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All The Blocked Legislations By The Republicans

And they want you to believe that Obama is to be blamed for all this.

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The President does not pass legislation, Congress does. The President can only sign it once it reaches his desk. If you are dissatisfied with the governance of the country over these past four years, you have only the Republican controlled Congress's obstructionism to blame. Rather than focus on passing legislation to improve the lot of We-The-People, Republicans stated that they would only focus on insuring that President Obama did not get a second term. Their only actions would be those that would make economic matters worse, in an effort to politicize the nation's economic woes in order to make the the President's administration look band and to prevent his relection. They did that despite knowing that their obstructionsim would stop any and all efforts to help us recover from a Republican-caused economic meltdown. More views and Analyses at
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