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    26 Things That Only Make Sense At The Walt Disney World Marathon

    It's January at Walt Disney World. So already, you're pretty much ahead of the game. But you're also throwing down some serious miles--running 26.2 miles through the Happiest Place on Earth. Good news: you get a lot more than just free bananas.

    1. A cheering duck at the finish line? Perfectly normal.

    2. Finisher's photo with two international celebs? Check.

    3. Do they care what you smell like after the marathon? They do not.

    4. NOBODY will support you from the sidelines like Woody. BUT, if he hears Andy coming, he's gotta drop out.

    5. Humans can't hear fairy talk, but trust me: they're saying YOU LOOK GREAT! GOOD JOB!

    6. Blowing through Cinderella's castle at race pace FTW!

    7. Remember to step to the side of the course for those Castle selfies, though.

    8. Need a hug from one of the top race officials? Done.

    9. This almost never happens. But when it does, there's an upside: you run faster.

    10. BONUS: If Pinocchio says you're having a great race, you kinda have to believe him.*

    11. Solid swag. Even your kids will be impressed.

    12. Even your Vinylmation Mickey gets a finisher's medal!

    13. To avoid any awkward moments, remember: Goofy says "Garsh", NOT PLUTO.

    14. Grumpy simply will NOT allow anyone to pass him. He's super competitive like that.

    15. Stormtroopers are unusually cooperative when you want to take a fun photo, right Gail?

    16. If they shout this at you, it's a compliment, not an insult.

    17. Run a marathon in fairy wings? Yeah, you'll fit right in.

    18. It's hard to feel self conscious here.

    19. If anybody looks at you funny, it's probably that they wish they'd thought of your costume.

    20. Need a boost in the final miles? Green Army Guys will whip you into shape.

    21. Only day you can run through these gates without paying ANYTHING.

    22. Only marathon where this NEVER FAILS.

    23. Not happy with your marathon time? Just say you waited quite a while to take this EPIC PIC.

    24. Don't listen to this guy.

    25. For some reason, ALL OF YOUR KIDS will absolutely, positively want to be there to support you.

    26. If you're not wearing Mickey ears or big white hands, YOU MIGHT NOT BE DOING IT RIGHT.