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eBay Advertisement Asking For A Date To Trevor Noah

A Melbourne man has advertised 2 tickets for sale to see Trevor Noah but you could also be his date.

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A Melbourne man has listed two tickets to Trevor Noah on ebay.

While he seems happy to sell both tickets to the show he has also left the option open for someone to be his date.

The ad reads "Tickets are the real deal, being sold as I got dumped by my girlfriend" and that he "feels weird" going with someone else "unless she is hot a fun like her"

The ad also stipulates some criteria for a possible match asking for the person to be "under 32" and short, apparently he "likes short girls"

An email address has been setup for anyone interested -

As of 5pm on Friday the 12th August no bids have been made on the tickets. The auction runs for another nine days.

Read the full advertisement here.

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