Everyone's arguing with each other about Brexit on Facebook and nobody is changing their minds. Why should the prime minister's top advisers be any different?

Mark Di Stefano • One day ago

TV networks made the joint decision after an ugly incident involving pro-Trump protesters pursuing a Guardian columnist away from cameras.

Mark Di Stefano • 3 days ago

Everyone agrees there should be a TV debate, but no one agrees where, when, or who should be part of it.

Mark Di Stefano • 13 days ago

Videos from Euronews were prominently displayed on the far-right website Politicalite.

Mark Di Stefano • 13 days ago

"The suggestion that a woman’s opinion is not valid because of the way she dresses is as out of touch as it is offensive."

Mark Di Stefano • 15 days ago

Facebook claimed engineers later "found no evidence of specific Russian activity".

Mark Di Stefano • 16 days ago

The seizure could mean that the documents, which journalists have previously sued to release from a California court’s protective order, may now become public.

Ryan Mac • 16 days ago

Amid growing concern over pro-Kremlin propaganda in the region, the BBC launched its Serbian service following a suggestion from Britain’s Foreign Office, sources told BuzzFeed News.

Alberto Nardelli • 19 days ago

Gerard Batten will share a platform with the far-right activist at a Brexit protest next month, and senior figures told BuzzFeed News the party could be tainted by violence.

Mark Di Stefano • 20 days ago

"Jeff Bezos is the richest bloke on the planet; he can afford to sort this out."

Mark Di Stefano • 22 days ago

Exclusive: An investigation by the UK's data watchdog found that Leave.EU staff had access to the personal information of customers of Banks' insurance firm, Eldon.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

“I think we’d be better to probably remain and not unleash these demons,” said donor Arron Banks.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Banks and his Leave.EU group are now under criminal investigation.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

The upmarket food publication announced William Sitwell was "stepping down" after a BuzzFeed News story about the comments earlier this week.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

"It's like a Thick of It–style solution to just making sure women are paid fairly."

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

"Thanks for this. How about a series on killing vegans, one by one. Ways to trap them? How to interrogate them properly? Expose their hypocrisy? Force-feed them meat?"

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

“Sit down there! Stop fucking around!”

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Following days of pressure, the UK government said it was "not the right time" for the international trade secretary to go to Saudi Arabia.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

"Until we have clarity about what happened it is hard to see how a British minister could in all conscience attend this event."

Alex Wickham • One month ago

"His brutish handling of even mild critics is overshadowing more admirable policies."

Mark Di Stefano • 2 months ago