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The M Stone

I have released this slideshow which I believe changes the History of the World in 3.03 min. It is one result of the research I have being doing for the last 4 years into deciphering the art and mind of the megalithic builders. Its a first of its kind and proves conclusively that a group of beings,which I call Super Artists, with comparative physical structures to Neanderthals, existed and had superior creative abilities in Art to our current societies. This evidence is of the beings who constructed the megalithic monuments and once you see it you can never see history in the same way again or art. This image of 'Lucky' is the discovery of a dead history which has never before been seen in our current time. Its no accident and there is a scientific reason behind its existence and its survival. This work also represents a new theory I have constructed in my research which scientifically explains the origins of Art and Religion. This first work describes how beautifully blind we all are. While it turns the tables on all currently accepted knowledge of our prehistory it also opens door to a hidden world of knowledge which was lost in the mists of distant time.

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