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15 Michael Jackson Hologram Jokes In 60 Seconds

These jokes about the Michael Jackson Hologram that performed at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards was amazing! These jokes about said hologram are just slightly less amazing.

Mark Kaye 5 years ago

11 Monica Lewinsky In Vanity Fair Jokes In 60 Seconds

Monica Lewinsky is back with a big piece in Vanity Fair magazine. She dishes on Bill, Hillary, and even throws shade on Beyonce? The best part about Monica being back in the news is that we can come up with a whole new crop of Monica Lewinsky jokes!

Mark Kaye 5 years ago

What Your Dad Is Really Thinking When He Watches FROZEN

Little girls love Disney's FROZEN because of the catchy songs and funny snowman. Moms love the strong and inspiring female protagonists Anna and Elsa. Dads love Elsa too...but for an entirely different reason.

Mark Kaye 5 years ago

18 Reasons Why April Fools' Day Sucks

This rap video illustrates 18 of the most popular, and annoying, April Fools' Day pranks that people will try to pull on you.

Mark Kaye 6 years ago