Crimes of the Future, which promises to be a truly insane sci-fi experience when it premieres on June 10

My Fake Boyfriend, a new LGBTQ+ rom com from BuzzFeed Studios starring Keiynan Lonsdale, Dylan Sprouse, and Sarah Hyland, is out June 17 in the US — just in time for Pride! Sign up for Prime Video now so you're ready to watch.

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