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    • marks66

      In 2003 13 states had felony laws that criminalized homosexuality, denying those folks who were convicted the right to vote and serve on juries. At Dan White’s trial, the man who shot and killed Harvey Milk, his lawyer made sure that LGBT potential jurors were not able to serve by asking them questions like “Have you ever supported controversial causes, like homosexual rights, for instance?” In 2000aCalifornia prosecutor said ofapossible juror that happened to be transgender, “I believe that people who are either transsexuals or transvestites—I don’t know what the proper term is —traditionally are more liberal-minded thinking people, tend to associate more with the defendants because, obviously, they have been either ridiculed before or are feeling inaposition of being inamicroscope all the time and are outcasts which lends themselves to associating more with the defendant.” Yet this judge wants us to believe that there is not history of LGBT Americans being denied the right to vote or serve on juries because they happen to be LGBT.

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