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Neighbors Restore One Couple's Faith In Humanity

On my way out the door I noticed a bottle of booze and a note with my and my boyfriend's name on it. I took it upstairs to check out who gave us our super prize. Even more awesome is the handwritten note it contained.

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I was running out the door when I saw this in the foyer of our apartment. I am always appreciative of a good bottle of scotch, but was unsure who left it for the two of us and why. I ran it upstairs to show John. When we read the letter we were both speechless for a minute.

"Mark and John"

" I'm sure that I'm not the first and hope that I won't be the last to say this. It's about time that the state of Illinois recognizes marriage for everyone. You two don't need a piece of paper to validate your love but hopefully this will make some bureaucratic tasks a little easier."

Your neighbor, Jim Flynn.

While I am very fond of Jim, we only see each other a couple of times a year. For the most part our interactions last a couple of minutes when we run into each other and consist of pleasantries and small talk.

John and I have been dating for 9 years. We live in a part of Chicago that isn't the most supportive or sympathetic to the LGBT community.

While media outlets run mostly horror stories of LGBT discrimination and violence fueled by hatred, I figured I should share this most awesome act of kindness. It is good to have allies along the way, but even better to have friends. Cheers to Jim!

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