20 Portraits That Redefine Beauty

Is your beauty worthy of being on display?

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20 Portraits That Redefine Beauty.

Every day we see people on display on magazine covers and billboards and we KNOW we are not reflected in those images. It's time we own our truths, imperfections, and fierceness. Strides are being taken, think Dove, Lane Bryant, and Kenneth Cole, toward showing diversity but that's still through the lens of a professional camera. What about a campaign from the people?

A New York City contemporary dance company is challenging the notion that there's only one ideal beauty. Stemming from its recent art exhibit/fashion show ON DISPLAY, the company asked people all over the globe to share a portrait of themselves and own their truths, imperfections, and fierceness; to explain what being on display means to them—to show up and be seen for exactly who they are, which is much more than their mere features. So, we ask again: Is your beauty worthy of being on display? We say YES.

Here are 20 portraits of people who are redefining beauty:

Share what being on display means for you by posting your own portrait and use the hashtag #MeOnDisplay. To learn more, visit

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