14 Ways Getting Stuff Done In Congress Is Like Climbing A 14er

For Mark Udall, standing up for Colorado in the U.S. Senate and summiting the world’s tallest peaks are one and the same — well, except for the uniform.

1. Keep your eye on the summit.

Focus on reaching the peak, not scoring political points.

2. Balance is key.

We can’t spend our way to prosperity, but we can’t cut our way to prosperity either.

3. You need the courage to stand on your own.

Independent thinking is essential to our special way of life in Colorado … and wilderness prepares you to stand strong.

4. But remember, like climbers on the same rope, we’re all in this together.

Not just with rope on the side of a mountain, but with a common interest in solving our nation’s toughest problems.

5. You can’t schmooze your way up a mountain.

Talk doesn’t cut it. Results take hard work — it’s what you do, not what you say.

6. When you need something, you make it.

Great states such as Colorado make things. We innovate, we manufacture and we create jobs.

7. Don’t forget that some things should be left untouched.

Like our civil liberties, our private health decisions and who we decide to marry. At the heart of freedom is the freedom to be left alone.

8. Sometimes you’re a lone voice in the wilderness.

Just keep pushing for what’s right … and make them listen.

9. You need more allies than enemies.

Forge forward on a bipartisan basis.

10. When in doubt, go back to the book.

The U.S. Constitution is the map for our democracy. Even in the darkest times, we must ensure it prevails.

11. You keep going … and refuse to shut down.

If you do, you’re not doing your job.

12. A difficult journey will include a stumble or a slip.

What matters is dusting yourself off and moving forward.

13. But persistence pays off.

When your team or the nation’s security is on the line, giving up isn’t an option.

14. And when you reach the top of the peak and look out, you don’t see red or blue, Republican or Democrat.

You see America.

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