Ten Main Reasons To Not Choose Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's depressing record and dismal policies explained point wise.

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1. Mitt Romney’s 47% remark is just plainly unforgivable. Although one might suggest it as a private dinner table talk gaffe, it is not. It is not a gaffe, it is not a conversational mistake, it is not a partial view captured on a camera, it is his thinking. A thought rooted so firmly which his tenure at Bain capital firmly establishes. He will be President for only 47% of America. A man running for Presidency will keep his sinister agenda and thought process secret by all means, but Romney stuns with his audacity to disclose them openly. So best of luck to the 53% American’s if he gets elected.

2. His open views that he would rather have let Detroit go bankrupt have deeper meanings than just economic dealings. It’s not about an industry which might have for its own failure and lack of focus went bankrupt. It’s about giving a second chance. The American way, the American hope and the American way of life. President Obama gave it a second chance and look how Detroit came back to life. It is not always about the money, but that is a feeling you hardly expect from a man for whom it’s always been about money at Bain capital.

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3. His record as Governor of Massachusetts can only be described as appalling. I mean leaving office after just one term with 34% approval rating. And, he has the gumption to talk about the Presidents first term disapproval! His state slipped to 47th number in terms of economy and trade. His state lost 40000 jobs during his tenure, which is double the national average. He raised taxes for the middle and lower income households while having tax cuts for the super rich.

4. And, despite his claims now to like teachers, he slashed $250 million from K-12 in his first budget as Governor. Romney said that he was a “severely conservative” governor. And, his record of 844 vetoes, more than 700 of which were overridden by the state legislature, offers confirmation. He vetoed bills to raise the minimum wage, provide funding for stem cell research, provide emergency contraception, and protect against flooding in his state. And he now claims he has more bi partisan approach than the President.

5. He outsourced as many jobs as he could to India and China. Saying it was just off shoring is a matter of semantics. An American losing his job, still remains an American losing his job.

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6. Tax returns. Should we even bother? 14% in 2011. And for a guy whose father released years of his own returns when he was running, Romney didn’t actually turn out to be his father’s ideal. Cayman Islands, Swiss accounts! Ya, sure elect him, he can solve the deficit using his own money.

7. He has promised to eliminate Planned Parenthood, and is one the most anti-choice Presidents America will have in decades. His policies are likely to endanger the rights of women in America for generations to come.

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8. Romney has plans for the most bizarre federal budgets cuts of the magnitude not seen in decades. He has plans that will turn out Medicare into a voucher program, and supports privatizing Social security. He further plans to not only extend tax cuts started by the Bush administration but also add other tax cuts to the super rich which would run into trillions. And who will pay for it, the middle and working class families.

9. His Foreign policy can be easily termed as any diplomat’s worst nightmare. He plans to throw away four years of painstaking work of the Obama administration’s to introduce a more accommodative foreign policy and replacing it with the Bush era Cowboy style framework of dealing with nations. Permanent Defense spending increases accompanied with, more military interventions in the Middle East and Afghanistan are on the cards.

10. Deregulation of Wall Street, weaker clean air and clean energy standards, social engineering from the Right. If you like the catastrophic mess Bush left this country and want more of it, Romney is your candidate.

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